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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Picture of a news anchorwoman delivering the nightly news for her television station.
Woman-Newscaster-II   ID#   1442

A news woman broadcasting from a Television news room
Newscaster-In-A-TV-Station   ID#   1441

Photo of a genie coming out of a lamp. Pictures of magic lanterns and genies. This fearsome looking male Genie has his arms crossed in front of him with a all knowing look on his face. Photo of Genie about to grant three wishes. Ad pics.
Genie-in-a-magic-lamp-appearing-to-grant-three-wishes   ID#   1440

An apple and an orange that have faces. They are funny faces, as study in contrasts? The images are floating above a white background and they have shadows.
Orange-and-Apple-With-Faces   ID#   1439

Picture of an Asian woman's face surrounded by scaffolding as though her face is under construction with thousands of tiny workers.
Woman's-Face-Surrounded-By-Scaffolding   ID#   1438

Picture of fish eating each other: A small fish is about to be swallowed by large one who is about to be swallowed by an even bigger fish.
Funny-Picture-of-Fish-Eating-Each-Other   ID#   1437

Funny Animal Pictures Of A Race Between Tortoises And A Hare, or rabbit, In Which The Hare Is Losing and the turtle is out in front.
Race-Between-The-Tortoise-And-The-Hare-(Rabbit)-or-in-this-case-many-tortoises!   ID#   1436

Picture of a jumping tiger leaping through the air with the camera directly below the tiger looking up at his chest.
Leaping-Bengal-Tiger   ID#   1435

Funny Picture of a group of hundreds of rabbits; a seamless sea of white bunnies with pink ears illustrating rampant reproduction.
An-Endless-Sea-of-White-Rabbits   ID#   1434

Pictures of a deer caught in the headlights showing, fear, indecision, inaction and hesitation.
Deer-in-the-Headlights-   ID#   1433

Pictures of  dandelion seeds blowing in the wind on a warm spring day spreading wishes across the countryside. Dandelions symbolize wishes coming true.
Dandelion-Seeds-Blowing-In-The-Wind-Making-Wishes-Come-True   ID#   1432

Pictures of  wind power; a windmill in a storm. Picture of an old fashioned windmill used for pumping water dark against storm clouds.
Windmill-in-a-Storm   ID#   1431

Pictures of a dirty, messy, wreck of a kitchen. In this kitchen every surface is covered with the flotsam and jetsam of life.
Messy-Kitchen-   ID#   1430

Pictures of a light house in a raging storm with it's beam of light reaching out to warn sailors of danger.
Lighthouse-In-Storm   ID#   1429

Pictures of flying trapeze artists caught just at the moment of the catch symbolizing teamwork, risk, co-operation and danger.
Trusting-Trapeze-Artist   ID#   1428

Stock photo pictures of a sail boat in a dark and stormy sea, being tossed about by violent waves and in danger of capsizing and sinking.
Sailboat-at-Sea-in-Stormy-Weather-With-Chopy-Waves   ID#   1427

Pictures of a straight road with a winding yellow line down the center.  Looks like the painting crew had some sort of problem.
Long-Straight-Road-With-Winding-Double-Yellow-Line   ID#   1426

A giant fish, a monster from the deep, swimming up and chasing a school of sharks, mouth open to swallow his intended prey.
Big-Monster-Fish-Chasing-Sharks-In-the-Deep-Sea   ID#   1425

Picture of a plant in a desk drawer being watered by a galvanized metal watering can held by a human hand.
Green-Plant-in-Office-Desk-Drawer   ID#   1424

Picture of a leafy vine growing out of the big bottom right-hand desk drawer. A black wire frame waste basket sits to the right of the office plant.
Green-Plant-Growing-Out-of-Desk-Drawer   ID#   1423

Picture of an upscale, walk-in, empty closet symbolizing scarcity and loss on the one end, and opportunity on the other.
Empty-Closet-An-Upscale-Walk-in-Empty-Closet   ID#   1421

Woman standing in an empty walk-in closet wearing only a towel as she ponders her lack of apparel, clothing and shoes. The towel she has wrapped around her is blue.
Empty-Closet-A-Woman-Stands-in-an-Empty-Closet   ID#   1420

Funny pictures of an elephant waiting for an elevator in an office building. This elephant is on his way up! Stainless steel elevator doors.
An-Elephant-Stands-Waiting-in-Front-of-an-Elevator-   ID#   1419

Pictures of a group of nude, mature, healthy active adults on a beach  in Tulum, Mexico, during a break from yoga exercises.
Photo-of-Nude-Seniors-on-a-Beach-in-Mexico   ID#   1418

Two sunflower plant blossoms being illuminated with sunlight. Sunflowers have very sharp spines on the leaves.
Safflower-Plant-in-Bloom   ID#   1413

Picture of a pair of cupped hands holding a plant seedling over some dry cracked earth that looks like the water in a lake dried up leaving dry cracked mud.
Pair-of-Hands-Holding-Seedling-Over-Dry-Cracked-Earth   ID#   1412

Picture of a destroyed earth as seen from outer space; a visualization of global warming, pollution and environmental disaster.
Ecological-Disaster-Cracked-Earth-From-Space   ID#   1411

Picture of hands holding water over dry cracked earth. Dried mud rife with big cracks left when the water all dried up.
Hands-With-Water-in-the-Desert   ID#   1410

Picture of a man standing on salt flats with a blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds.  Vast flat barren white salt flats as far as the eye can see.
Man-Standing-On-Utah's-Salt-Flats   ID#   1409

Picture of the earth from outer space with the earth surrounded by glowing patterns of an energy field representing perhaps gravitational fields or other comsic forms of energy.
Earth-With-Energy-Fields   ID#   1408

Picture of a yellow boat on a calm and serene lake, Inle lake in Myanmar.
Yellow-Boat-On-Inle-Lake-Burma   ID#   1407

An unused passenger boarding gangway or bridge sitting quietly at the airport in silence.
Aircraft-Boarding-Bridge   ID#   1406

A bunch of green grapes surrounded by vines and leaves.
Beautiful-Big-Bunch-of-Grapes   ID#   1405

Senior woman with an active lifestyle as she stands next to her tent in the Gobi desert, Mongolia.
Lone-Woman-And-Tent-In-The-Desert   ID#   1403

Picture of a multipurpose cell photo, a picture of a Swiss army phone with knife, pliers, scissors, file, and bottle opener.
Pocket-knife-cellphone   ID#   1402

Picture of a smiley face composed of clouds and lending a cheery look to the deep blue sky.
Smiley-clouds-Clouds-Form-A-Face-In-The-Sky   ID#   1401

Two speeding jet planes are racing toward each other on a collision course in this scary photo.  Both jets are trailing strong bright white contrails.
Two-Jet-Planes-On-A-Collision-Course   ID#   1400

A road in Mongolia filled with pot holes and virtually impassable...better to drive alongside the asphalt rather than on it!
Pothole-Filled-Road   ID#   1399

A road stretching out beneath a sunset in an expression of freedom, adventure, getting away from it all and journeys.
Beautiful-Scenic-Sunset-With-Long-Road   ID#   1398

A long straight desert road stretching into the distance under a red-orange sky that begins to clear in the distance.
Scenic-Desert-Road-With-Sunset   ID#   1397