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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A woman runner is lit by the sun as she crests a hill in the road with dark storm clouds in the background. This is a dramatic image that highlights the driving spirit of long distance runners.
Woman-Running-Under-Storm-Clouds   ID#   8145

A road stretches off towards a stormy sky with god rays emanating for dark storm clouds in an image about the way forward, challenges and opportunities.
Stormy-Road   ID#   8073

A woman stands on a long road holding a briefcase with a world atlas illustrated on its side in a metaphorical image about the long road to success and Global commerce.
The-Road-To-World-Commerce   ID#   8027

A high-altitude photo showing colored lights streaking across a city below the clouds in a metaphor for cloud computing, bandwidth and Internet connections.
Bandwidth-Cloud-Computing   ID#   7974

A Yemeni woman wears her Abaya as she walks through a market in Saana, Yemen.
Yemeni-Woman-In-An-Abaya   ID#   7971

A winding dirt road leads over a ridge beneath a sky of
Dirt-Road   ID#   7967

A twisting highway of lights leads into the silhouette of a futuristic city in this image about communications technology, the future, and connections.
Future-City-Communications   ID#   7947

A bridge creates a challenge when a section of the roadway is missing in an image about the risks and pitfalls of cloud computing, online  networking and Internet connections.
Challenging-Bridge-In-Cloud-Computing   ID#   7937

A highway curves up into the clouds in a metaphor for cloud computing and online storage, archiving and networking.
Cloud-Computing-Highway   ID#   7935

In this image a suspended foot bridge leads into a cloudscape in a metaphor for cloud computing, journeys, mystery and change. This is the way forward into the unknown.
Bridge-To-The-Cloud   ID#   7920

A Holstein cow runs purposefully down a dirt path in a green pasture, her hooves kicking up little puffs of dirt, on a pleasant summer day. This is an image of a cow coming home.
Running-Holstein-Cow   ID#   7868

A futuristic city, a golden metropolis, emerges at the end of a long strait road cutting through a desert environment in a photo depicting the way forward and possibilities.
Future-City-   ID#   7865

Photo of a woman running on a long straight highway in the American South West in a metaphor for determination, perseverance and dedication.
Long-Distance-Woman-Runner-On-A-Desert-Highway   ID#   7772

Photo of a tornado threatening a long road stetching into the distance in a concept picture about journeys and challenge.
Tornado-Threat-On-A-Long-Road   ID#   7735

In this picture of a subdivision merging with blueprints the message becomes one of community planning, city planning, and new home construction.
Housing-Subdivisions-And-Blueprints   ID#   7712

In this photo of a long straight road disappearing into a distant mountain range the sun fights to break out of storm clouds and casts rays down illuminating the way forward.
Road-To-Future-Opportunities   ID#   7709

A fast car is a red blur on a lonely Southwestern road in an image about speed, freedom and the way forward.
Speed   ID#   7657

A road stretches into the distance beneath gathering storm clouds in a photo of the calm before the storm.
Calm-Before-The-Storm   ID#   7618

An elephant rides a fast motorcycle, background streaking by, in this funny elephant photo.
Funny-Elephant-Riding-A-Motorcycle   ID#   7578

A beautiful silver convertible sports car speeds in solitude down a long empty road at sunset in a picture of success, freedom and the way forward.
Speeding-Convertible-Sports-Car   ID#   7479

A long road stretches into the sunrise as a magical dawn sky of staries unfolds above in a stock photo about the journey, the way forward, and the promise of the future.
Long-Road-Under-A-Starry-Morning-Sky   ID#   7478

Picture of a middle aged man with gray hair jogging down the middle of a road alongside the double yellow lines.  He is wearing blue shorts and a gray sweat shirt and white running shoes.
Middle-Aged-Man-Jogging-On-Paved-Road   ID#   7441

The big bad wolf hides behind a tree wand watches little red riding hood approach through the woods in this funny fairy tale picture.
The-Big-Bad-Wolf-And-Little-Red-Riding-Hood   ID#   7416

A woman is the deer in the headlights in this humorous picture illustrating the state of being frozen in the face of the unexpected.
Woman-In-The-Headlights   ID#   7413

In this picture a senior white-haired woman drives a speeding convertible sports car through the countryside while she wears a bright red scar blowing in the wind.
Retirement-Pictures-Senior-Woman-Driving-A-Convertible-Sports-Car   ID#   7292

A long winding road heads into a distant sunrise, the road to opportunity and new beginnings.
The-Road-To-Opportunity   ID#   7147

A picture of the road to cloud computing showing a long road leading over and through the clouds culminating in a beautiful sunrise.
Cloud-Computing-Picture   ID#   7076

Picture of a long empty road stretching through the American South West landscape beckoning with new beginnings and adventure.
Long-Empty-Road-Across-The-Southwest-Desert   ID#   6659

Stock picture of a baby boomer woman running on the beach as part of her fit and healthy lifestyle even while on a tropical vacation in Hawaii.
Baby-Boomer-Woman-Jogging-On-The-Beach   ID#   6587

Picture of a mushroom shaped fireball exploding in the distance over a deserted road at dusk in a stock photo about nuclear accidents, risk, danger and calamity.
Fireball-Explosion-On-The-Road-Ahead   ID#   6390

A bridge is missing a section of roadway and superstructure in this concept stock photo about adversity, challenge and problems. Wrecked and broken bridge pictures.  Disaster photos of destroyed structures such as bridges.
Picture-of-a-Bridge-with-A-Missing-Section-of-Roadway   ID#   6307

In this funny pet picture a group of cats and dogs enjoy a country drive in a yellow convertible.
Pets-Out-Cruising-in-a-Convertible-In-A-Funny-Birthday-Greeting-Card-A-Wild-Ride!   ID#   5569

Picture of a German Shepherd riding a motorcycle down a winding road with his leash flying out behind him.
A-Dog-Rides-A-Motorcycle-Down-A-Winding-Road-In-A-Funny-Greeting-Card-Photo   ID#   5567

Funny picture of cats and dogs driving and riding in a convertible. With all the balloons...they must be having a party!
Funny-Cats-and-Dogs-In-A-Convertible-Car   ID#   5394

White convertible sports car driving on a rural road with dramatic dark storm clouds in the sky. Sports car pic.
Convertible-Driving-With-Approaching-Storm-In-Background   ID#   5388

A complex intricate composite of images of people, things and places in a chaotic jigsaw puzzle of modern society.
The-Chaos-of-Image-Overload-from-Pictures-of-People-Places-and-Things-From-Modern-Society   ID#   5339

Beautiful picture of a couple in a convertible sports car driving towards a sunset/sunrise on a long straight road.
Couple-in-a-Convertible-Driving-Towards-the-Sunset-on-a-Long-Straight-Road   ID#   5336

A sleek and futuristic convertible sports car flashes by in a blur of speed and power in this automotive concept photo.
Futuristic-Convertible-Sports-Car   ID#   5335

A Jaguar XKR convertible sports car with a SuperCharged V-8 engine speeding down a road at sunset...very futuristic looking.
Jaguar-XKR-Convertible-Sports-Car-At-Speed   ID#   5331

Funny photo of a Whippet and a Pit Bull dog riding a Harley-Davidson motorcycle speeding down a road with a blurred and streaked background.
Funny-Whippet-And-Pit-Bull-Dogs-Riding-A-Motorcyle-Funny-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5074