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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Two hands reach towards each other, the Sun Flaring as they are about to touch in a concept stock photo about connection.
Two-Hands-Reach-Out-To-Each-Other-With-A-Sunflare-In-The-Background   ID#   2013

Picture of a strong firm handshake. Against a bold sunrise two hands clasp each other in a firm handshake denoting agreement, teamwork and alliance. The shaking hands separate the sky background into a bright sky above and cloudy sky below the arms.
Strong-Handshake-Against-A-Dramatic-Sunset-   ID#   2012

A woman in a long dress climbs the shear face of a rock cliff in an improbable and challenging endeavor. Picture of rock climbing woman. Health and lifestyle pics.
Woman-Climbing-A-Cliff-Face-In-a-Long-Dress   ID#   2011

A businessman of Asian descent soars free high above the urban environment experiencing the joy of success. Great picture for advertising for small or big business. Picture of man flying through the sky.
Flying-Businessman-Flying-High-Above-The-Clouds-Like-Superman   ID#   2010

An African American man, in a suit, carries a giant piggy bank (piggybank) on his back indicating big savings, investment and banking. Hilarious stock photo for small business ads.
Funny-Financial-Picture-of-A-Giant-Piggy-Bank-On-An-African-American-Man's-Back   ID#   2008

An African American Executive's hand holds a pen out to another man's hand ready to sign the documents to seal the deal. Advertising photogrpahy for small business or big business. Ad pics.
Ready-To-Seal-The-Deal-Handing-Over-a-Cross-Ink-Pen   ID#   2007

Foot prints lead down the beach and into the tropical waters of the ocean, with no one visible. Great picture of a beautiful ocean beach for advertising spas and tropical resorts.
Foot-Prints-Into-The-Sea-A-Beautiful-Pristine-Beach-Before-The-Warm-Azure-Waters-of-The-Tropics   ID#   2004

An elegantly clothed woman's arm is held out over a long empty road with her thumb in the classic hitch hiking position. The womans arm is covered with a black sleeve probably part of her sweater.
Woman-Hitch-Hiking-A-Deserted-Road   ID#   2003

Three hands grabe the same rung of a ladder in an image about success, competition, advancement and achievment
Three-Hands-On-The-Same-Rung-Of-A-Ladder-to-Success   ID#   1984

A man climbs up a ladder that disappears off into the sky. The man is reaching up to the next rung with his right hand while holding a lower rung with the other hand.
Man-Climbing-the-Ladder-Of-Success   ID#   1983

An Architect presents and explains his building plans and remodeling blueprints to clients in their upscale Living Room
Architect-Going-Over-Blueprints-With-Clients   ID#   1981

An African American woman relaxes in an overstuffed chair holding and examining a world globe symbolizing travel and adventure.
African-American-Woman-Holding-A-World-Globe   ID#   1979

Picture of an Asian woman sitting on the edge of the bed in her pajamas and stretching before getting up in the morning. She is in a motel room. She has on a blue night gown.  There are flowers next to her bed.
Asian-Woman-Stretching-in-Bed-In-the-Morning   ID#   1950

Lifestyle photos of an African American woman standing in front of an easel and painting in her art studio being creative.
Woman-Artist-Painting-Creatively-At-an-Easel   ID#   1944

Lifestyle photos of an ethnic woman in her garage, about to engage in do it yourself projects around her home. The woman looks happy and confident in her abilities.  She is wearing a purple shirt and a tool belt.
Black-Woman-Ready-to-Begin-Home-Improvement-Projects   ID#   1943

A businessman sitting patiently next to his phone and waits for it to ring.He sits at a wooden desk, hands clasped fingers interlaced.
Man-With-Patience-Watching-His-Phone   ID#   1931

Picture of a black businessman staring disconsolately at his office phone. The man is sitting at a large wooden conference table. His elbow in on the table top and his chin is on his hand.
An-African-American-Man-Staring-Anxiously-At-His-Phone   ID#   1930

Business men and women climbing up the ladder of success or perhaps the corporate ladder.  They have climbed so high they are above the clouds.
Business-People-Climbing-the-Ladder-of-Success   ID#   1929

Unusual funny photo of an African American woman racing on an invisible bicycle, an indication of lacking the proper equipment and resources to succeed.
Woman-Riding-an-Invisible-Bicycle   ID#   1928

