john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Picture of a young adult woman laying on her back on a bed in a highrise hotel room with her laptop clasped to her side. The woman has black hair and is smiling.  Beautiful view of the city below from the large windows next to the bed.
Woman-Laying-On-Her-Back-With-Laptop-On-Bed   ID#   2693

Picture of a couple in their robes and nightgowns laying on a bed working on a laptop computer. They are facing a large window with a view of the city below their high rise apartment.
Hispanic-couple-looking-at-laptop   ID#   2686

A teen girl is sitting barefoot on the floor of her messy bedroom talking on a cell phone. The girl is smiling and looking at the camera. Her room is cluttered with dirty clothing,socks, and all sorts of girl stuff.
Teen-aged-girl-talking-on-cell-phone-in-her-messy-bedroom   ID#   2584

A woman on a road trip is sitting in a folding chair in the desert with her laptop computer in her lap. The woman is looking into the distance with light from the setting sun illuminating her face. Her SUV is parked a ways off.
Woman-Sitting-in-the-Desert-With-Her-Laptop-   ID#   2560

Hispanic male conducting a symphony of laptop computers arranged as though they were an orchestra. Funny picture of a computer orchestra or symphony.
Conductor-in-front-of-laptops-on-chairs   ID#   2547

African American architect working with blue prints and a wooden model indoors on a glass table top.
African-architect-looking-at-building-model-and-blueprints   ID#   2520

Happy confident smiling black man talking on a cell phone indoors. He his wearing eye glasses, resting his cheek on his fist, and has short gray hair and a beard. Large bright windown in background.
African-man-talking-on-cell-phone   ID#   2519

Picture of an ethnic businessman talking on a cell phone from inside a high rise with the city below visible through the window where he is sitting. He is bald  and wearing a long sleeve white shirt, tie, and dark slacks.
Man-Talking-On-Cell-Phone-From-Window-of-a-High-Rise-Office   ID#   2435

Picture of a handsome businessman texting with his cell phone while sitting on the ledge of a window of a high rise building with the city visible below through the window. He is wearing a white shirt, dark slacks and a tie.
Businessman-Texting-In-High-Rise-Window-Sill   ID#   2434

Hispanic or Mexican businessman holding up cell phone in front of a very large picture window in his office at the top of a high rise office building in a big city.
Businessman-holding-up-cell-phone-from-office-in-high-rise-office-building   ID#   2431

Picture of a mixed race woman with big curly hair, looking through video camera on dirt road with convertible in the background. The woman is a video enthusiast on a vacation adventure in the desert. Bright pink patterned blouse.
Woman-looking-through-video-camera-on-dirt-road   ID#   2336

Senior black architect and businessman working in his office and speaking with someone on his cell phone, and pointing to the model of a building with his pencil.  Businessman gesturing to a model building and speaking on his cell phone.
Black-African-American-Architect-Talking-On-Cell-Phone-   ID#   2330

Latino fireman seated at a desk and  using a laptop in an office. The rugged looking muscular handsome man is wearing the uniform t-shirt and black pants common among firemen.
Latino-fireman-using-laptop-in-fire-station   ID#   2319

Picture of a senior small business owner talking to a woman cashier in a cafe. The owner is training his employee how to work the cash register. He is also talking on the phone at the same time.
Black-small-business-owner-training-a-female-employee   ID#   2314

Senior black business owner checking a credit card over the telephone. The business owner is wearing a white shirt, black tie, and has a gray beard. The man is holding a credit card in one hand and the phone in the other.
Black-business-owner-checking-credit-card-over-the-telephone   ID#   2312

African American woman using a laptop on front porch. The woman has very short dark hair and is wearing a white blouse. She has the computer on her lap and is looking down at it.
Older-black-woman-using-laptop-on-front-porch-   ID#   2304

A black business man or executive in an office wearing a shirt and tie and holding a vacation snow globe in his hand
African-American-businessman-viewing-vacation-in-snow-globe   ID#   2282

An ethnic family using thier laptop computer. Mother and two children indoors on sofa. Quality family time for a black mother and her two young children.
Mother-and-Daughters-Using-Laptop-in-Living-Room   ID#   2281

Black man holding blueprints and talking on cell phone
African-American-man-holding-blueprints-and-talking-on-cell-phone   ID#   2276

