john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Picture of a woman in an office who is overwhemed by all the urgent tasks being pressed upon her by surrounding people.
Over-Worked-Overwhelmed-And-Under-Appreciated   ID#   7070

This retirement investment picture of a senior woman falling through the sky holding an inverted umbrella is about losing your retirement savings and investments.
Retirement-Investment   ID#   7041

Photo of a Sumo wrestler engaged in a tug of war with a businessman in an office of cubicles: A funny stock picture of a Sumo Wrestler.
Sumo-Wrestler-Vs-Businessman   ID#   7030

Photo of an angry mob of people carrying torches, ax handles, and pitchforks as they scream, yell and shake their fists with rage.
Angry-Mob-At-Night-By-Torch-Light   ID#   7027

Picture of underwater explosive mines illustrating hidden dangers, risks and adversity.
Underwater-Explosive-Mines   ID#   7017

In this funny stock photo a woman at work is holding a tiger by the tail, and it isn't easy! She is using all her strength to hold on to that tiger!
Tiger-By-The-Tail   ID#   6941

Hilarious photo of a woman about to grapple (wrestle) with an alligator in an office at work. Picture of a woman wrestling alligators.
Woman-Wrestling-Crocodile-In-An-Office   ID#   6940

Photo of a tiger in an office wearing a saddle illustrating the phrase
Tiger-Wearing-A-Saddle-Ride-The-Tiger   ID#   6928

Picture of an Asian woman riding a leaping and snarling tiger in a business environment in a dramatic stock photo about the challenges of business in the Internet age.
Riding-A-Tiger-A-Businesswoman-Rides-A-Tiger-In-The-Office   ID#   6922

In this picture a business executive has his head in a crocodile's mouth symbolizing his scary interactions with his boss. Picture of a man with his head in a crocodile's mouth.
Businessman-With-His-Head-In-A-Crocodile's-Mouth   ID#   6921

Photo of screaming and frightened business people on a plunging roller coaster in a humorous look at the ups and downs of business.
Business-Roller-Coaster   ID#   6899

Funny picture of five angry cats looking mean while standing in front of a fence. These are bad cats, not cool cats, in a stock photo. Mad cat pics for ads.
Angry-Cats-Five-Bad-Cats-With-Angry-Expressions   ID#   6485

Picture of a couple having coffee at an outdoor cafe in Argentina.  Latina couple in love and sitting at an outdoor cafe having a romantic get together over coffee. Ad pics.
Couple-In-Love-in-Argentina   ID#   6384

An African American man holds his hand out in pain; pain indicated by a red glow whether arthritis, strained muscles or inflamation.
Hand-Pain-A-Red-Glow-Shows-The-Pain-In-A-Man's-Hand   ID#   6174

Super Slow motion HD video of a piggy bank exploding in a shower of coins and ceramic chunks and illustrating the risks, dangers, and even rewards of smart investment strategies.
Exploding-Piggy-Bank-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   5591

A tightrope stretches over a pond filled with snapping crocodiles, with a businessman's feet seen traversing the rope in a picture showing adversity.
Tightrope-Walk-Over-Hungry-Crocodiles   ID#   5522

Funny picture of crocodiles snapping  illustrating business risk.
Snapping-Crocodiles-Risky-Business   ID#   5521

An Hispanic businessman juggles six light bulbs one of which is an environmentally friendly CFL bulb as he thinks up new green ideas.
New-Ideas-For-Going-Green   ID#   5507

A scowling lion looks down angrily at a cowering bulldog on a grassy expanse in a lol funny animal picture.
Funny-Angry-Lion-Intimidating-A-Worried-Bulldog   ID#   5383

A majestic lion stands on top of a jagged cliff, with a backdrop of storm clouds, and Gazes into the distance, seeking.
A-Lion-Stands-Atop-A-Cliff-Gazing-Into-the-Distance   ID#   5325

