john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A team of several hands reach out adding jigsaw puzzle parts to a dollar sign in an out of foucs business setting in a visual metaphor for financial success and teamwork.
Dollar-Sign-Puzzle   ID#   8278

An iceberg of money floats in a sea surrounded by sharks in a metaphor for investment capital, finance and the perils and risks of inherent in the global markets.
Money-Icebergs-And-Sharks   ID#   8261

An iceberg composed of dollar bills floats in the ocean in a metaphor for the world of finance, cash flow, and investment capital.
Iceberg-Of-Money   ID#   8260

A person's hand holds a gas pump nozzle out of which are flowing currency and coins that cascade down out of the frame in an image about issues surrounding the costs of fuel, the price of gas, and conservation.
Gas-Nozzle-Pumping-Out-Money   ID#   8224

A butler stands in an upscale wood-paneled lobby holding a silver tray with money flowing out over the edges in a stock photo about abundance and cash flow.
Butler-With-Overflowing-Silver-Tray-Of-Money   ID#   8215

A stack of money is being offered on a silver tray by this butler in a visual metaphor for success, abundance, capital infusion and financial service.
Butler-Offering-Money-On-A-Silver-Tray   ID#   8211

A butler holds up a silver tray with a
Butler-Offering-A-"Green"-Piggy-Bank   ID#   8207

This piggy bank with a world map of continents on it represents world finance, the world bank, investment in developing countries and global investments.
Piggy-Banks-And-World-Finance   ID#   8170

A piggy bank is filled with the image of a redwood forest in a metaphorical image about green investment.
Piggy-Banks-And-Green-Investment   ID#   8168

A Piggy Bank with a mortar board college graduation cap inside is held up by a hand in an image about college funds, student loans, and education finance.
Piggy-Bank-College-Fund   ID#   8167

The piggy bank in this photo is filled to the brim with coins that are visible through the semi-transparent sides of the pink ceramic piggy in an image about savings and investment.
Piggy-Bank-Filled-With-Coins   ID#   8166

In this photo a hand holds up a Piggy Bank with a brand new car showing within in a photographic metaphor for car financing, new car purchases, and automobile loans.
Piggy-Banks-And-Automobile-Financing   ID#   8165

A piggy bank with a light bulb showing within is a metaphor for investment ideas and creative financing.
Investment-Ideas-And-Piggy-Banks   ID#   8164

A hand holds up a Piggy Bank with a high-tech circuit board visible within in an image about high tech investment, finance and capital funding.
High-Tech-Investment-And-Piggy-Banks   ID#   8163

This image of a hand holding a piggy bank represents persona finance, savings, and investment in a versatile, quick reading and clear message.
Hand-Holding-A-Piggy-Bank   ID#   8162

A hand holds up a piggy bank in which the earth can be seen within in an image representing green investment, world finance, and the Global Economy.
Green-Investing-Piggy-Bank   ID#   8161

A hand holds up a piggy bank filled with the faces of a crowd of people in an image representing crowd sourcing and crowd funding.
Crowd-Funding-Piggy-Bank   ID#   8160

A woman in her home holds up a Piggy bank upside down and peers in to see if there is any money inside for an image about personal savings and investment.
Woman-Checking-Piggy-Bank   ID#   8097

A dollar sign is filled with people's faces illustrating the concept of crowd funding, fund raising, and co-op equity distribution.
Crowd-Funding-Photograph   ID#   8048

A senior man holds on to a piggy bank that is rising up into the sky in a metaphor for growing retirement savings and investment.
Retirement-Pictures-Senior-Savings-And-Retirement-Investing   ID#   8039

An assembly of gears in which dollar signs are embossed on the gear surfaces is the subject of this photographic metaphor for the interplay of money, infrastructure and the working environment. This image illustrates the old saying that money makes the wo
Gears-And-Dollars   ID#   7951

A life ring or life preserver made of money sails out over rough seas in a metaphor for financial assistance.
Financial-Life-Ring   ID#   7925

A businessman stands, briefcase in hand, on the steps of success as portrayed by high rise building superimposed over Wall Street-like columns.
Businessman-On-The-Steps-of-Success   ID#   7893

Photo of a green home sitting on top of a huge pile of money in the form of a mountain of dollars.
A-Green-Home-Saves-Money   ID#   7670

A happy, estatic even, woman smiles broadly with her arms full of dollars
Happy-Woman-With-Her-Arms-Full-Of-Cash   ID#   7666

A clock face and hands appear on top of a 100 dollar bill in a concept photo about time and money.
Time-Is-Money   ID#   7644

In this photograph a woman places a brick on a dollar sign as she builds her brick and mortar small business.
Successful-Woman-Builds-A-Brick-And-Mortar-Business   ID#   7631

A black man in an office is putting a sticky note with a dollar sign on it on his forehead, or he is removing it. It isn't easy to tell.  The businessman is wearing a pink dress shirt  and a black and white necktie.
Black-Employee-Being-Silly   ID#   7604

Classic origami crane made from a dollar bill is perched in a woman's hand.  The woman has both hands facing up, one under the other. She is wearing blue dress. Closeup of woman's hands.
An-Origami-Crane-In-A-Woman's-Hand   ID#   7557

An African american woman standing against a white background holding a purse in the crook of her arm. Her purse is overflowing with money,dollars, greenbacks. The woman is wearing fedora with a white band.
Black-Businesswoman-With-a-Purse-Overflowing-With-Money   ID#   7556

A woman reclining on a white love seat is being showered with money raining down from above.  A virtual torrent of cash, greenbacks,dollars and currency is floating down around her.
It's-Raining-Money-on-a-Woman   ID#   7554

A woman dressed like a gangster from the 20's in a fedora and pin striped suit is standing with legs spread apart and holding four big bags of money. She has a defiant look to her.
Woman-Holding-Bags-Of-Cash   ID#   7553

African American woman dressed in a fedora and a pin striped suit looking like an old time gangster is holding big bags of money with dollar signs on them.
Gangster-Woman-With-Bags-of-Money   ID#   7552

A young adult black woman is smoking a cigar, wearing a fedora, dressed in a pin striped suit, and laying in a pile of dollars and sacks of money.
Black-Businesswoman-In-Pinstripe-Suit-Reclining-On-A-Pile-of-Money   ID#   7551

A lovely young African American woman is fanning her face with a fan made by holding a wad of cash. She is wearing a beautiful blue gown and reclining on a white love seat.
Young-Pretty-Black-Woman-Fanning-Herself-With-Cash   ID#   7550

Beautiful African American young adult woman fanning herself with a handful of money. She is wearing a blue dress, and is reclining on a white love seat..
Woman-On-Couch-Fanning-Herself-With-Cash   ID#   7549

A sexy young woman of African descent is reclining on a couch and peering over the top of a handful of money she is holding. The woman is striking and beautiful and wearing a gorgeous blue dress. Picture is from waist up.
Woman-Peering-Over-a-Handful-of-Cash   ID#   7545

A hot sexy young black woman is reclining on a couch and fanning her face with a handful of cash. The woman is wearing a beautiful blue dress and is obviously flush with cash money.
Stunning-Young-Black-Woman-Fanning-Herself-With-Cash   ID#   7544

Black woman, a beautiful model, is coyly fanning herself with a handful of cash, yes, good old greenbacks.  She is wearing a beautiful blue dress and is very sexy.
Woman-Fanning-Herself-With-Cash   ID#   7543

A beautiful young African American woman is lighting her cigar with a piece of burning paper money. The stunning model is wearing a beautiful blue dress. Money to burn.
Woman-Lighting-Cigar-With-Dollar-Bills   ID#   7542