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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A voting machine is pictured against a montage of the American Flag and a sunrise in an image illustrating the patriotic nature of voting participation.
Patriotic-Voting-Machine-With-Flag-At-Sunrise   ID#   7132

Behind frosted glass two business people give each other a high five in a photograph about success, team work, and celebration.
High-Five-In-The-Office-At-Work   ID#   7120

In this picture the human brain is in creative action surrounded by waves and vortexes of energy and thoughts illustrating science, neuro research and creativity.
The-Human-Brain-and-Creativity-In-Action   ID#   7099

A woman throws, or smashes, a pie into the face of a businessman in this super slow motion video shot at 1000 framers per second with a Phantom HD camera.
Pie-In-The-Face-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   7085

Photo of an angry mob of people carrying torches, ax handles, and pitchforks as they scream, yell and shake their fists with rage.
Angry-Mob-At-Night-By-Torch-Light   ID#   7027

A mother and her daughter are nose-to-nose in a bath tube full of bubbles in a touching picture of motherhood and child rearing.
Mother-And-Daughter-Taking-A-Bubble-Bath-Together   ID#   6419

A father, mother and two children sit out on a tree limb in a photograph that symbolizes family risk, danger and adversity including economic and financial difficulties.
Family-Out-On-A-Limb-Facing-Danger-And-Problems   ID#   6415

A portrait of an Orange Tabby with an angry expression that looks like he is talking trash, or chewing us out, tough guy that he is!
Angry-and-Pissed-Off-Orange-Tabby-Cat   ID#   6108

A bank executive, wearing a horrified expression, stands in an empty bank vault in a stock photo dealing with financial challenges.
Bank-Executive-In-An-Empty-Bank-Vault   ID#   5645

A mad cow, with eyes bulging, stares angrily into the camera in this funny Holstein milk cow photo. The cow is looking directly at the camera. You can almost see the smoke coming from its ears.
Picture-of-a-Mad-Cow   ID#   5598

A bunny, a dog (Whippet) and a cat (Orange Tabby) all stare together at the camera with funny, happy expressions.
Dog-Cat-and-Bunny-With-Happy-Expressions   ID#   5538

A boxer is seen embracing and kissing an orange tabby cat with a heart shaped box of chocolates on the floor.
Boxer-Love-A-Boxer-Kisses-A-Cat-On-Valentine's-Day-Funny-Valentine's-Day-Greeting-Card   ID#   5265

Woman is tied up and is lying across the railroad tracks as a train speeds towards her.
Damsel-In-Distress-A-Woman-Lies-Tied-Up-On-The-Railroad-Tracks-As-A-Speeding-Locomotive-Approaches   ID#   5177

Funny picture of a Bloodhound wearing a birthday hat, holding a birthday cake with candles and standing in a pile of gifts.
Funny-Bloodhound-Birthday-Picture   ID#   5124

A proud mother says goodbye to her son who is heading off to war.  Mother sending her son off to war.  Miltary mother pic.
Proud-mother-of-son-in-the-service   ID#   4805

A mother takes pictures of her graduating son at home in the living room. Her two small dogs are in the photo.  Side view of woman taking picture of graduating student. Graduation pics.
Mother-photographing-graduate-son   ID#   4787

A picture looking up at an audience of men and women offering a standing ovation in the Balcony of a Theater in Buenos Aries.
Standing-Ovation-A-Theater-Audience-In-The-Balcony-Gives-A-Standing-Ovation   ID#   4544

Funny picture of one chic wearing easter bunny ears and standing out from a crowd of bright yellow siblings (brothers and sisters).
Easter-Chic-A-baby-chic-wears-Easter-Bunny-Ears-and-stands-out-from-the-crowd-in-a-funny-Easter-Greeting-Card   ID#   4257

A Poodle version of Cupid holds a golden bow and arrows as he flies on wings through the sky seeking targets of love.
Cupid-Poodle-Funny-Pet-Picture-of-a-Standard-Poodle-Posing-as-Cupid-Complete-with-Bow-And-Arrows-of-Love   ID#   4239

