john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Pictures of a woman Atlas rising up through the clouds and holding the earth on her shoulders in a blue monochromatic stock photo.
Powerful-Woman-A-Fit-and-Muscular-Woman-Holds-The-Earth-On-Her-Shoulders   ID#   1610

Pictures of a truck on the edge of a cliff in the Himalayas of India. This is in Kashmir on the road to Kardung La, The highest motorable mountain pass in the world.
Perilous-Turn-A-Truck-Negotiates-A-Treacherous-Turn-On-A-Himalayan-Road   ID#   1608

Pictures of a woman pregnant with the earth in her womb and a vivid red sunset behind in an image about rebirth and renewal.
Mother-Earth-A-Pregnant-Woman-With-An-Image-Of-The-Earth-In-Her-Womb   ID#   1594

Picture of a eco superhero with a man ripping open his shirt to reveal a spandex costume with a recycling symbol on his chest.
Recycle-Man-A-Man-Tears-Open-His-Shirt-Revealing-His-Recycling-Symbol   ID#   1572

Picture of a water spigot dripping out its last drop of currency. Represents cash flow, tight budgets, money problems and more. The end of the faucet is tied in a knot cutting off the cash flow.
Money-Dripping-Out-of-a-Faucet-With-a-Knot-In-It   ID#   1503

Gasoline pumps photographed for use in advertising, editorial and promotion for fuel issues, gas and conservation. Two gas nozzles are in the picture, one is read and one is yellow.
Gas-Pumps-Picture-Illustrating-Issues-Around-Renewable-Resoruces-and-Fuel-Conservation   ID#   1474

Photo of a typical home wall plug overloaded with numerous extension and power cords, creating a fire hazard and danger of blowing a circuit or fuse.
Overloaded-household-wall-Outlet-Picture-of-A-Fire-And-Safety-Hazzard   ID#   1466

Picture of fledglings in a nest. Sepia treatment with blurred background.
Nest-with-baby-birds-in-it   ID#   1450

Pictures of  dandelion seeds blowing in the wind on a warm spring day spreading wishes across the countryside. Dandelions symbolize wishes coming true.
Dandelion-Seeds-Blowing-In-The-Wind-Making-Wishes-Come-True   ID#   1432

Pictures of  wind power; a windmill in a storm. Picture of an old fashioned windmill used for pumping water dark against storm clouds.
Windmill-in-a-Storm   ID#   1431

Picture of a leafy vine growing out of the big bottom right-hand desk drawer. A black wire frame waste basket sits to the right of the office plant.
Green-Plant-Growing-Out-of-Desk-Drawer   ID#   1423

Picture of a pair of cupped hands holding a plant seedling over some dry cracked earth that looks like the water in a lake dried up leaving dry cracked mud.
Pair-of-Hands-Holding-Seedling-Over-Dry-Cracked-Earth   ID#   1412

Picture of a destroyed earth as seen from outer space; a visualization of global warming, pollution and environmental disaster.
Ecological-Disaster-Cracked-Earth-From-Space   ID#   1411

Picture of hands holding water over dry cracked earth. Dried mud rife with big cracks left when the water all dried up.
Hands-With-Water-in-the-Desert   ID#   1410

Photo of a beach awash with trash, garbage and debris at a spa on the coast of India illustrating the building environmental disaster occuring in the world's oceans.
Beach-Trash-at-a-Resort-in-India   ID#   1368

Two men are getting ready to launch their small boat at sunrise on the beach near Cochin India. The men aim to catch fish with their nets.
Fishing-At-Sunrise-Cochin   ID#   1367

Fishermen throwing nets off the coast of Cochin, India at sunset with the sun hanging low in the sky. A scenic image from India.
Fishermen-Fishing-In-Kerala   ID#   1363

Man with a big idea and creative epiphany symbolized by a light bulb over his head. The black man is seated at a desk with a computer in front of him and a lighted light bulb over his head.
African-American-Man-with-Light-Bulb-Glowing-Over-His-Head   ID#   1356

A full frame of gorgeous basil leaves clean and green. Basil is often referred to as the
Beautiful-Basil-Leaves   ID#   1336

