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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Hispanic couple at the kitchen table paying their bills online.  He is seated and she is leaning on him.  Bills and receipts are on the table along with a cup of coffee and the laptop
Hispanic-couple-at-home-paying-bills   ID#   3973

An ethnic couple at home working on their fiances with a laptop computer. Piles of receipts scattered on the table. The couple is smiling and happy.
Hispanic-couple-paying-bills   ID#   3968

Photo of Pictues of a womans feet. She is standing amid piles of receipts. Home Financial Tax Planning.  Hardwood floor and bare feet.
Hispanic-woman-surrounded-by-receipts   ID#   3967

An hispanic woman is sitting on her hardwood floor surrounded by and organizing piles of receipts. She is working on her personal finance.
Hispanic-woman-surrounded-by-receipts   ID#   3966

Hispanic woman sitting on the floor surrounded by reciepts and paperwork as she works on her personal finances. She is working on her tax preparation.
Hispanic-woman-surrounded-by-receipts   ID#   3965

Latino Man At Home Paying His Bills - He is resting his chin on his hand and examining  an invoice. More invoices scattered around the table.
Hispanic-man-surrounded-by-receipts   ID#   3964

Couple paying bills or doing their personal tax return. Couple is laying on floor with laptop and surrounded by bills and receipts.
Hispanic-couple-preparing-tax-returns   ID#   3963

Technology photo of a man in the future manipulating three dimensional computer interfaces for business applications.
Mixed-Race-businessman-touching-virtual-interactive-display   ID#   3751

Mixed race woman looking at piggy bank she is holding in her hands. The short red haired woman holding the piggy bank almost nose to nose with the pig.  She is wearing a bright red or pink blouse.
Woman-With-Pink-Hair-Pink-Blouse-and-a-Pink-Piggy-Bank   ID#   2223

An Hispanic woman stands in a huge pile of money, fists upraised with more dollars and yells out YES to personal wealth. Show me the money. Lovely ethnic woman with long hair and very happy is wearing a pink blouse.
Show-Me-the-Money!-A-Latino-woman-stands-in-a-huge-pile-of-money-and-raises-her-hands-(clutching-dollars)   ID#   2027

An African American man, in a suit, carries a giant piggy bank (piggybank) on his back indicating big savings, investment and banking. Hilarious stock photo for small business ads.
Funny-Financial-Picture-of-A-Giant-Piggy-Bank-On-An-African-American-Man's-Back   ID#   2008

East Indian woman with a giant piggy bank in her arms in a picture about personal finance and savings. The pretty and attractive young Indian woman has long dark hair and is smiling as she holds the piggybank with both hands.
Ethnic-Woman-Holding-a-Huge-Pink-Piggy-Bank   ID#   1919

Cute young black girl putting her money into a piggy bank learning to save at an early age, and to plan for the future.
Young-African-American-girl-puts-her-coins-into-a-piggy-bank   ID#   1686

Photos of a woman wearing nothing but a barrel, an iconic American symbol for having lost everything right down to the clothes on our back.
Nude-woman-wears-a-barrel   ID#   1646

Pictures of a businessman holding up a magic lantern pouring out Euros. The happy businessman is smiling and looking towards the camera.  He has a smirk on his face.
A-magic-lantern-pouring-out-dollars-is-held-up-by-a-business-man   ID#   1635

Pictures of a business man holding a magic lantern with Euros coming out of the spout. The cross legged man sitting on his desk in a dress shirt and tie is smiling as the money pours out.
Magic-Lantern-With-Money-Spewing-Out-Euros   ID#   1633

A happy smiling and very excited woman is jumping high into the air in front of her mail box presumably because she has received good news.
Eureka!-Woman-Jumping-For-Joy   ID#   1348

Travel stock photo of a mans feet relaxing on the side of a canoe on Inle lake, Myanmar, just after dawn. Pictures of small boats. Boat in calm placid waters. Ad pics.
Relaxing-In-A-Canoe-On-A-Placid-Inle-Lake-Myanmar   ID#   1326

Clouds forming a dollar sign. This cloud image of a giant $ in the sky is great for advertising and editorial use. It depicts money as a lofty thing, or perhaps sky high costs.
Cloud-Scape-#3-Clouds-form-a-Dollar-Sign-showing-the-economics-of-Cloud-Computing-and-Investing-Issues   ID#   1299

A birds nest with a golden egg in the center.  On the golden egg is the image of a US dollar bill. This money pic represents someones retirement funds or nest egg as it used to be known. Great Money Pix.
Nest-Egg-Picture-of-a-Money-Nest-Egg   ID#   1284

Picture of a basket of eggs about to hit the floor illustrating the concept that it is a mistake to have all of your eggs in one basket.
All-Your-Eggs-in-One-BasketAbout-To-Hit-The-Floor   ID#   1278

Picture of an active senior woman in Mongolia standing outside her yellow tent pitched on the Mongolian Steppes. Picture of an active,healthy, senior woman.
Active-Senior-Woman-In-Mongolia   ID#   1189

