john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Picture of Two people reaching out to each other over a deep chasm illustrating team work and co-operation.
Team-Work-And-A-Helping-Hand   ID#   7113

Picture of out of focus people with their hands on a glass partition as they realize they are trapped, confined and quarantined in an office.
Confined-Quarantined-Censored-and-Trapped   ID#   7110

Palm trees and a cool, refreshing pond form a wavering mirage on a vast plain of hot, parched, dry and cracked earth.
An-Oasis-Mirage-On-A-Vast-Expanse-of-Dry-Cracked-Earth   ID#   7069

Photo of a businessman about to wrestle a giant paper or information monster in an office setting as a stock photo about business challenges.
Paperwork-And-Information-Overload-Creating-Business-Challenges   ID#   7043

In this funny picture, a businessman wears a horrified look as he eyes the cubicle office corridor filled with snapping croccodiles symbolizing risk, adversity and challenge.
Alligators-and-Crocodiles-In-The-Office   ID#   7036

Photo of a Sumo wrestler engaged in a tug of war with a businessman in an office of cubicles: A funny stock picture of a Sumo Wrestler.
Sumo-Wrestler-Vs-Businessman   ID#   7030

Picture of underwater explosive mines illustrating hidden dangers, risks and adversity.
Underwater-Explosive-Mines   ID#   7017

Hilarious photo of a woman about to grapple (wrestle) with an alligator in an office at work. Picture of a woman wrestling alligators.
Woman-Wrestling-Crocodile-In-An-Office   ID#   6940

In this picture a business executive has his head in a crocodile's mouth symbolizing his scary interactions with his boss. Picture of a man with his head in a crocodile's mouth.
Businessman-With-His-Head-In-A-Crocodile's-Mouth   ID#   6921

An African American businessman opens a door only to find a brick wall behind it in a picture showing obstacles and problems.
Brick-Wall-Behind-The-Door   ID#   6873

Picture of a mushroom shaped fireball exploding in the distance over a deserted road at dusk in a stock photo about nuclear accidents, risk, danger and calamity.
Fireball-Explosion-On-The-Road-Ahead   ID#   6390

An elbow joint (showing the bone through the skin and flesh) glows red with pain and discomfort form inflamation and injury.
Elbow-Joint-Pain-Photo   ID#   6223

Toilet paper stuck to the bottom of a woman's shoe.  Embarrassing photo of a woman in public on the sidewalk with toilet paper stuck to her shoe and trailing along behind her. Pictures of embarrassing moments. Funny people pictures.
Woman-with-toilet-paper-on-shoe-outdoors   ID#   6057

Funny picture of a woman with a piece of toilet paper stuck to her shoe as she walks down the busy sidewalk. Picture of embarrassed woman. Photo of people being funny.  Funny advertising photography.
Embarrassed-Hispanic-woman-noticing-toilet-paper-on-shoe   ID#   6055

A Giraffe Looks over the top of a tall brick wall in a funny picture about vision, the future and animal themes.
Giraffe-Looking-Over-Tall-Brick-Wall   ID#   5523

A tightrope stretches over a pond filled with snapping crocodiles, with a businessman's feet seen traversing the rope in a picture showing adversity.
Tightrope-Walk-Over-Hungry-Crocodiles   ID#   5522

Picture of female strack star running the high hurdles. She is in the air clearing a hurdle. Legs and torso only.  High hurdles pic.
Female-track-athlete-clearing-a-hurdle   ID#   5033

A Latino family including the father, mother, son and daughter, are walking on a tightrope illustrating the challenges facing modern families.
Family-Walking-On-A-Tightrope   ID#   5025

Picture of a woman wearing a gas mask and using a computer as clouds of toxic smoke (spam, malware) pour out of the monitor-display.
Toxic-Computer-and-Internet-Problems-Ranging-from-Malware-to-Viruses-to-Spam   ID#   4585

A photo depicting people thinking (and being) inside the box, and one woman thinking and sitting outside the box.
Thinking-Inside-the-box-and-thinking-outside-the-box   ID#   4285

