john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Young mulit-ethnic children running in the park and having a great time.
Multi-ethnic-children-running-race-in-the-park   ID#   3491

Picture of a young girl eating spaghetti with a fork. The cute young girl has long brown hair. She has the fork in the air above her and a strand of spaghetti leading to her mouth from the fork.
Hispanic-girl-eating-spaghetti   ID#   3213

Picture of a cute young elementary aged girl eating a huge plate of spaghetti. She has the noodles coming out of her mouth and a fork in her hand. The plate is white.
Young-Girl-Eating-Spaghetti-   ID#   2993

Hispanic businessman dismounting from pommel horse while wearing business attire and showing skill and determination.
Hispanic-businessman-dismounting-from-pommel-horse   ID#   2617

Hispanic female gymnast chalking hands in preparation for her athletic performance. She is about to demonstrate her skill in gymnastics developed over years of hard work.
Female-gymnast-chalking-hands   ID#   2616

Picture of a male gymnast performing on rings. The Gymnast is a handsome Hispanic man with lots of muscles.  He has his legs spread out to the sides and his body is elevated above the rings.
Picture-of-a-male-gymnast-performing-on-rings   ID#   2615

Picture of a superhero with a recycling symbol on his chest for use in issues dealing with ecological and environmental issues. Resembling superman poses this superhero is ripping open his shirt to expose his costume underneath.
Superhero-with-recycling-symbol-on-chest   ID#   2551

Hispanic businessman searching in forest shielding his eyes with his hand looking into the distance. Business suit, glasses, short hair. Possbile usess, going green, conservation, ecology etc.
Businessman-Searching-and-Looking-Deep-in-the-Woods   ID#   2540

A handsome bald black businessman wearing a sharp looking suit is waiting for an appointment. He is standing with his arms crossed in front of him and has a serious look on his face. The man is standing against a wood paneled wall.
African-businessman-standing-and-waiting-with-arms-crossed   ID#   2524

Hispanic business man in a business suit performing on a pommel horse. Black background. His hands are on the handles and his feet and legs are up in the air.
Hispanic-businessman-performing-on-pommel-horse   ID#   2517

A hispanic female gymnast having just stuck a landing dismounting from the high bar and smiling in victory. Jet black background.
Hispanic-female-gymnast-with-arms-raised-after-sticking-a-landing   ID#   2516

Pic of a woman in a bright purple silk garmet demonstrating her fitness by leaping through the air in a martial arts fighting pose.
Asian-woman-practicing-martial-arts   ID#   2515

An Asian woman dressed in bright yellow silk garmet flying or leaping through the air practicing her martial arts for self defense. The photo has a jet black background.
Woman-Leaping-Through-The-Air-Martial-Arts-Fighting   ID#   2514

Picture of an Asian woman brandishing a sword while in a fighting crouch as she practices her martial arts in a purple red-trimmed silk robe in front of a pitch black background.
Woman-Sword-Fighting-In-Silk-Pajamas   ID#   2513

An Asian woman with a sword in a martial arts fighting stance. She is wearing a colorful purple robe with red trim and has a long dangerous sword. The woman has a long black ponytail draped over her shoulder and is thrusting her sword forward.
Woman-Fighting-With-Sword   ID#   2512

Asian woman, a Pacific Islander, doing martial art poses with a large, bright red fan.  The woman is wearing colorful silk robes and she is barefoot. The image is set against a black background.
Woman-In-Martial-Arts-Fighting-Stance-with-Red-Fan   ID#   2511

Asian woman dressed in silk garmets, purple ones, and holding a large red fan. She is dancing or practicing marial arts. The young dancing Chinese woman is set against a black background.
Pacific-Islander-woman-practicing-martial-arts-with-fan   ID#   2510

Pacific Islander woman practicing martial arts with fan. She is wearing a purple silk robe and holding a bright red fan in a fighting stance.
Pacific-Islander-woman-practicing-martial-arts-with-fan   ID#   2509

Asian woman practicing martial arts like kung fu or kai twan do or something. She is flying through the air doing a kick and wearing a white robe with a black belt.
Asian-woman-practicing-martial-arts   ID#   2508

A Hispanic or Mexican boxer in the ring with his gloves raised ready to demonstrate his boxing skills. The young Latino athlete is poised to throw a punch at the camera.  The man is wearing a white shirt and his boxing gloves are black and white.
Hispanic-boxer-wearing-boxing-gloves-in-the-ring   ID#   2310

