john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Portrait photo of a construction worker on a home construction job
male-construction-worker-at-new-construction-site   ID#   3455

Picture of a man and a woman at a home under construciton and being viewed between two by fours in the unfinished home.
Hispanic-Couple-at-New-Home-Construction-Site   ID#   3452

Picture of a couple meeting with thier general contractor at their new home being built. The couple look very happy and are looking at each other.
couple-and-contractor-at-new-home-construction-site   ID#   3446

Picture of a man in a white hard hat meeting with a couple and going over the blue prints to their new house being built.
Ethnic-picture-of-a-couple-and-a-construction-worker-   ID#   3445

Picture of two women crouched on the floor looking at a set of blueprints in a new home under construction
Women-Looking-At-Blueprints-In-New-Home   ID#   3441

Picture of two women crouched down on the floor of a new building under construction looking at blue prints.
Two-Women-Examining-Blueprints-On-Floor-Of-New-Building   ID#   3440

African architect reviewing blueprints with owner in new home
African-architect-reviewing-blueprints-with-owner-in-new-home   ID#   3439

Architect with blue prints and owner in new home
Architect-with-blue-prints-and-owner-in-new-home   ID#   3437

Stock Photos of a black woman with a pony tail going over blue prints of a construction project with another woman.
Black-Woman-Architect-Reviewing-Blueprints-With-Owner-In-New-Home   ID#   3428

Picture of two Architects working on blueprints, both wearing glasses.
Architects-working-on-blueprints   ID#   3377

Stock photo of Architects working with blueprints on table with laptop taken from overhead.
Architects-working-on-blueprints   ID#   3376

Concept stock photo of two business men discussing thier vision of something. One is white and bald, the other is black and smiling.
Two-businessmen-discussing-a-shared-vision   ID#   3375

Picture of an African American, an interior designer looking at paint swatch and talking on cell phone.
African-Interior-Designer-Looking-at-Paint-Swatch-on-Cell-Phone   ID#   3374

Mother and daughter working in garden
Mother-and-daughter-working-in-garden   ID#   3320

Multi-ethnic hands making heart-shape formation. Slightly cloudy sky. Male hands.
Hands-making-heart-shape-formation   ID#   3285

Trainer helping man stretch in health club
Trainer-helping-man-stretch-in-health-club   ID#   3075

High angle view of trainer helping woman stretch
High-angle-view-of-trainer-helping-woman-stretch   ID#   3071

Businessman and businesswoman sitting under light bulb
Businessman-and-businesswoman-sitting-under-light-bulb   ID#   3047

Businessman and businesswoman sitting under light bulb
Businessman-and-businesswoman-sitting-under-light-bulb   ID#   3041

Close up picture of just the feet and slippers of a group of ballet dancers. The dancers have lept into the air so that all of their feet are in mid-air and toes are pointed down towards the hardwood dance floor.
Close-up-of-ballet-dancers-jumping   ID#   3020

Picture of a toast being made. Black background with a woman's arm and a man's arm in a white sleeve and the hands are holding champagne glasses being clinked. Clinking champagne glasses.
Couple-toasting-with-champagne   ID#   2950

A businessman and woman dance the tango in teamwork in an office with a contract and pen in hand to seal the deal with
Business-Tango-Teamwork-Seals-the-Deal   ID#   2943

An Hispanic couple is climbing a rock outcropping overlooking the vast ocean below. Boyfriend is helping his girlfriend up to the top of the rock he is standing on. Dangerous looking undertaking requiring great skill and team work.
Couple-climbing-rock-overlooking-water   ID#   2625

Businessmen in suits climbing up the middle of a waterfall in the forest.  One man is reaching down to help his co worker up. Picture of a helping hand in the business jungle.
Multi-ethnic-businessmen-climbing-up-waterfall   ID#   2552

Warehouse employee and his boss posing for a portrait. The worker is leaning on a pallet of card board boxes, and the boss is standing next to the stack of boxes. The supervisor has a clipboard and his hand is in his pocket.
Warehouse-worker-and-boss-next-to-pallet-of-boxes   ID#   2444

A warehouse employee and his supervisor are standing together posing for this portrait.  The worker is resting his elbow on his bosses shoulder and smiling at the camera.
Warehouse-worker-and-boss-in-warehouse   ID#   2442

A black woman is having her blood drawn by a Hispanic woman medical technician as another black doctor looks on.
Drawing-Blood-From-a-Patient   ID#   2099

An Hispanic woman doctor in a lab coat stands next to an African Amercan Staff Woman in a Doctor's office
Hispanic-Woman-Doctor-And-African-American-Staff-Woman-In-Doctor's-Office   ID#   2096

Five ballerinas jump, but only one is wearing red dance slippers and stands out from the crowd in this photo. Five sets of feet well up off the hardwood floor with toes pointed down.
Red-Dance-Slippers-Standing-Out-From-the-Ballerina-Crowd   ID#   2083

An Hispanic couple lays on their living room floor with thier receipts spread out and use a laptop to manage their finances. Picture of people paying bills.
Hispanic-Couple-Paying-Their-Bills-Online   ID#   2072

Dust cloud with arms, fists and legs sticking out as executives engage in a cartoon like fight. Businessmen fighting pics. The men who are fighting are in front of a stainless steel wall of elevators.
Businessmen-Fighting-Negotiations-Gone-Bad   ID#   2052

A ballerina holds up a male ballet dancer in this funny stock photo demonstrating role reversal and the unexpected. Unusual ballerina pics.
Ballet-Dancers-Role-Reversal   ID#   2051

Funny picture of clever pets teaming up to pilfer a cake from the refrigerator in this funny pet and animal photograph. Pictures of animal teamwork.
Taking-The-Cake-A-Case-of-Pet-Teamwork-And-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   2050

A man and a woman roll out a red carpet to illustrate the concept of service in this humorous picture. The background is white and the carpet is huge.
Rolling-Out-The-Red-Carpet-At-Your-Service   ID#   2046

An Hispanic couple stand together in a huge pile of money holding a rake and looking quite pleased. An attractive couple raking in a pile of money.
Raking-In-The-Piles-Of-Money-An-Hispanic-couple-stands-in-a-huge-pile-of-money-and-holding-a-rake   ID#   2024

Two hands reach towards each other, the Sun Flaring as they are about to touch in a concept stock photo about connection.
Two-Hands-Reach-Out-To-Each-Other-With-A-Sunflare-In-The-Background   ID#   2013

Three doctors together in an office look towards the camera. Picture of doctors in an office. Medical photos for advertising. The three doctors, a woman and two men, are all wearing white lab coats.
Team-of-Doctors-Posing-For-Portrait   ID#   2000

In the foreground a man on crutches waits while two doctors discuss his medical case. The man is facing away from the camera and is visible from the shoulders down.
Man-On-Crutches-   ID#   1998

A X-Ray lab technician and a woman doctor work together to diagnose an X-ray.  The woman doctor is African American, the man is Hispanic
Two-Doctors-Diagnose-An-X-Ray   ID#   1996

A physical therapist treats an Hispanic woman's knee in a medical clinic. Picture of physical therapy and knee diagnosis. Skilled medical personal in a modern up to date clinic.
Physical-Therapist-Working-On-A-Patient's-Knee   ID#   1994