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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Four people scull, or row, in the ocean in a concept stock photo.A giant wave is about to engulf this small 4 man Scull boat.  Danger and potential disaster await this small boat in the path of the enormous killer wave about to swamp the tiny craft.
Quad-Sculling-In-Open-Water-About-to-be-hit-by-a-Rogue-Tidal-Wave   ID#   3788

Stock photo of a young hispanic girl holding a starfish at the beach.
Hispanic-girl-holding-starfish   ID#   3740

Above the New York Skyline a towering lighthouse casts out a beam of guidance and vision over the metropolis: An unusual Lighthouse photo.
Urban-Lighthouse-An-unusual-Urban-lighthouse-in-a-cityscape   ID#   3700

Storm clouds clear as a keeper in wet weather gear searches the ocean from the lamphouse rail of a lighthouse. This photo is a great metaphor for searching the internet as well as a symbol of safety, security, guidance and navigational aid.
Symbolic-Lighthouse-with-The-Keeper-Watching-The-Sea-   ID#   3699

A Lightouse photo with a beam of light shining out over rough seas, for use as a bacground pic.
Lighthouse-Backgrounds-Image-And-Photo   ID#   3697

Two hands are about to shake amid dynamic and colorful streaking lights.  Handshake Showing Success, connection and team work.
Hand-Shake-to-seal-the-deal-teamwork-connection-and-success   ID#   3674

Two hands clasp in a handshake amid chaotic and colorful streaking lights showing success, teamwork and agreement.
Hands-Shaking-In-Business-Agreement-Teamwork-and-Success   ID#   3673

A woman in a flowing green dress is lifted high over New York City by unseen forces in a picture.
Ascention-of-a-woman-Spiritual-or-Alien-Abduction-Photograph?   ID#   3651

A woman dancer in a red dress jumps for love, joy and vitality in front of a cloud shaped like a heart.
Photo-of-Jumping-For-Love-And-Joy-   ID#   3650

A palm tree stands behind a sand dune in this concept stock photo of an oasis. The desert is the Gobi desert in Mongolia and the palm tree was photographed in Brazil. This picture represents safety, salvation, rescue and hope.
Photo-of-oasis-in-the-desert   ID#   3556

Picture of endless hands reaching out, clasping and shaking illustrating social media and networking and social networking.
Photo-Of-Social-Media-And-Networking   ID#   3553

In ultra slow motion a Light Bulb explodes into flames, then drips fire
Slow-Motion-Video-of-Exploding-Light-Bulb-and-Dripping-Flame   ID#   3550

A long road stretches through the desert as a sunrise lights up the storm clouds above.
Long-Road-Ahead-Future-Sunrise-Stock-Picture-of-a-long-road-through-the-desert-at-sunrise   ID#   3523

A lightouse keeper stands at the rail and looks out over the stormy sea searching for vessels in distress and answers to questions in this picture.
Lighthouse-Keeper-Standing-Watch-In-A-Stormy-Sea   ID#   3419

A lol funny Cat photo of a feline in a fast food restaurant rudely talking on a cell phone while other cats impatiently wait in line for thier orders.
Funny-Cell-Phone-Cat-In-a-Fast-Food-Restaurant-For-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   3392

A Holstein Dairy cow stands astride a dramatic mountain peak in a funny and very unlikely feat of Himalayan mountain climbing.
Mountain-Cow-A-Holstein-On-A-Mountain-Peak   ID#   3391

A Holstein Dairy Cow is riding a surfboard on a wave in a funny cow photo for a greeting card.
Holstein-Dairy-Cow-Rides-The-Wave-In-This-Funny-Surfing-Photo   ID#   3390

The photo of a reflection in a Koi pond shows a commercial jet symbolizing vacation travel to tropical realms and getting away from it all.
Tropical-Vacation-Travel-Via-Jet   ID#   3305

An African American Male looks up to the stars and the lines of energy crossing overhead in a picture of wonder and mystery.
Heavenly-Energies-Photo-of-A-Man-Gazing-At-The-Heavens   ID#   3303