Picture of a man with khaki shorts and a green shirt is leaping across a gap in the rocks. The sky is deep blue with a few wispy clouds.
Man-Leaping-Across-A-Rock-Formation-On-An-Outdoor-Adventure-Hike   ID#   4266

Picture of a man rock climbing under a hot bright sun beaming into the camera lens. Deep blue background. Man is shirtless.
Pacific-Islander-man-climbing-rock-formations   ID#   4265

Picture of a couple hiking. The man is bare chested and helping the woman across a gap in the rock formation they are climbing on. The hot sun is beating down from above directly in veiw of the camera.
Multi-ethnic-couple-climbing-rock-formations   ID#   4263

Photo of an African American executive opening a door only to find the passageway (opportunity) closed up with a brick wall.
Opportunity-lost-to-a-bricked-up-doorway-an-African-American-businessman-opens-a-door-and-finds-a-brick-wall   ID#   4188

A huge rogue tidal wave, a tsunami, sweeps up behind an unsuspecting businessman standing on a rock in the water.
A-tidal-wave-a-Rogue-wave-of-change-about-to-sweep-over-an-unaware-businessman   ID#   3868

Four people scull, or row, in the ocean in a concept stock photo.A giant wave is about to engulf this small 4 man Scull boat.  Danger and potential disaster await this small boat in the path of the enormous killer wave about to swamp the tiny craft.
Quad-Sculling-In-Open-Water-About-to-be-hit-by-a-Rogue-Tidal-Wave   ID#   3788

A businessman strains to push an elephant out of his office in a setting of cubicles. The man is leveraging himself against the elephants hindquarters.
Funny-Picture-of-Pushing-The-Elephant-Out-Of-The-Room   ID#   3675

Conceptual stock photo of a lone elephant strolling down a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere, seeking the way forward.
Asian-Elephant-Walks-Toward-an-Unknown-Destination-Down-a-Long-and-Empty-Road   ID#   3263

An African American businessman looks up from an endless stairwell symbolizing both progress and challenge and adversity.
Challenging-Climb-Ahead-For-This-African-American-Businessman   ID#   3056

Picture of a patient laying in bed in a recovery room in a body cast, traction and with his head bandaged. Iconic photo of a full body cast.
Picture-Of-A-Patient-In-Traction-In-A-Recovery-Room   ID#   2155

An Asian American Businessman stands on an Escher-like stairway (Penrose Stairs) that only leads back to where he started in a picture of getting nowhere fast.
The-Escher-Stairway-(Penrose-Stairs)-To-Nowhere   ID#   2136

An black couple work together preparing fresh vegetables for the family dinner. She is wearing an argyle sweater and he is wearing a striped dress shirt. On a cutting board on the counter top are an array of fresh vegetables.
A-Couple-Prepares-A-Healthy-Meal-Together   ID#   2112

A man is hanging from the end of his rope, and the end is on fire!  Dosen't get much worse than this! Photo of a man at the end of his rope.
Man-At-The-End-Of-His-Burning-Rope   ID#   2055

An African American business man sits in his office cubicle wearing a straight jacket and facing the camera.
Businessman-In-A-Straight-Jacket   ID#   1987

Business men and women climbing up the ladder of success or perhaps the corporate ladder.  They have climbed so high they are above the clouds.
Business-People-Climbing-the-Ladder-of-Success   ID#   1929

A business woman shattering a glass barrier. Angry looking woman with balled up fists is smashing through the glass barrier.
Break-Through   ID#   1577

A road with huge bolder blocking the way. A picture of adversity, obstacles, challenge and the way forward.
Road-Block   ID#   1202

Stock photo of a face emerging through a  printed circuit board, morphing into human features- Electronics, PCB, face
face-in-a-printed-circuit-board   ID#   1106

Stock photo of a crouching Sumo wrestler. He has  a serious mean look on his face. The image has a black background. Japanese sumo wrestler pix.
Sumo-Challenge-Big-Bad-Assed-Sumo-Wrestler   ID#   863

Picture of a man facing off with a Sumo Wrestler in a mismatch and business metaphor for the competitive marketplace.
Business-Sumo-A-businessman-squares-off-against-the-much-larger-and-intimidating-Sumo-Wrestler   ID#   860