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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Picture of an energy saving light bulb exploding against a black background
Exploding-Energy-Saving-Light-Bulb-Picture   ID#   3393

An Hispanic businessman is montaged over a Redwood forest as he is deep in thought in this picture about environmental issues an conservation.
Hispanic-Business-Executive-Contemplating-Going-Green-and-Environmental-Issues   ID#   3349

Against a black background, an energy saving CFL bulb is caught in mid-explosion in this photo about energy efficiency.
Flourescent-Energy-Saving-Bulb-Exploding   ID#   3348

An African American Male looks up to the stars and the lines of energy crossing overhead in a picture of wonder and mystery.
Heavenly-Energies-Photo-of-A-Man-Gazing-At-The-Heavens   ID#   3303

Conceptual stock photo of a lone elephant strolling down a deserted highway in the middle of nowhere, seeking the way forward.
Asian-Elephant-Walks-Toward-an-Unknown-Destination-Down-a-Long-and-Empty-Road   ID#   3263

An African American Business Woman Stands on a long road leading to a brilliant sunrise and a future of hope and possibility.
The-Road-Ahead-To-Future-Possibilities   ID#   3179

Remote road with cloud shaped like a hand
Remote-road-with-cloud-shaped-like-a-hand   ID#   3097

The sun shines brightly over the desert as storm clouds roll in bringing darkness and rain, casting their shadows across the sand.
Desert-scene-with-approaching-storm-clouds   ID#   3094

Slow motion video featuring a frying pan of hot oil and popping popcorn kernels blasting up and out in a hiss of steam.
Popping-Popcorn-In-A-Frying-Pan-Of-Hot-Oil-Slo-Mo-Video   ID#   2946

Slow motion video with a Phantom HD camera showing popcorn being popped in a frying pan of hot oil
Popcorn-Popping-In-A-Slow-Motion-Video   ID#   2945

Picture of a man standing in the woods with his hands clasped in front of him and looking up.  Low camera angle looking up at man. Close up portrait if a businessman wearing a green necktie and a business suit in the middle of the forest.
Businessman-In-The-Forest-or-Woods   ID#   2573

A man is wearing a bright green neck tie in the forest or woods. The man is ruggedly handsome and he is of Latino, Mexican, or Hispanic descent. The picture is of a green thinking businessman in a close to nature scenario.
Ethnic-Man-Wearing-Green-Tie-In-The-Forest   ID#   2572

A middle aged businessman is standing deep in the forest or woods and looking up towards the tops of the trees. The man is wearing a business suit with a green necktie. Sunlight has a hard time penetrating to the forest floor.
Businessman-in-woods-looking-up   ID#   2571

This swarthy ruggedly handsome Hispanic or Mexican man is sitting on a large tree stump. The stump is covered in green moss deep in the forest.  The man is surrounded by large old moss covered trees.
Rugged-Handsome-Man-Sitting-On-Moss-Covered-Stump-In-the-Forest   ID#   2568

Picture of a man and a woman hugging a tree in the forest.  The businessman and businesswoman have their arms around a large tree and are pressing their bodies against the bark on the trunk of the tree. The tree is covered in moss.
Two-People-Hugging-A-Tree   ID#   2566

Funny picture of a businessman sitting cross legged under a bunch of tree limbs leaned up against a large tree branch to make a shelter. Not much of a shelter though. Late evening and its getting dark.
Man-sitting-under-a-sparse-lean-to-made-from-limbs-in-the-forest   ID#   2565

A mixed race businessman appears to be hiding or running from something or someone. The man is wearing a dress shirt and slacks and is holding onto a tree limb deep in a dark thick forest of trees.
Scared-Man-Deep-In-The-Woods   ID#   2562

African American family, father and children, sitting on sofa having a good time watching a TV show. The father has his tiny cute little girl on his lap and his son is sitting next to him on the sofa.
Father-and-Children-Watching-TV-Together   ID#   2423

Black man standing confidently in a hallway that is under construction. Arms folded, short gray hair, goatee
Confident-looking-African-American-man-standing-in-hallway-of-building-under-construction   ID#   2287

Black man with goatee and short gray hair holding blueprints at construction site
Black-man-holding-blueprints-at-construction-site   ID#   2285