Conceptual stock photo of a lone elephant strolling down a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere, seeking the way forward.
Asian-Elephant-Walks-Toward-an-Unknown-Destination-Down-a-Long-and-Empty-Road   ID#   3263

Middle-aged Hispanic woman smiling with laptop
Middle-aged-Hispanic-woman-smiling-with-laptop   ID#   3216

An African American Woman executive uses her hands to control communications, information and data flow in a future image.
Communications-Information-and-Data-Management   ID#   3199

An African American Business Woman Stands on a long road leading to a brilliant sunrise and a future of hope and possibility.
The-Road-Ahead-To-Future-Possibilities   ID#   3179

A mixed race business woman is connecting the dots to forming a dollar sign in the workplace (modern office).
Connecting-The-Dots-Creating-Dollars-For-Business   ID#   3077

An African American businessman looks up from an endless stairwell symbolizing both progress and challenge and adversity.
Challenging-Climb-Ahead-For-This-African-American-Businessman   ID#   3056

A lone duck struggles to keep up in the middle of a formation of jet fighter aircraft in an image about challenge and perseverance.
Funny-Duck-Picture-of-a-Mallard-flying-in-a-jet-fighter-formation   ID#   3032

Slow motion video featuring a frying pan of hot oil and popping popcorn kernels blasting up and out in a hiss of steam.
Popping-Popcorn-In-A-Frying-Pan-Of-Hot-Oil-Slo-Mo-Video   ID#   2946

A glass is held up so that it appears to capture a rainbow over the ocean in stock photo about hope and possibilities.
Glass-full-of-Rainbow   ID#   2944

A mans hand opens a soda can by pulling off the Pull Tab in this ultras slow motion stock video about refreshment etc.,
Pop-Top-Beverage-Can-Being-Opened-In-A-Slow-Motion-Video-Capture   ID#   2662

Slow motion video of a soda can being opened with spray and foam
Opening-Pop-Top-Beverage-Can-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2642

A gold South African Krugerrand Coin spins in slow motion on a marble surface in this stock video
Gold-Krugerand-Coin-Spinning-In-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2464

A businessmen and two co-workers playing limbo with broom in office-cubicle environment. The men are wearing dress shirts and ties. Two of the businessmen are holding the ends of the broom and the third is limbo dancing under it.
Men-playing-limbo-with-broom-in-office   ID#   2323

Stock video clip of a cat landing on his feet in super slow motion shot at 1000 frames per second with a Phantom HD camera
Cat-Landing-On-His-Feet-Super-Slow-Motion-Video-Clip   ID#   2305

A single die shot at 1000 frames per second produces a captivating ballet invisible to the ordinary eye. Super slow motion video.
Rolling-The-Die-In-Super-Slow-Motion-2   ID#   2174

Picture of a smart pill shown by a small brain inside a capsule being held by a hand with a sunrise in the background. Science and science fiction pics.
Picture-of-A-Hand-Holding-A-Capsule-Containing-A-Miniature-Brain   ID#   2157

Futuristic City - Looking through rain forest vegetation we city the modern highrises of a futuristic city. Science fiction photo.
Picture-of-A-Future-City-Springing-Up-From-The-Jungle-Vegetation   ID#   2156

An Asian American businessman lays back as he is lifted into the air by his support staff in an office environment.
Well-Supported-Businessman-Getting-Helping-Hands   ID#   2152

Eight hands representing men, women, African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Caucasians Reach out towards each other. One arm is bare and the rest have sleeves. The image is set against a white background.
Multi-Cultural-Multi-Racial-Multi-Gender-Hands-Reaching-Out-to-Each-Other   ID#   2149

An Asian American business man is flying high above a city seen below the clouds in a photo of success and super powers.
Businessman-Soaring-Above-The-Clouds   ID#   2146

Three pairs of hands reach across each other in handshakes in an office setting showing teamwork and cooperation. Picture of many hands shaking.
Multiple-Hands-Shaking-In-An-Office-Demonstrating-Agreement-Sealing-the-deal-and-Teamwork   ID#   2141