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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A German Shepard Dog stands by a pile of snowballs wearing a red scarf and ear muffs and preparing to throw one of the icy missles.
German-Shepard-Throwing-Snowballs-As-A-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5509

A Whippet, a Chihuahua and a Bloodhound stare in awe at a birthday cake ablaze with candles. How old are you?!!!!
Dog-Birthday-Cake-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5472

In this funny animal picture two cats and a Chihuahua lend new meaning to the term teamwork as they pilfer a birthday cake.
Raiding-Party!-Two-Cats-And-A-Chihuahua-Take-the-Cake!   ID#   5397

Funny dog picture of a talented Chihuahua balancing a cupcake, complete with birthday candle, on his nose.
Funny-Chihuahua-Balancing-A-Birthday-Cupcake-Candle-and-All-On-His-Nose-As-A-Humorous-Greeting-Card   ID#   5395

Funny picture of cats and dogs driving and riding in a convertible. With all the balloons...they must be having a party!
Funny-Cats-and-Dogs-In-A-Convertible-Car   ID#   5394

Three dogs, a cat and two kittens and a mouse decorate a house for Xmas in this funny, lol pet picture.
Christmas-Pets-Deocrating-a-House-with-Xmas-Lights-and-a-Wreath-For-A-Funny-Christmas-Card   ID#   5340

Three dogs and two cats join in a Christmas carol as snowflakes fall around them in this cute and funny Xmas picture.
Funny-and-Cute-Lol-Cats-and-Dogs-Christmas-Caroling-For-An-Xmas-Greeting-Card   ID#   5332

Three cats, an orange Tabby, A grey tabby and a Calico are walking a tightrope in a circus performance and birthday celebration.
Tightrope-Walking-Cats-in-a-Funny-Picture   ID#   5329

Funny cat picture of a gray tabby being interrogated in a police interview room...and looking very guilty.
Cat-Interrogation-For-A-Funny-Greeting-Card-Photo   ID#   5328

An orange tabby cat sits at a kitchen table (and a blue plaid table cloth) with a big glass of milk and a tall stack of cookies, in a funny, lol pet picture.
Tabby-With-Milk-and-Cookies-In-A-Funny-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5326

A Jack Russell Terrier stands at the feet of his master with coffee, a newspaper, a muffin and a TV remote.
Dog-Father's-Day-Photo-and-Funny-Greeting-Card-image   ID#   5176

A group of dogs (Daschund, Ridgeback, Basset Hound, Beagle, Boston Terrier, Bulldog) celebrate with party hats, confetti, and by tossing each other into the air
Funny-Dog-Tossing-Each-Other-Into-The-Air-In-Celebration   ID#   5175

A group of seven dogs toss a Daschund into the air in celebration and congratulations complete with confetti and balloons.
Photo-of-Dogs-Tossing-A-Daschund-Up-Into-The-Air   ID#   5174

In this funny dog photo a Boston Terrier uses his paws to stretch his mouth and make funny faces at the camera.
Dog-Making-Crazy-Faces!-   ID#   5139

A cat, A chicken, and a Beagle dog all are in bed together and looking sad and ill in a funny picture for get well sentiments.
Funny-Sick-Pets-Get-Well-Picture-For-A-Greeting-Card   ID#   5137

A Whippet sits in lotus position and meditates serenely with his eyes closed as a butterfly lands on his ear as he seeks peace and harmony.
Funny-Dog-Meditating   ID#   5123

Two dogs, a Pomeranian and another undetermined long-haired breed, sit with foil in their fur under hair dryers in a beauty Salon in this Funny dog photo.
Funny-Dogs-Under-Hair-Dryers-in-a-Beauty-Salon-Funny-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5122

An Elephant is coming through the front door with his trunk already extended well into the room.
Funny-Elephant-Photo-An-Elephant-Is-Entering-The-Room   ID#   4873

