john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Two business woman are eating healthy salads in a business environment. The women are looking at each other and chatting about work or something else.
Two-Women-Eating-Healthy-Food-At-The-Office   ID#   1972

An African American Woman and a Chinese American man are seated together on a commuter train.The man and woman are smiling and happy chatting on their way to work.
Ethnic-Couple-Seated-On-The-Train   ID#   1965

A Chinese American Businessman sits in a commuter train and watches the scenery fly by as he travels to work in comfort. The man is wearing a business suit and leaning his arm on the window.
Businessman-Commuting-To-Work-on-a-Train   ID#   1963

An African American woman and a Chinese American man seated on a Rapid Transit Car look happily towards the viewer. She is in a fur lined coat and he is in a smart looking suit.
Ethnic-Couple-On-Rapid-Transit-Train   ID#   1959

Tight crop lifestyle portrait photograph of a beautiful happy smiling African American woman. White fur collar around her neck.
Portrait-of-A-Beautiful-African-Amercian-Woman-with-Freckles   ID#   1958

Lifestyle photo of an African American couple making breakfast together in their kitchen. They are happy and smiling and he is using a food processor to make orange juice drinks.
A-Couple-Preparing-Breakfast-Together   ID#   1956

An African American artist smiles happily at the camera in the middle of her art studio and pausing from painting. She has a paint brush in one hand and the other hand is on her hip. She is wearing a pink blouse.
Artist-Happily-Painting-in-Her-Art-Studio   ID#   1947

An African American woman painting on a canvas at an easel in her art studio. The woman has a short Afro type hair style, is wearing a pink blouse, and has open paints on the desk in front of her.
Woman-Artist-in-an-Art-Studio-Painting-With-Easel-and-Canvas   ID#   1945

Lifestyle photos of an African American woman standing in front of an easel and painting in her art studio being creative.
Woman-Artist-Painting-Creatively-At-an-Easel   ID#   1944

Lifestyle photos of an ethnic woman in her garage, about to engage in do it yourself projects around her home. The woman looks happy and confident in her abilities.  She is wearing a purple shirt and a tool belt.
Black-Woman-Ready-to-Begin-Home-Improvement-Projects   ID#   1943

A man and woman stand together in their garage before starting a home improvement project. This African American couple enjoy DIYS projects! Behind the couple on the wall is a classic pegboard with tools of all sorts hanging from the pegs.
Couple-Working-in-Their-Garage   ID#   1942

An Hispanic man and woman lay in the grass together near the woods. He is wearing a blue coat and she is wearing a red one. Behind them in the background you can see the trees of the forest.
Romantic-Couple-Outdoors-Laying-In-Thick-Grass   ID#   1939

An Hispanic couple lay happily together in the wild grasses outdoors. Lush green grass with a forest of trees in the background makes a romantic location for a photo of Mexican or Latino couple.
A-Couple-Laying-Happy-Together-Outdoors   ID#   1938

In the foreground a man reads the newspaper while in the background a woman works at a laptop computer. The man is a handsome Latino man holding a newspaper in front of him as he reads it.
Hispanic-Man-Reading-the-Paper-and-His-Partner-at-the-Computer   ID#   1937

Lifestyle photo of an Hispanic woman whispering in a man's ear. Very attractive, beautiful, Latina woman cheek to cheek with the man she is whispering too.
Woman-Whispering-a-Secret-In-a-Man's-Ear   ID#   1936

Portrait of an African American woman corporate executive. Successful lack businesswoman with confidence and attractive too.  She is wearing a gray business suit and she is smiling at the camera.
Executive-Portrait-of-an-African-American-Woman   ID#   1933

Pics of an African American woman stretching her arms out. The black model is laughing and halfway turned toward the camera. She is wearing a scarf and a hat.
Woman-with-outstretched-arms   ID#   1913

Photos of friends driving a convertible car along a country road with speed and motion blur
Picture-of-three-friends-speeding-down-a-tree-lined-road-in-a-convertible-car   ID#   1860

Photos of a couple speeding down a country road in a silver Jaguar convertible with the top down. Trees and shrubbery are just a blur as the car speeds down the road. Male passenger is working on his computer.
A-couple-in-a-convertible-speed-down-a-tree-lined-country-road   ID#   1858

A convertible driven by a successful Hispanic woman down a scenic road with a male friend who is on his cell phone in a Jaguar XKR convertible.
Woman-driving-a-convertible-down-a-country   ID#   1857

