john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A huge bear in a rocky mountain environment is fading away in this photo about loss of habitat, extinction concerns and environmental issues.
Vanishing-Bear   ID#   8436

A complex and intricate light pattern takes the shape of a heart and is visible within a man's torso in this image that brings visual impact to ideas, concepts and issues that deal with both the physical heart and the emotions associated with the human he
Complex-Heart   ID#   8424

A path winds its way up a hill against a golden sun breaking out from behind dramatic skies in a concept image about spirituality, change and nature.
Sunset-Path   ID#   8379

Romance and love are the primary concepts in this image of a couple holding hands and silhouetted as they crest a hill against a dramatic setting sun breaking out of a low cloud bank.
Couple-On-A-Sunset-Walk   ID#   8373

A Great White shark glides just below the surface of warm tropical waters, his dorsal fin protuding above a gentle wave, in an image about unseen dangers and the need for constant awareness and vigilance.
Shark-In-Tropical-Waters   ID#   8340

A dog of undetermined breed looks sadly at the camera beneath a blue summer sky.
Sad-Unhappy-Dog-Portrait   ID#   8320

The planet earth is seen as a bomb, with a lit fuse, floating in space and surrounded by stars in this concept stock photo about the environmental dangers facing our home planet.
World-Bomb-And-Environmental-Dangers   ID#   8318

An Hispanic businessman juggles social media in the form of balls or spheres of portraits in an image about administrating and managing social networking in the business arena.
Juggling-Social-Media   ID#   8306

Social media is disruptive technology in this image of a person holding a molotov cocktail in which the bottle is filled with social media portraits.
Social-Media-As-Disruptive-Technology   ID#   8294

A smiling young woman in business attire delights in a magic carpet ride on a rug created from social media portraits in a photo about the benefits of social networking.
Social-Media-Magic-Carpet-Ride   ID#   8293

In this photo a senior man in a vaguely medical or retirement home setting has been transformed into a jigsaw puzzle with a portion of his head missing as shown by a missing piece of the puzzle.
Alzheimers-And-Memory-Imagery   ID#   8285

A hand with tweezers, and wearing a white lab coat, puts the final puzzle piece into place in a human brain indicating success in the study and understanding of the human brain.
Brain-Research-Putting-The-Puzzle-Together   ID#   8284

A successful woman celebrates her achievement by jumping up estactically into the dusk sky arms upraised in victory, and wearing a wide smile of happiness.
Successful-Woman-Celebrating-With-A-Sunset-Jump   ID#   8238

A house, surrounded by flood waters and with a tornado raging ever closer, has flames shooting out of a window in a visual metaphor for all manner of threats to home owners everywhere!
House-Facing-Flood-Fire-And-Tornado   ID#   8227

A skipping rock and its splash are frozen in mid air over a mountain lake in a concept photo about making a splash, possibilities, perseverance and taking action.
Skipping-Rock   ID#   8220

An American flag is juxtaposed or double exposed over a background composed of over two-hundred individual portraits of a diverse populace in this image about social media, immigration issues and demographics.
Social-Media-Image-of-An-American-Flag-Of-Faces   ID#   8130

A crowd of people are bursting through a doorway in this dramatic image about demand, desire, and the crowd.
Crowd-of-People-Bursting-In-Through-Doorway   ID#   8120

A Giraffe is about to step off the edge of a cliff that it does not see because its head is above a low-lying cloud cover in a photo about failure to see the big picture and lack of awareness.
Giraffe-On-Precipice   ID#   8115

The smile this businesswoman is wearing is infectious and her joy is almost palpable.
Broadly-Smiling-Business-Woman   ID#   8094

An image of multiple hands with thumbs up except for one dominant hand in the foreground with the thumb pointing down in a metaphor for the unjust solitary bad online review.
One-Bad-Online-Review   ID#   8018

In this photo of a house underwater the message can range from mortgage lending issues to flood concerns.
A-House-Underwater   ID#   7961

Two Bengal tigers fight each other in the shallow water of a river in striking image of big cats.
Tigers-Fighting   ID#   7895

Three executives wear expressions of shock and surprise in a funny boardroom photo.
Horrified-Looking-Executives-In-Boardroom   ID#   7890

In this dramatic photo a helping hand is the only thing preventing a businesswoman from being swallowed by a cyber vortex.
A-Cyber-Vortex-Swallowing-A-Businesswoman   ID#   7882

A human brain on a black background fades to transparent reveal an inner assembly of gears in a metaphor for thinking, processing and creative thought.
Human-Brain-With-Gears   ID#   7858

This photo has been created from over two hundred sets of eyes creating a veritable
Wall-Of-Eyes-Watching   ID#   7787

A montage of over two hundred smiles, and only smiles, is an image that can't help but make the viewer smile as well!
Smile!   ID#   7777

An angry woman throws a man's belongings over a balcony in an image about relationship difficulties and breaking-up.
Angry-Woman-Throwing-Clothes   ID#   7762

An enthusiastic crowd in a theater provides a standing ovation expressing their support for the successful presentation.
Standing-Ovation   ID#   7754

A foreboding and scary island lies ahead in the fading light as the choppy ocean water looms cold and dark in the foreground.
Foreboding-And-Scary-Island-At-Dusk   ID#   7747

An angry audience throws tomatoes and lettuce at the speaker in this humorous public speaking photo.
Angry-Audience   ID#   7725

In this humorous look at customer service and complaints, a Lion wearing an angry, menacing expression stands behind the help counter.
Customer-Service-Desk-And-The-Complaint-Department   ID#   7707

A cat tries to cover his eyes with his paws as he wears a funny shocked expression at what he is seeing in this OMG cat photo.
Funny-OMG-Cat   ID#   7674

A gorilla stands behind the desk of a corporate CEO or president in this funny picture about business leadership.
Gorilla-As-The-Boss   ID#   7548

Pictured is the ultimate romantic moon, a heart-shaped full moon surrounded by stars of the milky way.
Heart-Shaped-Romantic-Moon   ID#   7434

In this funny thanksgiving day turkey picture a turkey looks wide-eyed and startled as he holds a fork in one wing.
A-Funny-Thanksgiving-Day-Turkey-Picture   ID#   7280

Rajasthan, India: A woman dancer wearing a traditional dance costume stands in the desert with the wind blowing her veil.
Rajasthan-Woman-Dancer-In-Traditional-Dance-Costume   ID#   7265

Portrait of a sad-eyed and very funny Basset Hound looking right into the eyes of the viewer with a lightly clouded blue sky in the background.
Basset-Hound-Funny-Portrait   ID#   7192

A high angle and colorful view of an packed and enthusiastic crowd disco dancing in a rave or nightclub.
Rave-And-Disco-Dancing-In-A-Nightclub   ID#   7177

An angry audience throws vegetables towards a speaker in this humorous concept stock photo about presentation pitfalls.
An-Angry-Audience-Throwing-Vegetables   ID#   7154