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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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In the early morning, in the kitchen, A woman uses a laptop to check the internet while her partner reads the newspaper. The woman is using the laptop on the kitchen counter. A glass of orange juice sits nearby. The man is wearing a white t-shirt.
Couple-Reading-The-Paper-And-Checking-The-Internet-In-The-Morning   ID#   2115

A man, wearing an apron over his suit and oven mitts on his hands, takes dinner out of the oven in his kitchen
Man-In-A-Suit-Taking-Dinner-Out-Of-The-Oven   ID#   2114

A man is holding a roasted chicken with oven mitts and he is wearing an apron. Funny picture of a man in a business suit, apron, and oven mitts holding up a casserole dish with chicken and vegetables.
A-Man-Holds-Up-A-Dish-Of-Roasted-Chicken   ID#   2113

A businessman stands at the bottom of an up escalator and looks at his watch. The man is wearing a gray suit, and he is the only one on the escalators.
Man-Riding-the-Up-Escalator-and-Checking-His-Watch   ID#   2110

Picture of a Cat Dominatrix on a red background with a caption: Crack That Whip! Silly. This fearless feline is dressed in tall leather boots, a leather corset and a black bull whip. Crack that whip!
Cat-Dominatrix-on-Red   ID#   2106

A Dragon, Breathing out fire, stands before a ancient castle in this fantasy image for use on gifts and merchandise. A truly scary medival fire breathing monster of a dragon with a castle in the distant background.
Fire-Breathing-Dragon-Outside-A-Mideval-Castle   ID#   2105

A Dragon flies above light puffy clouds in this fantasy image. The dragons wings are gray and it's awesome body is green. Scary image of a fire breathing beast.
Dragon-Flying-At-High-Altitude-Over-Clouds-And-Blue-Sky   ID#   2103

Two tracks of flames lead down a long road at dusk symbolizing the passing of something at a high rate of speed.
Flaming-Tire-Tracks-On-a-Long-Straight-Road   ID#   2090

Two hands are held up cropping the night sky symbolizing discovery, the future, imagination, possibilitiy and adventure
Hands-Cropping-The-Night-Sky-Showing-Imagination-and-Possibilities   ID#   2089

A man stares ahead in deep pondering while above him the cloud formation takes on the look of thought bubbles. The Sky is deep blue and clear except for a few puffy cloud bubbles leading in a trail from his head.
Man-With-Thought-Bubbles-Clouds-Above-Him   ID#   2088

A long lonely road stretches into the distance and into a sunrise in this concept stock picture showing the way forward
Sunrise-Road-Stretching-Into-The-Way-Forward   ID#   2087

A pair of hands hold out a dousing rod over desert sand dunes in this concept stock photo about searching. Sand stretching as far as the eye can see. The person doing the dousing has a red sleeved shirt on.
Searching-With-A-Dousing-Rod-Across-The-Desert-Sands   ID#   2086

Two beer mugs are clanked together producing a huge splash of beer showing dramatic celebration in a toast to success
Splashing-Beer-Toast-and-Celebration-Rolicking-Bigger-Than-Life-   ID#   2085

A businessman holds up a phone with streaks of colored light representing data flowing towards or away from the phone
Wireless-Communications-With-A-Cell-Phone   ID#   2084

Five ballerinas jump, but only one is wearing red dance slippers and stands out from the crowd in this photo. Five sets of feet well up off the hardwood floor with toes pointed down.
Red-Dance-Slippers-Standing-Out-From-the-Ballerina-Crowd   ID#   2083

A pair of hands bring two champagne glasses together in a toast that brings the champagne splashing high out of the glasses
Champagne-Toasting-Splash-Outrageous-Success   ID#   2082

A woman pushes a cake into a man's face in this humorous concept stock picture illustrating relationship issues; a twist on
Pie-In-The-Face-As-Part-Of-A-Domestic-Dispute   ID#   2081

A woman, arms outstretched, runs in freedom across desert sands in this concept stock photo. The sand dunes reach off into the horizon and the sky is blue with a few fluffy clouds. The woman has an orange dress on.
A-Woman-Runs-Free-Across-Desert-Sands-   ID#   2080

A woman wearing a flowing purple dress, runs free through a field of yellow daisies expressing her wild and natural side
Woman-Running-Free-Through-Field-of-Flowers   ID#   2079

A woman in a purple dress soars through a sunset sky illustrating freedom, possibilities and fantasy. Picture of a woman falling from the sky with a purple dress on. Flying people picture.
Woman-Flying-Through-or-Falling-From-A-Sunset-Sky   ID#   2078