A Funny elephant stands in a convention hall representing the problem and or challenge that no one in an industry wants to admit or talk about.
Funny-Elephant-in-the-Convention-Hall   ID#   4870

An Elephant, trunk outstretched, stands behind a shiny board room table, a symbol of what problem isn't being talked about and is being outright ignored
Funny-Elephant-in-the-Board-Room   ID#   4869

A photo depicting people thinking (and being) inside the box, and one woman thinking and sitting outside the box.
Thinking-Inside-the-box-and-thinking-outside-the-box   ID#   4285

Photo of a woman sitting on top of a cardboard box in an office setting and thinking in an illustration of the classic
Woman-Thinking-Outside-the-Box   ID#   4282

An Elephant Quartet: Four elephants stand in a line and sing together in a rain forest, trunks raised up in unison.
Funny-Elephant-Quartet-Singing-Photo   ID#   4139

Funny picture of a Holstein cow surfing off a Hawaiian beach (Oahu), and looking rather concerned!
Holstein-Cow-Surfing-Off-The-Coast-Of-Hawaii   ID#   4119

A mouse stands on an Elephant's trunk offering him a peanut in friendship in this funny animal photo.
Mouse-Offering-a-Peanut-to-an-Elephant   ID#   4036

Coffee-Pouring-Into-A-Glass-Cup-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   3548

Funny-Video-of-Woman's-buttocks-being-snapped-by-a-towel-in-super-slow-motion   ID#   3546

Slow Motion Video of a woman's butt snapped by a towel and rippling in waves from the impact. Her flesh ripples in slow motion.
Womans-butt-snapped-by-a-towel   ID#   3544

A Holstein Dairy Cow is riding a surfboard on a wave in a funny cow photo for a greeting card.
Holstein-Dairy-Cow-Rides-The-Wave-In-This-Funny-Surfing-Photo   ID#   3390

Conceptual stock photo of a lone elephant strolling down a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere, seeking the way forward.
Asian-Elephant-Walks-Toward-an-Unknown-Destination-Down-a-Long-and-Empty-Road   ID#   3263

Slow motion video featuring a frying pan of hot oil and popping popcorn kernels blasting up and out in a hiss of steam.
Popping-Popcorn-In-A-Frying-Pan-Of-Hot-Oil-Slo-Mo-Video   ID#   2946

Slow motion video with a Phantom HD camera showing popcorn being popped in a frying pan of hot oil
Popcorn-Popping-In-A-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2945

A woman's hands are seen shaking or flicking the water off in a slow motion stock video clip.
Flicking-Water-From-Your-Fingers-Slow-Motion-Stock-Video   ID#   2888

Woman's hands tossing up water in a super slow motion stock concept video clip
Slow-Motion-Water-Toss-Showing-Purity-Grace-Beauty-and-Water-Issues   ID#   2887

A woman's hands toss a splash of water against a black background in a super slow motion stock video clip
Splashing-Water-Tossed-By-A-Womans-Hands-In-A-Slow-Motion-Stock-Video-Clip   ID#   2886

Water is tossed up, sparkling against a black background, by a pair of hands, in a super slow motion stock video
Slow-Motion-Stock-Video-of-Hands-Tossing-Water-   ID#   2885

A pair of woman's hands rise up in the frame with water flowing out between her fingers in a slow motion video
A-Pair-Of-Cupped-Hands-Scoop-Up-And-Release-Water-In-An-Ultra-Slow-Motion-Stock-Video   ID#   2884

Water drops hit hot oil in this slow motion video that begins slowly but turns into a mesmerizing visual experience
Water-Drops-Exploding-In-Hot-Oil-In-A-Super-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2663

A ladybug flies from a woman's hand in ultra slow motion captured with a Phantom HD video Camera at 1000 frames per second.
Fly-Away-Home-Ladybug   ID#   2166

Photos of a woman wearing nothing but a barrel, an iconic American symbol for having lost everything right down to the clothes on our back.
Nude-woman-wears-a-barrel   ID#   1646