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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Photos of a woman wearing nothing but a barrel, an iconic American symbol for having lost everything right down to the clothes on our back.
Nude-woman-wears-a-barrel   ID#   1646

Photos of a golf course green in an impossible to reach location high atop a rock formation on the ocean beach.
A-Golf-Course-Green-Perched-High-On-A-Cliff-The-Impossible-Green   ID#   1637

Pictures of a  man looking down an elevator shaft. The walls around the elevator are all stainless steel.
Man-Looking-Down-An-Elevator-Shaft-Through-Open-Elevator-Doors   ID#   1618

Duck flying above the clouds at a very high altitude. It is late afternoon and the sun is setting below.
High-Altitude-Shot-of-a-Flying-Duck   ID#   1617

Picture of a boy riding a unicycle down a long empty road stretching through the Southwestern landscape. This is a photo of a journey, freedom and new beginnings.
Freedom-Ride-Boy-On-A-Unicycle   ID#   1612

Pictures of a fish in a sea of lures illustrating the concepts of temptation, danger and risk.There are all kinds of fish lures in the water.
Fish-Surrounded-by-Lures-and-Bait   ID#   1606

A business woman shattering a glass barrier. Angry looking woman with balled up fists is smashing through the glass barrier.
Break-Through   ID#   1577

Picture of a man walking on egg shells, gingerly stepping but unable to avoid stepping on this vast field of broken egg shells. The man is wearing a dress shirt, tie, and dark slacks. Clear dark blue sky is the back drop.
Egg-Shell-Walking-A-Businessman-Walks-Gingerly-On-Egg-Shells   ID#   1571

Photo of a business man on the balance beam in a metaphor for the challenges facing small business across the world. The man has his arms stretched out at shoulder level, one foot in front of the other, and balancing carefully.
Businessman-Walks-Carefully-Along-A-Balance-Beam   ID#   1570

A man in a business suit stares up at the rings as he faces a nameless challenge. Will he perform at his best? Will he succeed? Is he Confident? Does he have the skill set he needs for success?
Businessman-Stares-Up-At-A-Pair-of-Gymnastic-Rings   ID#   1569

Picture of a businessman on the rings peforming a gymnastics routine in a business suit. This image is symbolic of the qualities needed to succeed in sport and in business. Athletes and businessmen both need specialized skills.
Business-Man-on-the-Rings-Metaphor-For-Business-Acumen   ID#   1568

Picture of a business man gymnast, arms outstretched to each side and parallel to the ground, holding onto and suspended by a pair of gymnastic rings.
Business-Man-With-Gymnastic-Rings   ID#   1567

Pictures of a gymnast holding his pose on the rings. His legs are stretched out to his left and right, and his arms are straight along his sides and he is holding on to the rings with his hands.
A-Gymnast-Practicing-His-Routine-On-The-Rings   ID#   1566

Man falling through the sky without a golden parachute. He is high above the clouds as the sun sets with his back arched and his necktie flying. He has good flying form.
Business-Man-Free-Falling-No-Parachute--High-Above-The-Clouds   ID#   1563

Picture of an elephant riding a unicycle down a long, empty desert road symbolizing freedom, journies and adventure. The elephant is viewed from the rear. The road has a single yellow line down the center, and a solid white line on each shoulder.
Elephant-On-A-Unicycle-Traveling-Pachyderm   ID#   1511

Picture of a road with a brick wall running right across it.  In this picture the brick wall blocking the road is a symbol of adversity, challenge and obstacles.
Road-With-Brick-Wall-Road-Block   ID#   1452

Pictures of flying trapeze artists caught just at the moment of the catch symbolizing teamwork, risk, co-operation and danger.
Trusting-Trapeze-Artist   ID#   1428

Stock photo pictures of a sail boat in a dark and stormy sea, being tossed about by violent waves and in danger of capsizing and sinking.
Sailboat-at-Sea-in-Stormy-Weather-With-Chopy-Waves   ID#   1427

A road in Mongolia filled with pot holes and virtually impassable...better to drive alongside the asphalt rather than on it!
Pothole-Filled-Road   ID#   1399

Picture of a frustrated and stressed businessman trapped in a cubicle without walls, a prisoner of business and deadlines.
Man-Trapped-in-Office-Cubicle   ID#   1395

Monkey on your photo: Picture of a baboon perched on the shoulders of a businessman at a computer in his cubicle.
Monkey-on-your-back-A-Monkey-Sits-on-the-Back-of-a-Man-in-His-office-Cubicle   ID#   1391