Businessman is trapped in the upper section of an hourglass as the sand (time) runs out into the lower chamber. Picture of hour glass.
Man-Trapped-In-An-Hourglass-As-The-Sand-Drains-Away-Time-is-money   ID#   2076

Picture of Energy Research and Development. A woman scientist holds up a beaker with a controlled explosion (cold fusion?) inside indicating experimental renewable energy sources. Energy research pics.
Female-Scientist-Holding-Up-a-Flask-Renewable-Energy-Research-In-A-Lab-   ID#   2074

A woman's feet are seen surrounded by piles of receipts as she budgets and plans for her expenses and taxes
Home-Budgeting-And-Financial-Planning   ID#   2073

An Hispanic couple lays on their living room floor with thier receipts spread out and use a laptop to manage their finances. Picture of people paying bills.
Hispanic-Couple-Paying-Their-Bills-Online   ID#   2072

Scientist holding a test tube baby and looking at it lovingly. Lab technician is inspecting a test tube with a tiny baby inside. The researcher is a woman with glasses,long brown hair, and wearing a white lab coat.
Test-Tube-Baby-Held-By-A-Research-Scientist   ID#   2069

A rock singer on stage amid a smoky haze and colored lights, reaches out to his adoring audience as he sings
A-Rock-Star-Reaching-Out-To-His-Appreciative-Audience   ID#   2068

A male rock singer leaps high on stage during a rock concert with an enthusiastic gyrating crowd in the foreground
A-Rock-Start-Leaps-High-On-Stage-During-A-Concert   ID#   2066

A woman singer peforms at a rock concert on stage with a crowd of concert goers in the foreground. The stage is illuminated with bright muli-colored lights.
Woman-Rock-Singer-Performing-On-Stage   ID#   2062

A dairy cow, on white, shot from a rear view showing off her large udder which needs milking. Funny photos of dairy cows.
Milk-This-Picture-of-A-Holstein-Dairy-Cow-   ID#   2059

A man and a woman each pull on opposite end of a piggy bank stretching their savings in a stock photo about personal finance, budgeting,debts, loans, bills, savings and similar money related topics.
Couple-Stretching-a-Piggy-Bank-Symbolizing-making-your-money-go-further-or-conflict-over-money   ID#   2057

A woman executive in an office setting holds out her hand with stacked timepieces as she balances her time. The woman is balancing on her hand a couple of alarm clocks, a stop watch, an hour glass, and a wall clock.
A-Woman-Executive-Balances-Time   ID#   2056

A man is hanging from the end of his rope, and the end is on fire!  Dosen't get much worse than this! Photo of a man at the end of his rope.
Man-At-The-End-Of-His-Burning-Rope   ID#   2055

A businessman is seen plunging over a waterfall in a barrel in a concept stock photo about risk, adversity and adventure. Picture of  a crazy stunt.
Business-Man-Going-Over-A-Waterfall-In-A-Barrel   ID#   2054

Picture of a businessman in his office gazing at a snowglobe and dreaming about a tropical vacation. An African American executive sits in his offices and gazes into a snowglobe of a tropical beach scene in this stock picture.
Executive-Dreaming-Of-A-Tropical-Vacation-And-Relaxation   ID#   2053

Dust cloud with arms, fists and legs sticking out as executives engage in a cartoon like fight. Businessmen fighting pics. The men who are fighting are in front of a stainless steel wall of elevators.
Businessmen-Fighting-Negotiations-Gone-Bad   ID#   2052

A ballerina holds up a male ballet dancer in this funny stock photo demonstrating role reversal and the unexpected. Unusual ballerina pics.
Ballet-Dancers-Role-Reversal   ID#   2051

Funny picture of clever pets teaming up to pilfer a cake from the refrigerator in this funny pet and animal photograph. Pictures of animal teamwork.
Taking-The-Cake-A-Case-of-Pet-Teamwork-And-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   2050

A cuddley cute Cat lays in bed having breakfast on a tray in this funny animal and pet picture - An animal antics picture.
Breakfast-In-Bed-For-Mothers-Day-Cat-with-a-cup-of-tea-in-her-hand-and-a-tray-in-front-of-her   ID#   2049

A man and a woman roll out a red carpet to illustrate the concept of service in this humorous picture. The background is white and the carpet is huge.
Rolling-Out-The-Red-Carpet-At-Your-Service   ID#   2046

lol pet picture of a mouse standing in the shadow of a cat and timidly holding out a small, gift wrapped present.
Mouse-Gift-A-cute-mouse-holds-out-a-gift-while-standing-in-a-cat's-shadow-in-this-lol-mouse-picture   ID#   2045