Funny image of a bulldog arm wrestling a man. As they grapple They stare fiercely into each other's eyes in a psyche war.
Funny-Dog-Photo-Bulldog-Vrs-Man-in-Armwrestling   ID#   5097

Picture of female strack star running the high hurdles. She is in the air clearing a hurdle. Legs and torso only.  High hurdles pic.
Female-track-athlete-clearing-a-hurdle   ID#   5033

A Latino family including the father, mother, son and daughter, are walking on a tightrope illustrating the challenges facing modern families.
Family-Walking-On-A-Tightrope   ID#   5025

Black female track and field athlete is in the starting blocks and ready for the starting shot to begin the race. Black athlete photo.
Female-track-athlete-poised-at-starting-line   ID#   4986

A bulldog stands face to face in a standoff with an angry cat (not giving an inch)  in a funny animal antics picture.
Funny-Bulldog-face-to-face-With-An-Angry-Cat   ID#   4910

A donkey and elephant go head-to-head symbolizing democrats and republicans in this lol funny political photograph.
Donkey-and-Elephant-LOL-Funny-Political-Photo   ID#   4764

Two elephants square off in a battle for dominance inside a Sumo ring in this funny lol Pachyderm photo.
Elephant-Photos-Funny-LOL-Pictures-of-Two-Elephanst-Sumo-Wrestling   ID#   4676

Photo of a businessman in an upscale and modern office charming a Cobra snake out of his computer monitor.
Businessman-Charming-A-Cobra-(Snake)   ID#   4329

An Indian snake charmer practices his craft in front of the India Gate with a flute and a Cobra. Snake Charmers and snakes in India.
Indian-Snake-Charmer-at-the-India-Gate-with-a-musical-instrument-and-a-Cobra   ID#   4328

A huge rogue tidal wave, a tsunami, sweeps up behind an unsuspecting businessman standing on a rock in the water.
A-tidal-wave-a-Rogue-wave-of-change-about-to-sweep-over-an-unaware-businessman   ID#   3868

Photo of a soccer player heading a ball in a multi-ethnic soccer game.
Multi-ethnic-men-playing-soccer   ID#   3648

An African American man, in a tattered business suit, crawls through the dessert. crawling through the desert pic.
Picture-of-a-man-crawling-thorugh-the-desert   ID#   3554

Slow Motion Video of a woman's butt snapped by a towel and rippling in waves from the impact. Her flesh ripples in slow motion.
Womans-butt-snapped-by-a-towel   ID#   3544

Against a black background, an energy saving CFL bulb is caught in mid-explosion in this photo about energy efficiency.
Flourescent-Energy-Saving-Bulb-Exploding   ID#   3348

A mixed race businessman stands surrounded by a multitude of hands reaching out to him in need in an image of being overwhelmed.
Everybody-Wants-Something-From-This-Beleagured-Businessman   ID#   3078

A Glass of red wine falls to the floor and shatters in a cloud of broken glass and red wine in this slow motion stock video
Wine-Glass-Breaking-On-Floor-Video-Clip   ID#   2618

Picture of a patient laying in bed in a recovery room in a body cast, traction and with his head bandaged. Iconic photo of a full body cast.
Picture-Of-A-Patient-In-Traction-In-A-Recovery-Room   ID#   2155

Texting a message on a cell phone is what one of these trapeze artists is doing, and failing to catch his partner as well!
Texting-During-Flying-Trapeze   ID#   2150

A cyclist strains as he attempts to ride a bicycle with square tires in a business, concept and lifestyle stock photo. Funny picture of a cyclist riding a bike with square tires. He has on a red shirt and dark shorts. He is wearing a safety helmet.
Cyclist-With-Square-Tires-on-his-Bike-Work-Smarter-Not-Harder   ID#   2132

A woman pushes a cake into a man's face in this humorous concept stock picture illustrating relationship issues; a twist on
Pie-In-The-Face-As-Part-Of-A-Domestic-Dispute   ID#   2081