john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A very cute baby picture of a baby sucking his thumb in the sitting position on the floor. The cute baby is looking at the camera and wearing a diaper. Lovely baby picture.
Picture-of-a-baby-sucking-thumb   ID#   5237

Baby thumb sucking photo. This baby, sitting on the floor under a colorful baby blanket is sucking his thumb. Wearing a diaper and a blanket. Security blanket photo.
Baby-under-blanket-and-sucking-on-thumb   ID#   5219

Group of Hispanic Children holding hands and all looking up deep in the woods or forest. Young ethnic children exploring nature. Kids in the woods pic.
Children-looking-up-in-woods   ID#   5100

Group of hispanic children in the deep woods and all pointing at something high up in the tops of the trees.  The children are all wearing brightly colored clothing.
Hispanic-children-pointing-up-in-woods   ID#   5095

Woman Holding Pet Chihuahua.  The woman is wearing a lime green blouse and pink pants.  She is standing with her adorable little Chihuahua in front of floral print wallpaper. Chihuahua pics.
Portrait-of-woman-with-pet-Chihuahua   ID#   4797

A bright orange life preserver, secured by a rope, sails out through stormy skies in a symbol of rescue, help and assistance.
Life-Ring-To-The-Rescue-A-Life-Preserver-Flies-Out-Through-Storm-Clouds   ID#   4429

Life Rings Fly out through the stormy sky offering numerous sources of rescue. There are nine orange life preservers attached to ropes.
Rescue-Multiple-Life-Rings-(Life-Preservers)-Tumble-Out-of-the-Stormy-Sky   ID#   4428

Latino soccer futbol player has just blocked a shot on the goal. He is the goal keeper. Black and yellow unifrom.
Latino-male-soccer-player-blocking-goal   ID#   3905

Sports photo of a goal keeper playing futbol or soccer in front of the goalie net.
Hispanic-male-soccer-player-blocking-goal   ID#   3904

Sports stock photo of a soccer player in mid air blocking a goal attempt.
Hispanic-male-soccer-player-blocking-goal   ID#   3735

A shaft of light shoots out over the ocean from the lighthouse in this ocean storm. An ocean squall is the background for this lighthouse in a storm photo.
Lighthouse-In-Stormy-Waves-With-A-Beacon-Of-Light   ID#   3702

Panorama photo of Kilauea Lighthouse at sunset on the Island of Kuai, Hawaii - Beautiful photos of lighthouses.
Picture-of-Kilauea-Lighthouse-at-Sunset   ID#   3701

Above the New York Skyline a towering lighthouse casts out a beam of guidance and vision over the metropolis: An unusual Lighthouse photo.
Urban-Lighthouse-An-unusual-Urban-lighthouse-in-a-cityscape   ID#   3700

Storm clouds clear as a keeper in wet weather gear searches the ocean from the lamphouse rail of a lighthouse. This photo is a great metaphor for searching the internet as well as a symbol of safety, security, guidance and navigational aid.
Symbolic-Lighthouse-with-The-Keeper-Watching-The-Sea-   ID#   3699

Pictures of mulit-ethnic children playhing, holding hands, and having fun in a green grassy park with a blue sky.
Multi-ethnic-Children-Playing-In-The-Park   ID#   3492

A full moon looms in the sky at sunset while a watchman of the lighthouse looks out to sea in this stock photo.
Picture-of-a-Moonscape-Lighthouse-With-Watchman-looking-Out-To-Sea   ID#   3461

A lighthouse casts its beam of light across the storm seas in a concept stock picture of a lighthouse at dusk.
Photo-of-a-lighthouse-in-an-ocean-storm-   ID#   3421

A lighthouse casts its beam of light through the fog at sunset. This is Pigeon Point Lighthouse off the Northern California coast.
Picture-of-a-Lighthouse-In-The-Fog-With-A-Beam-of-Light-Showing-the-Way-Forward   ID#   3420

Dog sitting in open gate in front of house
Dog-sitting-in-open-gate-in-front-of-house   ID#   3104

A gold South African Krugerrand Coin spins in slow motion on a marble surface in this stock video
Gold-Krugerand-Coin-Spinning-In-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2464

An Asian American businessman lays back as he is lifted into the air by his support staff in an office environment.
Well-Supported-Businessman-Getting-Helping-Hands   ID#   2152

