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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A cat closes its eyes and sticks its tongue out in a display of displeasure at some unseen stimulus in this funny stock photo intended for advertising, editorial and greeting card uses.
Cat-Sticking-Its-Tongue-Out   ID#   8890

An elephant pauses while training for Ballet in this humorous stock photo about possibilities and the unexpected.
Ballet-Practice-Elephant   ID#   8807

An annoyed looking cat is stuffed into a bird cage while a canary stands perched atop in a funny greeting card photo that can also illustrate stock photo concepts such as humor, freedom and challenge.
Funny-Cat-In-A-Bird-Cage   ID#   8691

A funny Holstein cow rides a tropical wave on a golden surfboard off the coast of Hawaii in this amazing image created for greeting cards and stock photo uses.
Funny-Cow-Surfing-Image   ID#   8635

In this funny mouse photo a small white mouse lies in a Martini glass munching on an olive with a look of bliss on his cute little face. The image is available for humorous greeting cards and stock uses.
Funny-Martini-Mouse-Photo   ID#   8622

Funny cats in bikinis are featured in this humorous image of two cats on lounge chairs wearing bathing suits with multiple bikini tops. The image was created for funny greeting cards and stock photo uses.
Funny-Cats-In-Bikinis   ID#   8551

A goldfish shares his or her bowl with a christmas tree in this stock image created for greeting card use, one of a large series of greeting card images featuring our animal friends in funny anthroporphic situations and poses.
Christmas-Goldfish-Greeting-Card-Photo   ID#   8507

A Cheetah gets set in the starting blocks on a track in a humorous image illustrating the concept of speed in business and other applications.
Cheetah-In-The-Starting-Blocks   ID#   8146

A hamster is in party mode wearing a party had and blowing a noisemaker while in his exercise ball in this funny hamster photo.
Funny-Party-Hamster-In-A-Ball-For-A-Funny-Birthday-Card   ID#   7818

A pig sits on a stool in a bar with a mug of frothy beer in each hand in this funny animal picture created for a humorous greeting card and available as a stock photo image.
Beer-Drinking-Pig-in-A-Bar   ID#   7793

An elephant uses a slalom ski kicking up a high spray of water as he carves through still lake water in this funny elephant picture.
Funny-Water-skiing-Elephant   ID#   7613

A Holstein dairy cow is standing behind a barbecue grill holding the lid in one hand and a grilling fork in the other in this funny cow picture.
Funny-Cow-Barbecuing-In-The-Pasture   ID#   7555

An elephant and a donkey are photographed in voting booths participating in an election and representing the republican and democratic parties.
Elephants-And-Donkeys-In-Voting-Booths   ID#   7128

A tired looking cat wears a lampshade on his head and lays on a couch surrounded by balloons the morning after the party.
Cat-With-A-Lampshade-Hat-After-The-Party-Created-For-A-Greeting-Card   ID#   5765

A very fat cat sits on a bathroom scale in a pink bathroom and wearing a satisfied look in a funny cat photo. This is a tabby cat and one of John Lund's Animal Antics collection of funny pet pix.
Fat-Cat-On-The-Bathroom-Scale   ID#   5764

Paws pressed against the glass an orange tabby cat looks longingly in the window of an upscale shoe store in a funny cat photo.
Orange-Tabby-Cat-Shopping-For-Shoes-Window-Shopping   ID#   5680

Picture of two Dogs, A Dachshund and a Mutt, ride a bicycle down the sidewalk in a funny pet picture.
Dogs-Riding-Bicycles-In-A-Funny-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5581

Picture of three cats on a tightrope and singing in a circus tent in a funny greeting card image.
Singing-Tightrope-Walking-Circus-Cats-In-A-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5566

Picture of a pig flying a hang glider illustrating the idiom when pigs fly.
When-Pigs-Fly-Funny-Bovine-Image   ID#   5420

Funny picture of cats and dogs driving and riding in a convertible. With all the balloons...they must be having a party!
Funny-Cats-and-Dogs-In-A-Convertible-Car   ID#   5394

Funny cat picture of a gray tabby being interrogated in a police interview room...and looking very guilty.
Cat-Interrogation-For-A-Funny-Greeting-Card-Photo   ID#   5328

An orange tabby cat sits at a kitchen table (and a blue plaid table cloth) with a big glass of milk and a tall stack of cookies, in a funny, lol pet picture.
Tabby-With-Milk-and-Cookies-In-A-Funny-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5326

