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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Two dogs, a Whippet and a Weimeraner, dance the tango in a club in this humorous image created for greeting cards, calendars and stock photo uses.
Tango-Dancing-Dogs-For-Greeting-Cards   ID#   8330

A dog of undetermined breed looks sadly at the camera beneath a blue summer sky.
Sad-Unhappy-Dog-Portrait   ID#   8320

An endearing pooch looks at the viewer from behind his mask while wearing a super hero cape with a dog paw symbol on his spandex costume in a funny dog picture created for use as a humorous greeting card.
Super-Dog-Hero   ID#   7785

A Golden Retriever wears a Santa hat and has his mouth full of Christmas Ornaments in this funny dog xmas photo.
Golden-Retriever-With-Christmas-Ornaments   ID#   7758

A Basset Hound poses as a butler holding a tray and standing in a vast grand hall in this funny dog photo about service and loyalty.
Basset-Hound-Butler   ID#   7685

A dog (Beagle) and his girlfriend, a cat, embrace in front of a background of out of focus fall trees.
Funny-Dog-And-Cat-Couple   ID#   7683

A Basset hound wears an astonished expression, ears flying and paws up, in this funny dog photo.
Funny-Astonished-Basset-Hound   ID#   7677

A family of three, mother, father and daughter, sit on the roof of their house as it floats in flood waters.
Family-And-Home-Floating-In-Flood-Waters   ID#   7656

A hungry wolf licks its chops and looks with a sinister gaze directly into the camera in this humorous wolf picture.
Hungry-Wolf   ID#   7414

A dog dresses as an Indian has his arm around a cat dressed as a pilgrim in a funny thanksgiving pet picture.
Funny-Thanksgiving-Pets-In-Costume   ID#   7290

A bored looking Basset Hound sits in a snow storm with his muffler blowing in the wind and his winter hat flying off in a funny Christmas Dog Photo.
Funny-Christmas-Picture-Of-A-Basset-Hound-In-A-Snow-Storm   ID#   7240

Two dogs and two cats sing Christmas carols and offer a gift in this funny holiday pet picture featuring dogs and cats wearing xmas scarves, a Santa Hat, and some jingle bells.
Funny-Christmas-Caroling-Pets   ID#   7217

Portrait of a sad-eyed and very funny Basset Hound looking right into the eyes of the viewer with a lightly clouded blue sky in the background.
Basset-Hound-Funny-Portrait   ID#   7192

This funny dog picture, a Boxer as a Drill Sargent, was created as a humorous greeting card picture for Marian Heath Greeting Cards and is available as a stock photo.
Drill-Sargent-Dog-Wearing-A-Campaign-Hat-And-Dog-Tags   ID#   7159

Funny picture of a dog and cat riding a witch's broom in front of a full moon in a  humorous Halloween greeting card image.
Funny-Halloween-Pet-Picture   ID#   7153

This picture of a happy Weimaraner stands out over a background composed of smaller  photos of numerous other dog breeds.
Happy-Weimaraner-Standing-Out-Among-Dog-Breeds   ID#   6720

Funny greeting card (graduation) picture of a Golden Retriever with his mouth stretched wide from a diploma. This happy dog is wearing a mortar board.
Funny-Greeting-Card-Picture   ID#   6680

In this picture of a German Sheperd the background is made up of a mosaic of small photos, portraits, of a wide variety of other dog breeds.
German-Sheperd-Breed-Picture   ID#   6616

Picture of dogs and lots of them. This photo is a composite of over twenty-five different dogs of various breeds, but featuring an English Bulldog.
Picture-of-Dogs   ID#   6615

Picture of a circus act featuring flying trapeze dogs, a Whippet and a Mutt, attached bone wrapped with a ribbon they are holding in their teeth.
Funny-Flying-Trapeze-Dogs-For-Greeting-Cards-And-More   ID#   6518

A mosaic of different dog breed portraits combined into a background breed poster including breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Bloodhounds, Jack Russell Terriers, German Shepherd, Poodles, Mutts and more.
Dog-Breed-Mosaic-Background-Portrait-Poster   ID#   6012