A man and a woman each pull on opposite end of a piggy bank stretching their savings in a stock photo about personal finance, budgeting,debts, loans, bills, savings and similar money related topics.
Couple-Stretching-a-Piggy-Bank-Symbolizing-making-your-money-go-further-or-conflict-over-money   ID#   2057

Business men and women climbing up the ladder of success or perhaps the corporate ladder.  They have climbed so high they are above the clouds.
Business-People-Climbing-the-Ladder-of-Success   ID#   1929

An African American man looking through binoculars, searching for something that we do not see. He is wearing a red long sleeved shirt and the sky behind him is blue and cloudless.
Picture-of-an-African-American-man-looking-through-binoculars-   ID#   1847

Picture of a lighthouse in a lightning storm set in a dark stormy night with a huge lightning strike bolting down to the ground from the storm clouds above.
Thunderstorm-Over-Lighthouse-with-Lightning-Strike   ID#   1538

Picture of a metal piggy bank with a combination lock. The piggy bank is made of riveted steel symbolizing security and safe savings.
Steel-piggy-bank-with-a-combination-lock-   ID#   1501

Pictures of a light house in a raging storm with it's beam of light reaching out to warn sailors of danger.
Lighthouse-In-Storm   ID#   1429

An unused passenger boarding gangway or bridge sitting quietly at the airport in silence.
Aircraft-Boarding-Bridge   ID#   1406

A Chihuahua is being a ferocious and fierce guard dog behind a chain link fence.
Guard-Dog-Chihuahua-A-Chihuahua-Barks-Angrily-Behind-A-Chain-Link-Fence   ID#   1388

Vicious dog attacking, a snarling, barking teeth-bared viscious lunging German Sheperd. Yikes!
Attack!-Close-Up-Picture-of-A-Vicious-Barking-German-Shepherd   ID#   1310

Picture of a small boat in a storm at sea with a light house visible in the distance.This image speaks of many concepts ranging from adveristy and challenge, to teamwork and togetherness, to security and salvation.
Rough-Seas-a-small-sail-boat-braves-the-ocean-storm-and-heads-towards-a-distant-lighthouse   ID#   1306

A light house casts a beam over a rough sea in a stock picture about risk, danger, guidance and salvation.
lighthouse-III-A-lighthouse-casts-its-beam-of-light-across-the-rough-seas   ID#   1111

Picture of a bank vault door looking safe and secure; symbolizing security and safety against Internet hacking, cyber crime and identity theft.
Bank-Vault-Door-A-Sepia-toned-Vault-Door-Signifies-Strength-and-Security   ID#   1105

Concept stock photo of a wall of eyes, of intrusive observation, of big brother keeping his eye on us, on ominpresent surveillance.
Eye-wall-Big-Brothers-Watchful-Eye   ID#   1102

An orange life preserver, or life ring, flies out over a rough sea with stormy clouds in a symbol of rescue, help, assistance and salvation.
Picture-of-a-Life-preserver-At-Sea-In-A-Rough-Storm   ID#   1101

Picture of a lighthouse surrounded by dry cracked land and dry cracked earth,  illustrating ecology issues, global warming and conservation
Dry-Light-House-A-lighthouse-stands-in-a-vast-expanse-of-dry-cracked-earth   ID#   1075

Picture of a woman holding an umbrella made of cash.  The woman is smiling and holding her money umbrella with her left hand. Money pix.
Woman-Holding-a-Dollar-Umbrella-Showing-Insurance-and-a-monetary-safety-net-and-protection   ID#   1064

A man holds an umbrella made from a dollar over his head in this stock photo aimed at business and financial issues.
Man-Holding-a-Cash-Umbrella-Insurance-Industry-Banking-and-Financial-Savings-and-Investment-Issues   ID#   1062

Picture of an African American man skydiving using a dollar for a parachute. Businesman CEO using his golden parachute. Job benefits and security. Stock money photos.
CEO-Executive-Retires-Using-His-Golden-Parachute-as-he-floats-down-beneath-a-giant-dollar-bill   ID#   1051

In the darkness of a stormy night a lighthouse casts its beam over the wind whipped waves of an ocean storm guiding the way to safety.
Picture-Of-A-Lighthouse-In-A-Storm-at-night-and-casting-its-beam-of-light-out-over-the-rough-seas   ID#   999