john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Pictures of a picnic on the freeway showing danger, Risk and the bizarre as a couple sits on a blanket amid speeding traffic and cars.
Freeway-Picnic-Oblivious-To-The-Danger-And-The-World   ID#   1628

A businessman and business woman are working at a desk in the middle of a busy freeway. Cars are zipping by at high speed, causing the woman's hair to blow and papers to fly off of the desk.
Business-in-the-Fast-Lane   ID#   1627

Man and a woman are relaxing on a couch in the middle of a busy highway or freeway with cars rushing by at high speed.  The man and woman are watching a large flat screen TV.
Couple-Sitting-On-Sofa-On-Freeway   ID#   1626

Pictures of a business man bicycling on the freeway with cars speeding by. The man riding a bike on the freeway is wearing a business suit and a red necktie, and he is in the fast lane.
Cycling-on-the-Freeway   ID#   1624

Photo of a boxing glove delivering a knock out punch complete with stars and colors that come with the impact.
Knock-Out-Punch-Seeing-Stars-and-a-Boxing-Glove   ID#   1605

Pictures of horse racing.  Stock photo of  two horses about to cross the finish line in a dead heat. It's going to be a photo finish.  Sports stock photo.
Picture-of-a-Horse-Race-Finish-Winner-by-a-Nose-and-A-Photo-Finish   ID#   1602

Pictures of a man whispering in an ear. Photo of communication, Connection and Secrets. One man whispering to another man and using his hand to help prevent anyone else from hearing it.
Close-Up-of-A-Couple-Whispering-And-Listening-to-Secrets   ID#   1598

Wired image of a calculator spewing out a tape covered in transactions and numbers. Wild colors and a white background. Retail finance picture.
An-adding-machine-spews-out-brightly-colored-tape-with-numbers   ID#   1588

Businessman with his mouth wide open trying to bite the fishing lure like a fish. He is leaping out of the water like a sport fish, trying to take the bait as they say. Great advertsiting pic.
Funny-Businessman-Fishing-Photo   ID#   1582

Strong woman's biceps set against a dark blue background.  The woman is wearing a yellow tank top. Picture cropped to show only arm and shoulder.
Woman's-Strong-Arm   ID#   1580

A business woman shattering a glass barrier. Angry looking woman with balled up fists is smashing through the glass barrier.
Break-Through   ID#   1577

Picture of a woman gymnast sticking her landing from the uneven parallel bars, and thrusting her arms in the air in triumph and victory.
Gymnast-Finish-A-young-girl-gymnast-sticks-a-landing-and-raises-her-arms-in-triumph   ID#   1576

Man on pommel horse wearing a business suit as he performs his gymnastics routine require skill, focus and dedication.
Business-Man-on-Pommel-Horse-Wearing-A-Suit   ID#   1575

Picture of a eco superhero with a man ripping open his shirt to reveal a spandex costume with a recycling symbol on his chest.
Recycle-Man-A-Man-Tears-Open-His-Shirt-Revealing-His-Recycling-Symbol   ID#   1572

Photo of a business man on the balance beam in a metaphor for the challenges facing small business across the world. The man has his arms stretched out at shoulder level, one foot in front of the other, and balancing carefully.
Businessman-Walks-Carefully-Along-A-Balance-Beam   ID#   1570

Picture of a young gymnast on the balance beam doing a flip, a metaphor for the skill, daring and flexibility needed to succeed in business and sports. The woman is inverted over the beam, head towards the ground and feet in the air.
Young-Woman-Performs-A-Flip-On-The-Balance-Beam   ID#   1564

Man falling through the sky without a golden parachute. He is high above the clouds as the sun sets with his back arched and his necktie flying. He has good flying form.
Business-Man-Free-Falling-No-Parachute--High-Above-The-Clouds   ID#   1563

Pictures of a pied piper in a theater showing leadership and playing a musical instrument. A large group of people are following him down the aisle.
Pied-Piper-with-an-Accordion   ID#   1562

A woman running away. This woman is sprinting down an aisle escaping, running, leaving from what? She is running down an aisle between endless rows of theater seats.
A-Woman-Runs-Down-The-Aisle-of-an-Empty-Theater   ID#   1557