Portrait of a happy Chihuahua superimposed over a background of multiple portraits of various dog breed including bloodhounds, Ridgebacks, Basset Hounds, Jack Russel Terriers, Daschunds, Golden Retrievers, Weimeraners, Whippets, Bulldogs and more.
Chihuahua-Picture   ID#   5993

An English Bulldog cowers in the shadow of a birthday cake in this funny dog photo for a humorous birthday greeting card. The poor dog is in a fetal position on the hardwood floor in front of a wall decorated with wallpaper.
Scaredy-Cat-English-Bulldog-Photographed-For-A-Greeting-Card   ID#   5965

A Basset Hound's Portrait is superimposed over a background of various other dog breed portraits. Some of the breeds of dogs include are a Charpei, a German Shepard, a Daschound, a Bloodhound, a Jack Russell Terrier, a Whippet, A Ridgeback and a Poodle.
Dogs!   ID#   5840

A Golden Retriever portrait is overlayed on top of a background of pictures of various dog breeds. In the background are photos of other breeds like bulldogs, terriers, shepards and mixed breed dogs.
Golden-Retriever-Dog-Breed-Portrait   ID#   5787

A beagle looks at the viewer with his ears folded over his forehead just above his eyes in a funny dog photo.
Funny-Beagle-With-Ears-Folded-Over-His-Forehead   ID#   5721

Police Mug Shot of a Funny Chihuahua holding up a sign indicating her violation was for being a shopaholic.
Funny-Chihuahua-Picture-of-a-Dog-in-a-Police-Lineup   ID#   5679

A cute Basset Hound is blowing in the breeze of an electric fan on what must be a very hot day in this funny dog picture.
Cute-Basset-Hound-Blowing-In-The-Breeze-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5642

A Basset Hound's ears blow in the breeze created by a fan amid the flotsam and jetsam of a birthday party in a funny pet pix.
Birthday-Basset-Hound-Dog-Picture   ID#   5641

A Whippet stands in a room wearing a pair of fire extinguishers in a funny dog picture created for a Greeting Card.
Funny-Whippet-Picture-Fire-Dog!   ID#   5640

Three dogs and two cats sing together in sweet harmony in this funny cat and dog picture of performing pets.
A-Chorus-of-Pets-Singing-Together-In-A-Funny-Greeting-Card-Picture   ID#   5628

A pained looking Basset Hound holds a cup of morning coffee while nursing a hangover in a Post Party funny animal picture.
Party-Basset-Hound-with-Post-Party-Hangover-In-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   5618

In this funny pet picture an English Bulldog is stuck in a pet door as a smirking cat looks on. Cats are so arrogant!
Funny-English-Bulldog-Stuck-In-A-Pet-Door-For-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   5614

A Golden Retriever has a mouthful of five, yes five, tennis balls at once in this funny dog photo.
Funny-Golden-Retriever-with-A-Mouth-Full-of-Tennis-Balls-In-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   5599

A crazy mix of cats and dogs at a party on New Year's eve in a nightclub in this funny animal picture.
Party-Animals-In-A-Nightclub-Shot-For-A-Greeting-Card   ID#   5597

Chihuahua balances a cupcake on his nose in this funny animal picture.
Funny-Chihuahua-Balancing-A-Cupcake-In-A-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5596

Picture of two Dogs, A Dachshund and a Mutt, ride a bicycle down the sidewalk in a funny pet picture.
Dogs-Riding-Bicycles-In-A-Funny-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   5581

A Greyhound and a mutt perform on the flying trapeze in this funny pet picture created for a humorous greeting card.
Funny-Flying-Trapeze-Dogs-For-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   5579

A group of happy dogs throw their graduation caps up in the air in celebration.
Happy-Dogs-Celebrating-Graduation-In-A-Funny-Graduation-Greeting-Card   ID#   5570

In this funny pet picture a group of cats and dogs enjoy a country drive in a yellow convertible.
Pets-Out-Cruising-in-a-Convertible-In-A-Funny-Birthday-Greeting-Card-A-Wild-Ride!   ID#   5569