A ballerina leaps through the air in an expression of freedom, joy and vitality. Ballet dancers make great metaphors for life and business.
Leaping-Ballet-Dancer-Expressing-Joy-Freedom-and-Vitality   ID#   4108

Stacks of money surround a businessman clutching dollars in his hands symbolic of success and performance rewards. Money stacks piled high. Money Pics, bundles of cash, stacks of money and a Happy businessman
Stacks-of-money-showing-success-and-rewards-in-business   ID#   4014

A Lightouse photo with a beam of light shining out over rough seas, for use as a bacground pic.
Lighthouse-Backgrounds-Image-And-Photo   ID#   3697

Photo of a business man or executive in a suit doing a karate or marital arts kick in the office.
Business-Executive-Practing-Martial-Arts-in-the-Office   ID#   3657

Photo of a  man  or business man kicking a laptop computer off of a table with a karate kick. Business stock photo.
Businessman-kicking-laptop-computer   ID#   3656

Hispanic business woman kicking her laptop computer off of a desk karate style using martial arts against technology difficulties.
Hispanic-business-woman-kicking-laptop-computer   ID#   3654

A woman dancer in a red dress jumps for love, joy and vitality in front of a cloud shaped like a heart.
Photo-of-Jumping-For-Love-And-Joy-   ID#   3650

Senior black couple on the beach. She has an mp3 player in her hands and he is playfully grabbing her. They are laughing and having fun.
African-couple-with-mp3-player-at-beach   ID#   3612

An African American man, in a tattered business suit, crawls through the dessert. crawling through the desert pic.
Picture-of-a-man-crawling-thorugh-the-desert   ID#   3554

Bubble Gum in on the face of this young girl who was blowing bubbles when the bubble burst leaving her disappointed.
A-Teen-Girl-Of-Chinese-Descent-Looks-Surprised-With-A-Burst-Bubble-Gum-Bubble-On-Her-Face   ID#   3418

A lol funny Cat photo of a feline in a fast food restaurant rudely talking on a cell phone while other cats impatiently wait in line for thier orders.
Funny-Cell-Phone-Cat-In-a-Fast-Food-Restaurant-For-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   3392

A pair of hands release a white dove into flight against a black background symbolizing peace and freedom in this picture of flight.
White-Dove-Released-in-Flight-and-to-Peace-and-Freedom   ID#   3347

A man loses his grip on the bowling ball during his back-swing in this humorous stock photo about the unexpected and accidents.
Funny-Picture-of-a-Humorous-Bowling-Disaster   ID#   3304

A mixed race businessman stands surrounded by a multitude of hands reaching out to him in need in an image of being overwhelmed.
Everybody-Wants-Something-From-This-Beleagured-Businessman   ID#   3078

A young boy of Asian descent shakes the water out of his hair as he wears a joyful and infectious smile. Picture of a boys wet black short hair.
Picture-Of-A-Young-Boy-Joyfully-Shaking-The-Water-Out-Of-His-Black-Hair   ID#   2164

A group of faces are pressed up against a window looking in with fascinated surprise and astonishment.
Surprised-Faces-Pressed-Against-A-Window-In-Voyeristic-Form   ID#   2151

A woman pushes a cake into a man's face in this humorous concept stock picture illustrating relationship issues; a twist on
Pie-In-The-Face-As-Part-Of-A-Domestic-Dispute   ID#   2081

A woman wearing a flowing purple dress, runs free through a field of yellow daisies expressing her wild and natural side
Woman-Running-Free-Through-Field-of-Flowers   ID#   2079

A woman singer peforms at a rock concert on stage with a crowd of concert goers in the foreground. The stage is illuminated with bright muli-colored lights.
Woman-Rock-Singer-Performing-On-Stage   ID#   2062

An extended family gathers together to toast success, life and living. Stock Family Portrait.  Picture of family reunion.  Photo of a Latino family.
A-Hispanic-or-Mexican-Family-Toasts-Together-   ID#   2022

An angry and stressed businesman, in his cubicle, wears a dog cone around his neck to prevent him from abusing himself. Super funny pictures of people doing silly or dumb things. Funny cubical business pics.
Dog-Cone-Around-A-Man's-Neck   ID#   2009