A Jack Russell Terrier stands at the feet of his master with coffee, a newspaper, a muffin and a TV remote.
Dog-Father's-Day-Photo-and-Funny-Greeting-Card-image   ID#   5176

A funny Basset Hound looks miserably toward the camera while holding a steaming cup of coffee and standing in his kitchen with a hangover.
Funny-Basset-Hound-holding-coffee-and-nursing-a-Hangover-on-the-morning-after   ID#   5172

Funny picture of a Holstein cow surfing off a Hawaiian beach (Oahu), and looking rather concerned!
Holstein-Cow-Surfing-Off-The-Coast-Of-Hawaii   ID#   4119

A young girl sits on a rock wall wtih her arm around her friend, an elephant, sitting next to her. Picture of a seated elephant.
Photo-of-friends-A-young-girl-with-her-arm-around-an-elephant-as-they-sit-together-on-a-rock-wall   ID#   3744

LOL cat picture of A black kitten arches his back in front of a full moon and hisses while standing on a fence rail at night.
LOL-Funny-kitten-picture-of-a-black-cat-arching-his-back-and-hissing-before-a-full-moon   ID#   3565

Humorous photo of a cat wearing a yamaka.
Funny-Cat-Portrait-of-a-cat-wearing-a-Yarmulke-in-A-greeting-Card-Image   ID#   3564

A Holstein Dairy Cow is riding a surfboard on a wave in a funny cow photo for a greeting card.
Holstein-Dairy-Cow-Rides-The-Wave-In-This-Funny-Surfing-Photo   ID#   3390

Silly pet pic featuring two dogs sitting in a beauty salon wearing curlers and sitting under hair dryers.
Funny-Pics-of-Two-Dogs-Under-Hair-Dryers-Funny-Greeting-Card-Picture   ID#   3264

Funny picture of clever pets teaming up to pilfer a cake from the refrigerator in this funny pet and animal photograph. Pictures of animal teamwork.
Taking-The-Cake-A-Case-of-Pet-Teamwork-And-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   2050

Funny pet pictures of two Jack Russell Terrier dogs getting facials and beauty treatments in a spa while wearing white bath robes.
Spa-Dogs-In-Robes-and-Having-Facial-Treatments-and-Mud-Packs-For-A-Funny-Birthday-Card   ID#   971

A Bloodhound floats on an inflatable raft in a pool and has a cold tropical fruit drink along with a plastic duck and basketball.
Bloodhound-Floating-On-a-Raft-In-A-Pool-with-a-tropical-drink-and-a-floating-rubber-duck   ID#   951

Picture of a Jack Russel terrier getting a facial at a luxury spa resort hotel. The Jack Russel is on a pink towel. This is a greeting card.
Spa-Dog-Spa-Pictures-A-Jack-Russell-Terrier-wears-cucumbers-over-its-face-along-with-a-facial   ID#   944

Three dogs and a cat sing together in front of microphones in a pet serenade and funny animal picture.
Singing-Pets-Featuring-A-Dalmation-A-German-Short-Haired-Pointer-An-Airedale-and-a-Cat   ID#   921

Funny and cute animal and cat stock photo of a kitten holding out a cupcake with one lighted Birthday Candle on it. Adorable kitten pictures.
A-Kitten-Holds-A-Cupcake-With-A-Birthday-Candle-On-It-Happy-Birthday!   ID#   807

Funny and cute animal picture of two Charpei puppies, one wrinkled and the other with his wrinkles eliminated by clothespins...ouch! Really funny pet dog pictures.
Wrinkle-Dogs-Two-Charpei-puppies-sit-in-front-of-a-vanity-one-wrinkled-and-one-not   ID#   783

Picture of a turtle carrying birthday gifts on its back including a cupcake with a lit candle on it...must be a belated birthday wish!
Funny-Turtle-Birthday-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   779

Hilarious lolcat photo of two tabby cats wearing two piece bathing suits and laying on lounge chairs in the sun getting a tan. One has a pink bathing suit and the orange tabby has a blue suit.
Sun-Tan-Cats-Two-LOL-Cats-sunbathe-wearing-bathing-suits   ID#   771

Funny animal stock picture of two cats gossiping in a tiled steam room and wearing towels. A funny Cat Picture. Great gift items for cat lovers. Cats in a blue tiled sauna with bright yellow towels on. Luxury spa pics.
Funny-Picture-of-two-cats-gossiping-and-wearing-towels-in-a-steamroom-at-a-luxury-spa   ID#   769

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