Concept photo of an hispanic woman perched on a ladder using binoculars to scan the horizon in search of business opportunities.
Lifestyle-and-concept-picture-of-a-woman-on-a-ladder-looking-out-over-the-distance-using-binoculars   ID#   1927

Photos of a young boy emulating a motorcycle rider while sitting on a tricycle. You can tell he thinks he is a Bad Boy! The youngster riding the trike is Mexican, Latino, or Hispanic.
Pictures-of-a-young-boy-riding-a-tricycle-like-a-motorcycle-gang-member   ID#   1918

Photo of a pair of female hands reaching around and in front of a man's torso.
Sexy-pair-of-woman's-hands-reach-around-a-male-torso-   ID#   1917

Pics of an African American woman stretching her arms out. The black model is laughing and halfway turned toward the camera. She is wearing a scarf and a hat.
Woman-with-outstretched-arms   ID#   1913

Picture of a green thumb on an upraised hand. In the backround of this stock photo are out of focus flowers and vegetation in a garden. Hand giving a
Green-Thumb   ID#   1911

A woman is holding tools, a wood saw, and she is wearing a carpenters's tool belt around her waist.  The woman has a red bandanna on her head.
Woman-Holding-Tools-and-Wearing-a-Tool-Belt   ID#   1910

Photos of Rosie the Riveter as she rolls up her sleeve and flexes her bicept in preparation for working. She is wearing a red bandanna.
Rosie-the-Riveter-flexing-her-biceps   ID#   1907

Photos of a couple driving a convertible car with a cell phone and an open laptop computer. The man is driving and the woman passenger is using her laptop.
Couple-speeding-down-a-road-in-a-convertible-while-using-computer-technology   ID#   1859

Photos of an Asian American business man in trouble as he climbs a ladder but reaches the challenge of missing rungs. The ladder is so tall that the man is well above the clouds.
Picture-of-a-business-man-climbing-a-ladder-high-above-the-clouds-and-encountering-missing-rungs   ID#   1850

Photo of a man handing car keys towards the camera. The hand and key are in sharp focus while the man's body and face are out of focus.
Man-holding-out-the-key-to-a-new-car   ID#   1846

Pictures of a woman Atlas rising up through the clouds and holding the earth on her shoulders in a blue monochromatic stock photo.
Powerful-Woman-A-Fit-and-Muscular-Woman-Holds-The-Earth-On-Her-Shoulders   ID#   1610

Pictures of hands framing a road. The road comes into focus and saturated color as it reaches the perimeter of the hands.
Hands-Frame-A-Road-Transitioning-From-Out-of-Focus-To-Clear-Focus   ID#   1609

A business woman shattering a glass barrier. Angry looking woman with balled up fists is smashing through the glass barrier.
Break-Through   ID#   1577

A beautiful artistic money tree set against an impressive deep blue sky with a few clouds.  The tree leaves have been replaced with 100 dollar bills. Money Tree Pics.
Large-Beautiful-Money-Tree-with-Dollars-For-Leaves   ID#   1504

Pictures of a computer mouse with utility tools as a solution to many problems like a swiss army knife.
Computer-Mouse-with-Utility-Tools   ID#   1495

Picture of stairs alongside an escalator. An image of contrasts, of manual versus automation, of the old and the new. Steps and moving steps.
Stairs-and-Moving-Escalator   ID#   1484

Picture of an elevator door. This is a photo about opportunity, transition and journies. Up or down? The doors are stainless steel and there is a red up arrow in the upper left hand corner.
Elevator-Doors-and-Yellow-Wall   ID#   1483

Picture of a laptop during remodeling.The laptop is in a room with naked piping and duct work exposed and with debris strewn all over the place.
Laptop-Sawhorses-In-A-Construction-or-Remodeling-Project   ID#   1482

Photograph of a metal playground slide as viewed from the top of the structure.
Playground-Slide   ID#   1475

Pictures of a construction worker leaning against a pole at a construction site for a commercial space along with a push broom. This can be leasehold improvements.
Construction-Worker-or-Clean-Up-Janitor-In-A-Construction-Site   ID#   1469

Picture of a stone ax and a large stone wheel representing early invention, creativity and innovation. Humor is added via the inference of a caveman.
Inventing-The-First-Wheel-A-Stone-Age-Rock-Wheel   ID#   1467