African American senior man leaning against window at a construction project. The senior man is a contractor inspecting the work being done.
Black-contractor-leaning-against-window-at-new-construction-site   ID#   2277

Black man holding blueprints and talking on cell phone
African-American-man-holding-blueprints-and-talking-on-cell-phone   ID#   2276

Mixed race businessman facing blurred city. The camera sees the back of a man from about waist up standing facing the city lights which are all motion blurred.
Man-standing-in-a-city-street-with-all-the-lights-blurred-   ID#   2187

A businessman is seen from behind as he faces numerous red lights and one green light. Black man waiting for the light to change at a crosswalk.
African-American-Businessman-With-A-Green-Light-In-Front-   ID#   2172

Picture of a smart pill shown by a small brain inside a capsule being held by a hand with a sunrise in the background. Science and science fiction pics.
Picture-of-A-Hand-Holding-A-Capsule-Containing-A-Miniature-Brain   ID#   2157

Futuristic City - Looking through rain forest vegetation we city the modern highrises of a futuristic city. Science fiction photo.
Picture-of-A-Future-City-Springing-Up-From-The-Jungle-Vegetation   ID#   2156

Picture of a patient laying in bed in a recovery room in a body cast, traction and with his head bandaged. Iconic photo of a full body cast.
Picture-Of-A-Patient-In-Traction-In-A-Recovery-Room   ID#   2155

An Asian woman is seen in a serene state of meditation as her third eye radiates light rays in this new age stock photo. Streaks of light representing an aura on a black background.
An-Asian-Woman's-Third-Eye-Radiates-During-Spiritual-Meditation   ID#   2122

A woman, arms outstretched, runs in freedom across desert sands in this concept stock photo. The sand dunes reach off into the horizon and the sky is blue with a few fluffy clouds. The woman has an orange dress on.
A-Woman-Runs-Free-Across-Desert-Sands-   ID#   2080

Scientist holding a test tube baby and looking at it lovingly. Lab technician is inspecting a test tube with a tiny baby inside. The researcher is a woman with glasses,long brown hair, and wearing a white lab coat.
Test-Tube-Baby-Held-By-A-Research-Scientist   ID#   2069

A woman wears numerous musical instruments as a one woman band concept stock photo. Picture of a one-woman band.  Photos of a woman playing musical instruments including a drum on her back and an accordion.
One-Woman-Band   ID#   2035

Picture of a business man of Asian ethnicity taking a big step out of his office and into vacation on a tropical beach. Vacation advertising picture for people on the go. Picture of man taking action.
The-Big-Step-Office-enviornment-to-sandy-beach-in-one-easy-step-   ID#   2023

An executive businessman looking down an elevator shaft in suprise and dismay. Photo of a malfunctioning elevator in a business office.  The walls around the elevator are all stainless steel. Small business advertising picture.
Man-looking-down-an-elevator-shaft-through-the-open-doors   ID#   2018

Picture of a strong firm handshake. Against a bold sunrise two hands clasp each other in a firm handshake denoting agreement, teamwork and alliance. The shaking hands separate the sky background into a bright sky above and cloudy sky below the arms.
Strong-Handshake-Against-A-Dramatic-Sunset-   ID#   2012

An Hispanic businessman stands in an elevator as the door closes. The man's eyes are raised up at the top of the elevator so he can watch the numbers.
Business-Man-In-An-Elevator   ID#   1970

Man juggling a number of hats including a chef's hat, a cowboy hat, hard hat, police cap and more. A man of many hats.
Picture-of-a-man-juggling-many-hats   ID#   1851

Pictures of a mature woman's hand using a computer mouse in a high-tech office setting. Close up photo of a hand on a computer mouse.
Photo-of-a-senior-woman's-hand-on-a-computer-mouse   ID#   1785

Pictures of the Sun above rain clouds pouring down torrents of rain and showing changing weather conditions.
Rain-Storm-Clouds-and-Bright-Sunshine   ID#   1545

Picture of a jumbo jet flying away into a beauitiful sunset in an image illustrating getting away from it all or going on vacation.
Jumbo-Jet-Flies-Into-A-Beautiful-Sunset   ID#   1543

Picture of Footprints Reflected in a Watch. Close up cropped watch face showing footsteps on the face and in the distance a man walking away from the camera.
Footprints-of-Time   ID#   1541