African America man in a construction project holding blueprints in one hand and talking on cell phone with the other. The man, possibly and architect, has a gray goatee.
African-American-man-holding-blueprints-and-talking-on-cell-phone   ID#   2272

Happy smiling black businesswoman standing by  her desk. The woman is wearing a smart looking business suit and she has her arms crossed in front of her.
Black-businesswoman-standing-by-desk   ID#   2255

Black business owner sitting at a table talking on the phone. The man has a white dress shirt and black neck tie on. He is writing on a clipboard with a pen.
Small-business-owner-using-telephone-in-cafe   ID#   2246

Woman with large display of hair sitting in a white chair, white carpet, white clothing,using laptop. The woman has the computer balanced in her lap. Camera directly above the woman.
African-woman-using-laptop   ID#   2225

Mixed race woman listening to headphones with orange striped tank top against a lightly clouded sky. The woman has bright pink hair.
Woman-With-Hot-Pink-Short-Hair-Listening-To-Music-   ID#   2224

Mixed race woman with a video camera on the side of a dirt road with a white car in background. The woman is wearing a fedora type hat and holding a large professional video camera on her shoulder.
Woman-with-video-camera-on-dirt-roadside   ID#   2219

Pictue of a pile of calculators - all kinds of old hand held and desk top calculators filling the entire image. Calculator recycling
Pile-of-old-calculators   ID#   2201

Picture of an ethnic business woman wearing a suit and using her cell phone. The woman is smiling, wearing glasses and sitting a a table in a cafe.  She is of Latino or Mexican descent.
Woman-using-cell-phone-in-cafe   ID#   2194

Phantom HD Capture of sparks moving towards the camera in super slow motion video motion footage.
Sparks-Streaming-Towards-The-Camera-In-Super-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2176

Information is streaming in and out of computers in an office as business people look on in awe and surprise. The information is visualized as blue streaks of light flowing from computer monitors.
Internet-Business-Communications-And-Networking   ID#   2173

Picture of a smart pill shown by a small brain inside a capsule being held by a hand with a sunrise in the background. Science and science fiction pics.
Picture-of-A-Hand-Holding-A-Capsule-Containing-A-Miniature-Brain   ID#   2157

Futuristic City - Looking through rain forest vegetation we city the modern highrises of a futuristic city. Science fiction photo.
Picture-of-A-Future-City-Springing-Up-From-The-Jungle-Vegetation   ID#   2156

Gleaming glass skyscrapers rise up from the barren desert sands symbolizing the future, hope and possibilities.
Future-City-Springing-Up-From-The-Desolate-Desert-Sands   ID#   2139

A Hispanic Woman Doctor takes the blood pressure of an African American woman while another doctor looks on. The doctor looking on is an African American. The nurse is using a stethoscope.
Taking-Blood-Pressure-Of-African-American-Woman-by-a-Hispanic-Woman-Doctor-   ID#   2100

An African American woman has a Magnetic Resonance Imaging Scan taken of her injured knee in a state of the art facility. The black patient is sitting in a chair with her foot in an mri machine.
Woman-Getting-An-MRI-Scan   ID#   2098

A man's arm has a hospital ID bracelet as well as an IV drip line fixed to it in a hospital bed in a pre or post operation picture.
IV-Drip-and-A-Hospital-Identification-Bracelet-On-a-Man's-Arm   ID#   2092

Picture of arthroscopic knee surgery being performed to repair a torn meniscus: Medical stock photo of an actual surgical operation.
Arthroscopic-Knee-Surgery   ID#   2091

A businessman holds up a phone with streaks of colored light representing data flowing towards or away from the phone
Wireless-Communications-With-A-Cell-Phone   ID#   2084

Picture of Energy Research and Development. A woman scientist holds up a beaker with a controlled explosion (cold fusion?) inside indicating experimental renewable energy sources. Energy research pics.
Female-Scientist-Holding-Up-a-Flask-Renewable-Energy-Research-In-A-Lab-   ID#   2074

An Hispanic couple lays on their living room floor with thier receipts spread out and use a laptop to manage their finances. Picture of people paying bills.
Hispanic-Couple-Paying-Their-Bills-Online   ID#   2072

Scientist holding a test tube baby and looking at it lovingly. Lab technician is inspecting a test tube with a tiny baby inside. The researcher is a woman with glasses,long brown hair, and wearing a white lab coat.
Test-Tube-Baby-Held-By-A-Research-Scientist   ID#   2069