Photos of a couple in a convertible driving down a tree lined road. Picture taken from the rear looking forward.
Hispanic-couple-speeding-down-a-road-in-a-convertible-car   ID#   1856

Photos of two women riding in a convertible as it speeds down a tree lined road. The top is down on the car and the road and surroundings are blurred from the speed.
Two-women-on-a-road-trip-in-a-convertible   ID#   1855

Photos of a happy and affectionate upscale hispanic couple shot outdoors with out of focus trees providing a pleasing background.
Outdoor-portrait-of-a-happy-couple-with-their-heads-together   ID#   1854

Photos of a man giving a woman a piggy back ride at sunset on the beach. The pair are happy and smiling and having loads of fun.
Man-giving-a-woman-a-piggy-back-ride-on-the-beach-at-sunset   ID#   1839

An African American man gives a piggy back ride to an Asian woman as they enjoy the sunset at the beach. A happy interracial couple in love and enjoying a beautiful sunset.
Interracial-Couple-On-the-Beach-at-Sunset   ID#   1826

Picture of a woman eating Chinese take-out noodles. She is making a funny face at the camera and is holding chopsticks with an enormous glob of noodles on them.
African-American-woman-eating-chinese-take-out-noodles-with-chopsticks   ID#   1775

Business  photo of an angelic businessman leaning against his desk with his arms crossed in front of him looking at the camera.  The man is wearing slacks, a dress shirt, and a black necktie.
Angelic-Business-Man-With-Halo   ID#   1586

Picture of a woman gymnast sticking her landing from the uneven parallel bars, and thrusting her arms in the air in triumph and victory.
Gymnast-Finish-A-young-girl-gymnast-sticks-a-landing-and-raises-her-arms-in-triumph   ID#   1576

An audience member charges the stage climbing over her fellow theater goers in a humorous stock photo. The other members of the audience are not happy about this development.
Woman-Climbs-Over-Audience-Members-In-Her-Quest-To-Reach-The-Stage   ID#   1561

Pictures of men dancing the can can on stage in business suits. The background is a dark maroon stage curtain. The men are wearing business suits and their arms are interlocked.
Can-Can-Business-Men   ID#   1556

Picture of businessmen performing a song and dance routine on stage in a parody of business presentations. A chorus line of businessmen performing on stage. The men are dancing.
Businessmen-Perform-a-Song-and-Dance-on-Stage   ID#   1554

Pictures of two ballerinas on a staircase wearing TuTus as they prepare to visit with admiring fans. The young women are gracefully descending the staircase as one would expect ballerinas to do.
Ballerinas-Descend-a-Curving-Staircase-In-a-Theater   ID#   1552

Pictures of an audience applauding in a balcony; a standing ovation indicates a stellar performance in this classic theater. Enthusiastic audience on their feet clapping their hands and applauding loud and long.
Applauding-Audience-Standing-Ovation-   ID#   1551

Funny pictures of a theater crowd or audience wearing nothing but their underwear from the speaker or entertainer's point of view in a humorous picture.
Picture-them-(the-audience)-in-their-underwear   ID#   1550

Photo of Man being passed in mosh pit in a disco club in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Huge crowd of people dancing on the dance floor. Multi-colored lighting.
Mosh-Pit-Pass   ID#   1520

Picture of a couple kissing in a disco with friends looking on. Colored lighting with a redish glow. Two young women and two young men clubbing.
Disco-Kiss   ID#   1519

Picture of young people in a nightclub. Two couples are sitting around a table in a disco club having some brews and having a good time with each other.  Attractive young people partying hard.
Two-Couples-In-Nightclub-   ID#   1518

Pictures of young people in a disco bar in Buenos Aires, Argentina having a great time dancing and toasting and partying in general.
Friends-Partying-At-A-Disco-Bar   ID#   1517

Pictures of a crowd dancing in a disco nightclub in Argentina. Wild crazy lighting, reds, purples, blues, strobe lights, and mirror balls.
Disco-Club-Dancing   ID#   1516

Picture of a contented holstein dairy cow standing in a pasture under a blue sky with a trace of clouds: Her spots form a happy face.
Contented-Cow-A-Holstein-Cow-Stands-In-A-Green-Pasture-With-Her-Spots-Forming-A-Happy-Face   ID#   1513