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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Energy in the form of light trails in the shape of a human heart in this stock photo speaks of love, romance and the healing powers of connection.
Energy-Of-Love-And-The-Heart   ID#   9174

A human brain is shown with a powerful engine embedded in a stock photo about brain enhancement, artificial intelligence, and brain issues.
Brain-Power-Stock-Photo   ID#   9148

Woman in science is the concept behind this stock image of a woman's portrait combined with circuity, light trails and research facilities.
Woman-In-Science   ID#   9135

A spiral of extruded columns spins outwards in a stock photo about science, the future, and big data.
Graphic-Extrusion   ID#   9040

A beautiful woman is combined with streaks of light to create a colorful stock photo illustrating concepts such as communications technology, powerful women, and the future.
Communications-Technology-Beautiful-Woman-Stock-Photo   ID#   8939

A woman in the
Artificial-Intelligence-Robot   ID#   8926

A woman holds up a beaker in a composite image about women in science, research and medical advancements in this dynamic stock photo.
Woman-Research-Scientist   ID#   8838

An active human brain is pictured amind streaking colored lights in a stock photo about brain research, communicatins, creativity and artificial intelligence.
Active-Brain-Wave-Research   ID#   8796

A galactic energy field is shown in this stock image of a network of blue-glowing lights emenating from a ring of space dust.
Galactic-Energy-Field   ID#   8792

Inter galactic communications and communications technology are illustrated in this stock photo of lines of colored lights intersecting Earth in deep space.
Inter-Galactic-Communications   ID#   8791

Technology takes off on the wings of a butterfly in this image featuring a butterfly with wings of circuitry. The butterfly also has a steel body with metal antennae and legs, a creature of bio engineering.
Technology-Wings   ID#   8754

This future technology image features a butterfly with circuitry imprinted on its wings as it flutters above a colorful vertex of lights in a photo about the future, possibilities, and the way forward.
Future-Technology-Butterfly-Image   ID#   8750

A butterfly with wings of circuitry alights on a flower in an image about future technology, bio-tech, and scientific development
Technology-Butterfly   ID#   8748

Future technology is the concept behind this image of a butterfly perched lightly on a woman's finger, a butterfly with computer circuitry wings and a metal, mechnical body.
Technology-Butterfly   ID#   8694

Big data in the cloud is represented in this delightfully abstract and richly layered image of things and technology in a stylized cloud.
Big-Data-In-The-Cloud   ID#   8681

Business technology and creativity is the overiding message in this concept photo, a richly layered image of an urban environment, a lightbulb, computer circuitry and binary numbers.
Business-Technology-And-Creativity   ID#   8675

This intricate image of light patterns is a metaphor for Big Data and the transfer or networking of streaming data and information including the
Big-Data-Transfer   ID#   8667

A drop of water is suspended in time over a submerged circuity board in a photo about both technology and water issues.
A-Water-Drop-Suspended-Over-Technology   ID#   8664

Red, green and blue lights intermingle in a complex pattern that becomes a metaphor for color issues, energy, motion and scientific research.
Red-Green-Blue-Lights   ID#   8581

Red, green and blue lights create a swirling intricate and complex pattern that can be used as a metaphor for a wide range of concepts from color issues to energy, motion and communications technology.
Red-Green-Blue-Light-Swirls   ID#   8580

Red, green and blue light patterns intertwine in a dynamic and vibrant display of the aforementioned colors creating a visual exclamation point for issues surrounding color, complexity and scientific research.
Red-Green-And-Blue-Light-Patterns   ID#   8567

Internet network connections are dramatically illustrated in this photo depicting a tubular network of blue lights containing streaks of color that represent streaming data and wireless and networked communications against a city skyline background.
Internet-Network-Connections   ID#   8562

Artificial intelligence: A human brain is surrounded by complex computer circuitry in an image that also communicates the future, technology and the way forward.
Artificial-Intelligence-A-Human-Brain-With-Computer-Circuitry   ID#   8538

This artificial intelligence image of a metal brain illustates the concepts of future brain research, A.I. development, and the future technology that will lead mankind into the future.
Artificial-Intelligence-Image-Of-A-Metal-Brain   ID#   8530

This artificial intelligence picture of a human brain, with a metallic surface and surrounding circuitry, is a visual metaphor for artificial intelligence, future technology and brain research into bio-tech developments.
Artificial-Intelligence-Picture-Of-A-Human-Brain   ID#   8529

An artificial intelligence image of a metallic human brain with circuit boards, is indicative of research, development and the way forward into the future for both brain research and A.I..
Artificial-Intelligence-Image-Of-Metallic-Human-Brain-With-Circuit-Boards   ID#   8528

Artificial intelligence, or
Artificial-Intelligence-   ID#   8518

This future communications technology photo is an elegant and ethereal treatment of colored light streaks against a black background and a metaphor for networking, wireless communications and connections.
Future-Technology-Photo   ID#   8428

Two separate complex webs of light interesect in this image that can illustrate everything from future communications technologies to wireless communications to scientific research.
Complex-Web-Light-Strands   ID#   8426

An intricate and complex network of colored lights form a container within which a glowing orb of energy shines brightly in an image about fusion, energy, and even communications technology.
Energy-Fusion-Research   ID#   8423

The challenge of adversity and problems in communications technology is represented by this bundled network of colored lights constricted by a knot.
Communications-Technology-Knot-Challenge   ID#   8422

A rocket ship shoots through the twilight sky headed towards the moon leaving a trail of smoke and flame as it blasts through the atmosphere.
Rocket-To-The-Moon   ID#   8367

A woman researcher in a white lab coat holds up a beaker with a bright light inside, while standing in a digitized (pixelated) background in an image about scientific investigation into alternative and sustainable energy research in the digital age.
Energy-Research-In-The-Digital-Age   ID#   8357

Streaks of
Cloud-Computing-Made-Visible   ID#   8298

In this photo a senior man in a vaguely medical or retirement home setting has been transformed into a jigsaw puzzle with a portion of his head missing as shown by a missing piece of the puzzle.
Alzheimers-And-Memory-Imagery   ID#   8285

A hand with tweezers, and wearing a white lab coat, puts the final puzzle piece into place in a human brain indicating success in the study and understanding of the human brain.
Brain-Research-Putting-The-Puzzle-Together   ID#   8284

Streaking and swirling lights create a storm-like effect in this photo created to visually represent concepts such as communications technology, scientific research and unseen dimensions.
Swirling-Light-Storm-Photo   ID#   8279

A senior man wears a confused look and is missing a puzzle shaped piece of his head, a piece that is being held just above him by a hand and arm wearing a white lab coat. This is an image about Memory issues and Alzheimer's.
Alzheimer-Patient   ID#   8245

This dynamic pattern of golden light trails was created by moving my camera with a long exposure while photographing city lights at night, and can be used for everything from illustrating science research to energy and motion.
Dynamic-Abstract-Light-Patterns   ID#   8243

A woman's face is seen through a starfield in an image about exploration posibiliites the future and mystery.
Woman-In-A-Star-Field   ID#   8225

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