Two fortune cookies arranged to look like a dollar and the fortunes sticking out are printed with a series of dollar signs. Money pics using food.
Fortune-Cookies-With-Dollar-Signs-Showing-The-Uncertain-Nature-of-Investments   ID#   1181

Picture of a businessman, a CFO, Accountant, or financial manager,  wrapped in adding machine tape in a humrous look at finance issues.
Accountant-wrapped-in-adding-machine-tape   ID#   1118

Picture of dollars flying around a weather vane. The camera is looking up at the weater vane and the sky is filled with swirling money.  Dark purple sky and US dollar bills floating down.
Stock-Photo-Cash-flow-and-Which-Way-the-Wind-Blows-A-Weathervane-Has-A-Dollar-Sign-amid-flying-dollar-bills   ID#   1108

Picture of an exploding piggy bank with coins flying out of a shattering pink pig in a visual about savings and investment.
Exploding-Piggy-bank-with-flying-coins-showing-Successful-Savings-And-Investment-Strategies   ID#   1099

In this stock image about cash flow dollars fly through the office from a hole in the wall. People in the office are watching the money fly by in amazement. Fabulous flying money photos. CEO bonuses.
Business-Cash-Flow-Dollars-flow-through-a-window-in-front-of-gawking-businessmen   ID#   1057

Dollars fly past a business man out of a computer in this concept image about online oppotunity, banking, Success and finance. He turned his computer into a money making machine.
Cash-Flow-Success-Easy-Money-flows-out-of-a-computer-in-front-of-a-happy-businessman   ID#   1056

Picture of a framed dollar bill.  The framed first dollar ever earned is suitable for hanging on the office wall. Money pix.
My-first-dollar-A-framed-dollar-bill-is-hanging-on-a-wall-The-First-Dollar-I-ever-earned   ID#   1055

Stock picture of an African American man pulling in gambling winnings (the pot) with his hands. The pot is full of cash, money, and jewelry.
Raking-It-In-High-Stakes-Money-Pot-a-man-happily-rakes-in-the-Jackpot-at-a-gambling-table   ID#   1054

A business man uses a dollar bill for a megaphone to shout out his message. Illustrates the concept money talks.  Money is power. Money gets the message out.
Money-Talks-A-man-yells-through-a-megaphone-fashioned-out-of-Money   ID#   1053

Picture of an African American man skydiving using a dollar for a parachute. Businesman CEO using his golden parachute. Job benefits and security. Stock money photos.
CEO-Executive-Retires-Using-His-Golden-Parachute-as-he-floats-down-beneath-a-giant-dollar-bill   ID#   1051

An African American Man next to a framed picture of first dollar earned. Pride in his success the man is posing with his hands on his hips and a satisfied look.
My-First-Business-Dollar-A-Small-business-owner-stands-proudly-next-to-the-framed-first-dollar-he-ever-earned   ID#   1050

Picture of Santa with a bag of money. Santa's head is cropped out and the big red bag of cash is sitting on the ground next to his big black boots.
Santa-With-a-Big-Red-Bag-of-Money-Tis-the-season-for-giving-and-what-better-gift-than-Cash?   ID#   1049

An Hispanic Business Woman Standing Beside a Framed Dollar. She had the first dollar she ever earned framed and hung on her wall.
First-Dollar-Earned-A-Woman-small-business-owner-stands-next-to-a-framed-dollar   ID#   1047

Stock photo of multiple hands stretching a dollar bill. The dollar is being stretched in several directions at once. Represents tight budgets, cost cutting, penny pinching and other concepts.
Stretching-Your-Dollars-Mutliple-hands-stretch-a-dollar-in-various-directions-all-at-once-Not-enough-money-to-go-around   ID#   1046

Stock picture of a woman watering a dollar bill being grown in a pot. It's a large metal sliver colored watering can and she is happy and smiling as she nurtures her investments.
Growing-Your-Investments-A-Woman-waters-a-dollar-bill-growing-out-of-a-pot-nurturing-her-investments   ID#   1045

Picture of hands over a crystal ball with money visible inside the ball. Foretelling the financial future. Commocdities, stocks, bonds, derivatives, and other concepts apply.
Forcasting-Cash-Flow-With-Crystal-Ball-A-pair-of-hands-surround-a-crystal-ball-revealing-a-dollar-bill-inside   ID#   1044

Picture of an ethnic woman with a crystal ball and money floating inside as she tells the fortune of investment strategies.
Ethnic-Business-Woman-Forecasting-Financial-Investments-With-a-Crystal-Ball-With-Money-Visible-Inside   ID#   1043

Picture of a woman plucking dollars off of a money tree, the mythical and ubiquitous symbol of easy money. She has a bundle of money clutched against her chest with her left hand.
Money-Tree-With-A-Woman-Plucking-Dollars-From-the-Limbs-Money-Doesn't-Grow-On-Trees!   ID#   1040