john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A ethnic woman's hair flys up as she jumps in the picture of exuberance, vitality and success with the New York skyline in the background.
Jumping-Woman   ID#   7152

Vivid color streaks of light show energy and motion in this photo of an excited woman executive with her hair flying up.
An-Excited-Woman-Executive-With-Flying-Hair-And-Streaks-Of-Light   ID#   7151

In this picture flying trapeze artists perform their daring stunts outdoors against a lightly clouded sky.
Flying-Trapeze-Artists-   ID#   7149

A pair of trapeze artists performing the flying trapeze outdoors in this concept stock photo about team work, trust, challenge and skill.
Trapeze-Artists-Performing-The-Flying-Trapeze-Outdoors-In-A-Display-Of-Team-Work   ID#   7148

A long winding road heads into a distant sunrise, the road to opportunity and new beginnings.
The-Road-To-Opportunity   ID#   7147

A human brain is pictured in a star field in space and encircled with binary numbers illustrating the importance the digital world to creativity and thought.
The-Digital-Brain-And-Artificial-Intelligence-Unleashed   ID#   7145

Ideas, creativity, and the free flow of information are the concepts behind this photo of a lightbulb surrounded by binary numbers.
Ideas-Creativity-And-The-Free-Flow-Of-Information   ID#   7143

This photo features a Rhinoceros standing on the edge of a cliff, keeping vigil, against dark storm clouds.
Rhinoceros-On-A-Cliff   ID#   7139

A fortune teller's hands, a crystal ball, and money are the key elements in this stock photo about future financial success.
Crystal-Ball-And-Money   ID#   7134

A Gypsy fortune teller peers into her crystal ball in this photo and sees the future of our planet earth.
Gypsy-Teller-And-The-Future-Of-Earth   ID#   7133

A voting machine is pictured against a montage of the American Flag and a sunrise in an image illustrating the patriotic nature of voting participation.
Patriotic-Voting-Machine-With-Flag-At-Sunrise   ID#   7132

A fortune teller's hands hover over a glowing crystal ball as she looks into the future for premonitions.
Crystal-Balls-And-Predicting-The-Future   ID#   7131

A portable voting booth photographed against a sky filled with the winds of change and and gathering storm clouds.
A-Voting-Booth-Photographed-Against-A-Brooding-Sky-Of-Storm-Clouds   ID#   7129

An elephant and a donkey are photographed in voting booths participating in an election and representing the republican and democratic parties.
Elephants-And-Donkeys-In-Voting-Booths   ID#   7128

In this picture tropical clouds are reflected in clear blue water resulting in an image that sparks the imagination to take you to whatever vacation paradise exists in your thoughts.
Vacation-Reflections-In-Tropical-Waters   ID#   7115

Warm inviting ocean water reflects tropical clouds and a jet line in a vacation picture of travel to a tropical paradise.
Clear-Ocean-Water-Reflecting-Tropical-Clouds-And-A-Jet-Liner   ID#   7114

Picture of Two people reaching out to each other over a deep chasm illustrating team work and co-operation.
Team-Work-And-A-Helping-Hand   ID#   7113

This unusual handshake picture of successful negotiation and agreement reveals two business people shaking hands behind a frosted glass office partition.
The-Handshake-Behind-Frosted-Glass   ID#   7111

Picture of earth in a field of stars as seen from outerspace, a composited NASA image of the blue planet, Gia, our home and mother planet.
Earth-In-A-Starfield-Seen-From-Outerspace   ID#   7103

This picture of a woman track athlete in the starting blocks is a business metaphor for focus, concentration and preparation.
Woman-Tracke-Athlete-In-the-Starting-Blocks   ID#   7100

Picture of a fortune teller's hands over a crystal ball with a couple holding hands inside in an image about finding love.
Will-You-Find-Love-Crystal-Ball-and-Fortune-Teller   ID#   7091

Picture of a pyramid of business men and women standing on each other's shoulders illustrating the concept of teamwork and vision as it rises high above the clouds.
Teamwork-Shown-In-A-Pyramid-of-Business-People   ID#   7090

In this picture a lion is on stage playing a grand piano in a regal display of musical talent. With a mane like that he should be the conductor!
Piano-Playing-Lion   ID#   7084

Picture of a young African American woman blowing Dandelion seeds on a bright spring morning and making wishes to be carried by the wind to thier ultimate fulfillment.
Young-Woman-Blowing-Dandelion-Seeds-And-Making-Wishes   ID#   7083

A picture of the road to cloud computing showing a long road leading over and through the clouds culminating in a beautiful sunrise.
Cloud-Computing-Picture   ID#   7076

A jet airliner is seen lifting into the air and away over the airport runway in this stock photo about journeys, opportunities and connections.
Departing-Jet-Over-The-Tarmac   ID#   7074

Picture of a lone Oak tree surviving in a drought stricken environment of a vast parched, dry, and cracked expanse of earth in deperate need of water.
An-Oak-Tree-And-A-Drought   ID#   7059

Stock photo of a senior adult man, and baby boomer, wearing a cap and gown and holding a diploma, as he stands in front of a grandiose building.
Senior-Adult-Man-Graduation-Photo   ID#   7054

Multiple hands reach out in desperation as a life ring is tossed to them offering assistance, hope and possible rescue in a stock photo about giving.
A-LIfe-Ring-Tossed-To-Those-In-Need   ID#   7051

Picture of a green life preserver, or life ring, flying out over parched, cracked and dry earth in a stock photo illustrating environmental issues.
Environmental-Rescue-Going-Green   ID#   7031

A businessman is screaming out a stream of binary numbers representing digital communications technology.
Screaming-Binary-Numbers   ID#   7028

Picture of a woman meditating underwater in a swimming pool in a lotus yoga position as she pursues stress reduction in a unique and new age manner.
Woman-Meditating-Underwater-In-A-Swimming-Pool   ID#   7016

Picture of a woman, seated in front of her computer, having a great, creative idea evidenced by the light bulb exploding over her head.
Creative-Business-Ideas   ID#   7007

Picture of a double helix DNA chain made up of individual people standing on each other's shoulders in a stock photo.
Human-Double-Helix-Chain-of-DNA-Bio-Engineering   ID#   6997

Photo of an Asian woman in business attire hanging tightly to a Tiger as it leaps through a corporate office.
Riding-The-Tiger-An-Asian-Woman-Hangs-On-To-A-Leaping-Tiger-   ID#   6995

Picture of a senior man in business attire performing tricks on a skateboard the underside of which has a money graphic design.
Skateboarding-Senior-Businessman   ID#   6944

Picture of an Asian woman riding a leaping and snarling tiger in a business environment in a dramatic stock photo about the challenges of business in the Internet age.
Riding-A-Tiger-A-Businesswoman-Rides-A-Tiger-In-The-Office   ID#   6922

Photo of an Asian businessman walking on a tightrope of streaming data in the form of a glowing flow of light. A picture of communications and connection.
Man-Walking-Internet-Tightrope-of-Streaming-Data   ID#   6900

Picture of a human bridge of businessmen spanning a gap between two cliffs and demonstrating the concept of teamwork.
Team-Work-In-The-Form-of-a-Human-Bridge   ID#   6875

Photo of a fortune teller reading her crystal ball to provide a businessman with guidance and vision for the future.
Fortune-Teller-Crystal-Ball-and-a-Businessman   ID#   6710