Pictures of men dancing the can can on stage in business suits. The background is a dark maroon stage curtain. The men are wearing business suits and their arms are interlocked.
Can-Can-Business-Men   ID#   1556

Picture of businessmen performing a song and dance routine on stage in a parody of business presentations. A chorus line of businessmen performing on stage. The men are dancing.
Businessmen-Perform-a-Song-and-Dance-on-Stage   ID#   1554

Picture of a rapidly spinning world as viewed from outer space. The blurred spinning earth is surrounded by circular streaking colored lights.
Busy-World-In-Space   ID#   1532

Picture of a naked man jumping off of a dock or pier leaving behind his clothes which are strewn across the dock.  The man is going skinny dipping in the lake.
Man-Skinny-Dipping   ID#   1528

Picture of a hand firing a gun. The gun is a model 1911 45 caliber semi automatic pistol. A bullet shell is being ejected from the chamber and a bullet with flame is exiting the end of the barrel.
Firing-a-Hand-Gun   ID#   1510

Circular conveyor belt and a worker wearing a yellow hard hat. Packages are speeding around in an endless circle.  A  photo about inefficiency and waste.
Industrial-Conveyor-Belt-Work-Cycles-Circular-Conveyor   ID#   1509

Picture of a big magnet attracting money.  The money magnet is being held by a business mans hand. The background is yellow. The Magnet is drawing in paper money and coins.
Big-Red-Money-Magnet-Attracts-All-Kinds-Of-Money   ID#   1506

Picture of speeding technology. Streaking lights emanating from a computer monitor. Included in the image are circuit board traces and automobile gauges and more.
Speeding-Technology   ID#   1499

Pictures of zooming numbers streaming towards the computer illustrating stream data, Internet computing, cloud computing and digital communications.
Binary-Numbers-Stream-Towards-the-Viewer-With-Streaks-of-Light   ID#   1489

Picture of stairs alongside an escalator. An image of contrasts, of manual versus automation, of the old and the new. Steps and moving steps.
Stairs-and-Moving-Escalator   ID#   1484

Multiple hands joining phones demonstrating communication, conference calling and digital telecommunications.
Picture-of-Communication-Via-Hands-Holding-Cell-Phones-Showing-Conference-Calling-And-Telecommunications   ID#   1481

Picture of the earth from outer space with the earth surrounded by glowing patterns of an energy field representing perhaps gravitational fields or other comsic forms of energy.
Earth-With-Energy-Fields   ID#   1408

Picture of a rushing crowd in a busy Mumbai train station. Some motion blur on people close to the camera. Trains in Mumbai.
Busy-Rush-Hour-In-A-Train-Station-In-Mumbai-India   ID#   1377

Man sitting in the middle a busy crowd reading a map. Everyone but the man has motion blur.
Solitude-In-A-Crowd   ID#   1316

Diesel train locomotive speeding into a tunnel demonstrating speed, motion, energy and transportation.
Speeding-Locomotive-Zooming-Through-A-Tunnel   ID#   1309

A nude woman's torso with abstract lights swirling around her in a brilliant movement of color and motion.
Exhuberant-Nude-Nude-Woman's-Torso-Surrounded-By-Swirls-of-Colored-Lights   ID#   1282

A nude woman's torso shown with flowing streaks of light threading around and through the torso for representing things like energy and auras.
Female-Torso-Energy-   ID#   1281

Nude male torso with abstract light patterns swirling through the torso with the possibility of representing things like energy, auras, shakras, and useful for medical and medicinal subjects.
Light-Patterns-Representing-Back-Energy   ID#   1280

Nude Male torso wrapped in lights stock photo. Torso appears blue with orange streaks of light flowing through and around the mans torso. Mid thigh to shoulders. Can be used to depict a persons aura.
Strong-Aura-   ID#   1279

Speeding beams of abstract lights for concept illustrations including digital communications, fiber optics networking and data transfer.
Streaks-of-Lights-as-Fiber-Optic-Communications   ID#   1277

Abstract lights in a circular pattern forming a tunnel-like visual for illustrating the concepts of technology and communications.
The-Spin-Spinning-Colored-Lights-Forming-A-Tunnel-Like-Visual   ID#   1263