Close up picture of basil leaves. Bright green leaves of basil which is used for cooking with all kinds of food. Pizza, pasta, Asian cooking, Italian cooking etc.
Basil-Leaves   ID#   1335

An unused gangway or jetway representing missed connections, missed opportunities and being left behind.
Unused-Airport-Gangway-or-Jetway   ID#   1322

Picture of a breaching whale breaking through the surface of the ocean in dramatic fashion. The whale is breaching off the coast of Maui.
Humpback-Whale-Breaching   ID#   1274

Hand and fingers are holding an acorn before an Oak tree in a metaphor for growth, new beginnings and potential and possibility.
Growth-Hand-Holding-An-Acorn-Before-An-Oak-Tree   ID#   1271

A lone man in a vast expanse of shallow water. Far off in the distance are a line of mountains and the sky is deep blue.
Man-Wading-In-Shallow-Water-Bonneville-Salt-Flats   ID#   1255

Stock photo of Chinese farmers working in a field with various patches of crops around them and some magnificent looking mountains in the distance.
Chinese-Farmers-Working-Their-Fields   ID#   1244

Picture of dense traffic Jams in Beijing, China. Green lights overhead lose their meaning when traffic builds to a stand still.
Beijing-Traffic-Traffic-Jams-And-Congestion-In-China   ID#   1237

Picture of wood carriers in rural China - stock photo of adventure travel
Wood-Carriers-Rural-China   ID#   1235

Chinese farmer ploughs his land with a water buffalo as a heavy mist covers the dramatic landscape beyond.
China-Landscape-#1   ID#   1232

Picture of rice paddies in China on terraced hillsides.
Rice-Paddies-China   ID#   1231

Beautiful picture of a Mongolian landscape at sunset. The glowing red clouds are reflected in the stream flowing through the scene.
Mongolian-Landscape-   ID#   1187

Gas nozzle to illustrate themes around energy, fuel, petrol and environmental issues. Black and blue colored gas nozzle filling the frame with a cloudy blue sky as the backdrop.
Gas-Nozzle-and-Drip-of-Gasoline   ID#   1180

A man holds a gas pump with a single drop of gas dripping from the end of the nozzle demonstrating fuel scarcity.
Gas-Pump-Drip-Conservation-And-Fuel-Issues   ID#   1166

Picture of a distant rain storm hovering over the vast expanse of dry, cracked earth of a parched and desolate dessert.
Storm-over-dry-cracked-earth   ID#   1162

Picture of a lighthouse surrounded by dry cracked land and dry cracked earth,  illustrating ecology issues, global warming and conservation
Dry-Light-House-A-lighthouse-stands-in-a-vast-expanse-of-dry-cracked-earth   ID#   1075

Stock photo of the planet Earth headed down the drain dealing with the environment, ecological issues and science applications.
Earth-going-down-the-drain-in-a-whirlpool   ID#   1024

Stock photo of Global warming: a dry cracked desert with a solitary cloud dropping rain onto the parched earth in the distance.
Drought-Relief-from-drought-and-global-warming-hope-in-the-form-of-a-rain-cloud-raining-on-the-dry-earth   ID#   909

Stock photo of a vast expanse of dry cracked earth showing Global Warming, Ecological Issues and Environmental challenges.
Cracked-Earth-A-Vast-Expanse-of-Dry-Cracked-Earth-in-an-image-about-Ecologiical-Issues-and-Environmental-Concerns   ID#   905

A windmill is silhouetted against a gorgeous sunrise show the dawn of a new age of windpower and renewable energy sources. Picture of an old windmill. A wind energy photo.
Windmill-An-old-ranch-style-windmill-is-silhouetted-against-a-beautiful-cloudy-sunrise   ID#   889

Stock Photo looking up at high tension power lines silhouetted against the sun in a symbol of energy, resources and power. Picture of power lines.
Power-Tower-High-Power-Electric-Lines-and-Twoer-silhouetted-against-the-sun-showing-energy   ID#   882

Picture of a sail boat stranded on dry cracked earth, run aground by some ecological disaster of drought and water scarcity. Picture of a dried up lakebed. Picture of a sailboat stranded on land.
Stranded-Sail-Boat-on-a-endless-plain-of-cracked-dry-desert-earth   ID#   826