Monkey on a business man. Actually this is a baboon on a businessman's back. Picture of a monkey on your back.
A-Businessman-Stands-While-A-Monkey-In-turn-Stands-On-His-Back   ID#   1390

Monkey on a business man's back, a man with problems he can't get away from. The man has a helpless look on his face as the monkey perches on his back and looking over his shoulder.
A-Businessman-With-a-Monkey-On-His-Back   ID#   1389

A frusrated business man in a cluttered cubicle feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and under pressure.
A-Businessman-Feeling-Stressed-Out-and-Under-Pressure   ID#   1387

Woman holding back the hands of time, stopping time and staying in the present moment. A businesswoman is hanging on to the minute hand of a giant clock trying to stop time from advancing.
Photo-of-A-Woman-Holding-On-To-the-Minute-Hand-of-a-Huge-Clock   ID#   1385

A business man is holding back the hands of time on a giant clock face. The businessman, an African American, is wearing a dress shirt, red neck tie and slacks. The man has a two handed grip on the minute hand.
Businessman-Holding-Back-the-Hands-of-Time   ID#   1384

Photo of a beach awash with trash, garbage and debris at a spa on the coast of India illustrating the building environmental disaster occuring in the world's oceans.
Beach-Trash-at-a-Resort-in-India   ID#   1368

Picture of a tightrope walking Sumo Wrestler. Funny picture of sumo on a high wire representing risk, skill, challenge, humor and many other uses.
Sumo-Wrestler-Tightrope-Walking   ID#   1361

Blindfolded man shooting an arrow from a high tech compound bow. The man is wearing a dress shirt with a red necktie, a red blindfold, and slacks. Behind the man is a cloudy blue sky.
Blind-Archery-A-Man-Aims-A-Bow-And-Arrow-While-Wearing-A-Blindfold   ID#   1355

A couple faces into a storm in this concept stock showing teamwork, determination and togetherness. The storm clouds gather darkly behind them while his tie and her hair are whipped by the winds of change.
Couple-Facing-Into-A-Storm-Together   ID#   1353

A Woman is standing facing the wind with her hair blowing in it and a dark cloudy stormy sky. The woman is Hispanic or black and is wearing a gray business suit.Her hair and clothes are being whipped by the wind.
Woman-Facing-Storm   ID#   1352

Photo of a woman climbing a long rope with a look of extreme determination.  The woman is so far up the rope that the clouds are below her as though she is climbing up through a hole in the clouds.
Woman-Climbing-Rope   ID#   1314

Three German Shepard dogs barking, snapping, snarling and lunging at the viewer up in a tree. Freightening scary dogs attacking.
Three-Dog-Attack-Vicious-German-Shepherd-Dogs-Snarl-and-Snap   ID#   1311

Picture of a small boat in a storm at sea with a light house visible in the distance.This image speaks of many concepts ranging from adveristy and challenge, to teamwork and togetherness, to security and salvation.
Rough-Seas-a-small-sail-boat-braves-the-ocean-storm-and-heads-towards-a-distant-lighthouse   ID#   1306

A woeful goldfish surrounded by evil looking monster fish from the deep, fish are real, scene is not.
Deep-Water-Monster-Fish   ID#   1304

Long straight road heading right into a thunder storm.  Dark foreboding clouds are unleashing a torrent of rain off in the distance.
Summer-Rain-Road   ID#   1290

Stock photo of a long straight road at sunset with a yellow line, solid and dashed, against a cloudy stormy looking sky.
Evening-Light-Road-To-The-Horizon   ID#   1289

A man's legs walking on a tight rope against a lightly clouded blue sky and symbolizing challenge, bravery, skill and accomplishment.
Red-Walker-A-Tightrope-Walker-On-A-Tightrope-Against-A-Lightly-Clouded-Blue-Sky   ID#   1275

Trapeze artists catching each other in a display of skill, Timing, teamwork and trust.
A-Flying-Trapeze-Catch-Circus-Performers-Display-Their-Skills-In-A-Stock-Photo   ID#   1262

Funny stock photo of three injured people in a doctor's office waiting room. One has crutches, one an ice pack and one man has his arm in a sling.
The-Waiting-Room-III-Three-injured-and-Ill-patients-Bide-Their-Time-In-A-Doctor's-Waiting-Room   ID#   1259