Hispanic boxer swinging during a workout. The young adult athlete is an up and coming boxer with powerful punches and speed.
Hispanic-Boxer-Punching-and-Swinging-During-Workout   ID#   2309

Young boy riding a tricycle with a bandanna on his head and a cloudy blue sky behind him.
Picture-of-a-young-boy-riding-a-tricycle-dressed-like-a-biker   ID#   1842

Man holding a volleyball on the beach at sunset. He has the ball under his left arm and is looking over his left shoulder towards the camera.
Portrait-of-a-young-man-holding-a-volleyball-on-the-beach-at-dusk   ID#   1841

Photo of a man with a volleyball in his two hands. He is holding the ball in front of his stomach area with both hands and is looking down with a serious look on his face.  Wearing a blue jersey.
Man-concentrating-as-he-holds-a-volleyball-in-his-hands   ID#   1837

A man holding a volleyball under his left arm with a serious look of concentration and determination on his face. The volleyball player is wearing a blue jersey an a net is visible behind him.
Pictures-of-a-man-contemplating-while-holding-a-volleyball   ID#   1836

Photos of a beach volleyball game; a man is serving the ball. He is high in the air, arm up way over his head, ball above him.
Picture-of-a-man-serving-a-volleyball-in-a-beach-game   ID#   1834

A male volleyball player is leaping high into the air to serve the ball. The man is wearing bright red shorts and a blue top.  A clear blue sky is the backdrop for this sports related image.
Man-jumping-for-volleyball   ID#   1830

Photos of a woman in the act of serving the ball during a beach volleyball game. The volleyball player is leaping high into the air with both bare feet off of the ground.
Woman-leaping-up-to-serve-the-volleyball-   ID#   1829

Photos of a man running on a sandy beach just as the sun sets over the Pacific ocean. Beautiful orange sunset with the sun just about to dip below the horizon.
Picture-of-a-man-sprinting-down-the-beach-at-sunset   ID#   1827

Photos of two volleyball players; one is setting the ball up while the other prepares to spike the ball. Men playing beach volleyball at sunset.
Teamwork-Volleyball-Players-Working-Together-To-Score-A-Point   ID#   1825

Woman spiking the volleyball into a block by opposing players. The woman who spiked the ball still has her hand at the top of the net. The opposing players are all up in the air arms and hands up high.
Picture-of-teammates-blocking-a-shot-during-a-volleyball-game   ID#   1823

Men playing volleyball, three men raise their hands up over the net as they jump to block a shot. Blocking a shot in a beach volleyball game. Teamwork in action.
Photo-of-men-playing-volleyball-and-working-together-to-block-a-shot   ID#   1822

An Asian woman runs on the beach as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean. Beautiful scenic orange sunset with the bright orange globe dropping below the horizon. Fit woman running on the beach at San Francisco, California.
Woman-jogging-barefoot-on-the-beach-at-sunset   ID#   1821

A man has just set the ball for his team mate to make the point. The setting sun is right behind the player. Beautiful orange sunset.
Picture-of-a-man-playing-beach-volley-ball-at-sunset   ID#   1820

Pictures of a drum major high-stepping down an empty highway that stretches into the distant horizon in Arizona.
A-drum-major-on-a-long-march-with-no-band-members-following-him   ID#   1782

Pictures of a woman hanging at the end of her rope with New York City in the background.
Woman-at-the-end-of-her-rope-   ID#   1649

Duck flying above the clouds at a very high altitude. It is late afternoon and the sun is setting below.
High-Altitude-Shot-of-a-Flying-Duck   ID#   1617

A business woman shattering a glass barrier. Angry looking woman with balled up fists is smashing through the glass barrier.
Break-Through   ID#   1577

Picture of a woman gymnast sticking her landing from the uneven parallel bars, and thrusting her arms in the air in triumph and victory.
Gymnast-Finish-A-young-girl-gymnast-sticks-a-landing-and-raises-her-arms-in-triumph   ID#   1576

Man on pommel horse wearing a business suit as he performs his gymnastics routine require skill, focus and dedication.
Business-Man-on-Pommel-Horse-Wearing-A-Suit   ID#   1575