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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Woman doing aikido with a sword. The woman is an Aikido Sensei, a teacher, in a Dojo or martial arts studio. The sword is made of wood.
Aikido-Sensei-Martial-Arts-Teacher   ID#   1323

An unused gangway or jetway representing missed connections, missed opportunities and being left behind.
Unused-Airport-Gangway-or-Jetway   ID#   1322

Microwave oven with the door open, showing the pile of ashes inside. A little smoke is curling up from the pile of ashes.
Ashes-in-a-Microwave-Oven   ID#   1321

A fireman fighting a fire with fire. In this picture a fire hose is shooting out flames and fire.
Fighting-fire-with-fire-A-Fireman-Handles-A-Fire-Hose-Shooting-Out-Flames   ID#   1320

A deer caught in the headlights is the concept illustrated by this picture. A large deer crossing the road is illuminated by a cars headlights. The dear is looking right at the driver. Startled deer pics for ads.
Picture-of-a-Deer-in-the-headlights-Startled-Deer-Picture   ID#   1319

Interrogation situation: An empty chair sits in front of a panel of judges, questioners or prosecutors.
Interrogation-Chair-Interview-and-Intimidation-   ID#   1318

Picture of a photo being developed in inside a darkroom. All the available lighting is red.
Darkroom   ID#   1317

Man sitting in the middle a busy crowd reading a map. Everyone but the man has motion blur.
Solitude-In-A-Crowd   ID#   1316

Traditional mailbox filled with cables in a metaphor for email, social media and the Internet
You've-Got-Mail!-An-Old-Fashioned-Mail-Box-with-a-Glow-Inside-And-Cables-Coming-Out   ID#   1315

Photo of a woman climbing a long rope with a look of extreme determination.  The woman is so far up the rope that the clouds are below her as though she is climbing up through a hole in the clouds.
Woman-Climbing-Rope   ID#   1314

An ear with lighting and manipulation to make the ear appear like a question mark to illustrate themes of listening.
Listen-Question-Mark-Shaped-Ear   ID#   1313

Futuristic bionic man with a bionic eye, bionic ear and integrated mouthpiece for communications.
Future-Man-A-Bionic-Adaptation-of-Modern-Man-of-Future-Man   ID#   1312

Three German Shepard dogs barking, snapping, snarling and lunging at the viewer up in a tree. Freightening scary dogs attacking.
Three-Dog-Attack-Vicious-German-Shepherd-Dogs-Snarl-and-Snap   ID#   1311

Diesel train locomotive speeding into a tunnel demonstrating speed, motion, energy and transportation.
Speeding-Locomotive-Zooming-Through-A-Tunnel   ID#   1309

A city at night made of circuit boards. The city is Huston. The concepts are networks and communications.
Picture-of-a-Circuit-City-an-aerial-view-of-a-city-constructed-from-circuit-boards-illustrating-urban-communications-and-networking   ID#   1307

Picture of a small boat in a storm at sea with a light house visible in the distance.This image speaks of many concepts ranging from adveristy and challenge, to teamwork and togetherness, to security and salvation.
Rough-Seas-a-small-sail-boat-braves-the-ocean-storm-and-heads-towards-a-distant-lighthouse   ID#   1306

Internal workings of a hard drive with lots of blue and green colors. Drive has four disks.
Disk-Drive-revealed   ID#   1305

A woeful goldfish surrounded by evil looking monster fish from the deep, fish are real, scene is not.
Deep-Water-Monster-Fish   ID#   1304

A wrecking ball in action. A Iron Ball at the end of a chain smashes a brick and mortar wall resulting in dust and debris flying all over the place.
Wrecking-Ball-A-Round-Steel-Ball-At-the-End-of-A-Chain-Smashes-A-Concrete-and-Brick-Wall   ID#   1303

Concept stock photo montage of road signs at night.
Confusion-Road-Signs-At-Night   ID#   1302

Picture of a bald man with electronic circuit board traces on his head... a human circuit board.  White background with man viewed from behind.
Bald-Head-With-Circuit-Board-Traces-Artificial-Intelligence   ID#   1301

Clouds forming a dollar sign. This cloud image of a giant $ in the sky is great for advertising and editorial use. It depicts money as a lofty thing, or perhaps sky high costs.
Cloud-Scape-#3-Clouds-form-a-Dollar-Sign-showing-the-economics-of-Cloud-Computing-and-Investing-Issues   ID#   1299

Photo looking down through clouds at a tropical coastline paradise.
Aerial-Landscape-#2   ID#   1296

The wing of a commercial jet flying over a tropical ocean tens of thousands of feet below. Deep dark blue sky above the horizon.
Aerial-Landscape-#1   ID#   1295

High altitude stock photo of clouds and a sunset shot from the window of an airliner enroute to Bonaire.
Aerial-Sunset-#2-   ID#   1294

High altitude aerial view looking down on clouds from 30,000 feet at sunset shot from a commercial airliner enroute to Bonaire.
Aerial-Sunset-#1-High-Altitude-Sunset-Over-The-Carribean   ID#   1293

A blue sky with clouds forming a question mark...the Universe is wondering why, where who or why? Cloud shape pictures.
Question-Mark-Cloud-In-A-Deep-Blue-Summer-Sky   ID#   1292

Clouds shaped like an exclamation point in an otherwise clear blue sky. Mother nature's exclamation point!
Exclamation-Point-As-A-Cloud-In-the-Sky   ID#   1291

Long straight road heading right into a thunder storm.  Dark foreboding clouds are unleashing a torrent of rain off in the distance.
Summer-Rain-Road   ID#   1290

Stock photo of a long straight road at sunset with a yellow line, solid and dashed, against a cloudy stormy looking sky.
Evening-Light-Road-To-The-Horizon   ID#   1289

Picture of a heart shaped cloud floating in a clear blue sky.
Sky-Heart-Heart-Shaped-Cloud   ID#   1288

A pier juts out into the ocean at sunset in this scenic view of a tropical island called Bonaire off the coast of Venezuela.
Bonaire-Pier-At-Sunset   ID#   1287

Two hands form a heart in this stock photo about love, friendship, togetherness and affection. The hands are against a summer sky.
Hand-Heart-Two-Hands-Come-Together-Creating-A-Heart-Shape   ID#   1286

Man holding a glowing ball of light that floats just above his hand against a night sky of dark clouds.
Holding-the-light-Man-Holding-Up-A-Floating-Glowing-Ball-of-Light   ID#   1285

A birds nest with a golden egg in the center.  On the golden egg is the image of a US dollar bill. This money pic represents someones retirement funds or nest egg as it used to be known. Great Money Pix.
Nest-Egg-Picture-of-a-Money-Nest-Egg   ID#   1284

An explosion against a black background, a great image for generic messages about danger, the end, or even new beginnings.
Explosion-On-A-Black-Background   ID#   1283

A nude woman's torso with abstract lights swirling around her in a brilliant movement of color and motion.
Exhuberant-Nude-Nude-Woman's-Torso-Surrounded-By-Swirls-of-Colored-Lights   ID#   1282

A nude woman's torso shown with flowing streaks of light threading around and through the torso for representing things like energy and auras.
Female-Torso-Energy-   ID#   1281

Nude male torso with abstract light patterns swirling through the torso with the possibility of representing things like energy, auras, shakras, and useful for medical and medicinal subjects.
Light-Patterns-Representing-Back-Energy   ID#   1280

Nude Male torso wrapped in lights stock photo. Torso appears blue with orange streaks of light flowing through and around the mans torso. Mid thigh to shoulders. Can be used to depict a persons aura.
Strong-Aura-   ID#   1279