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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Blindfolded man shooting an arrow from a high tech compound bow. The man is wearing a dress shirt with a red necktie, a red blindfold, and slacks. Behind the man is a cloudy blue sky.
Blind-Archery-A-Man-Aims-A-Bow-And-Arrow-While-Wearing-A-Blindfold   ID#   1355

A couple faces into a storm in this concept stock showing teamwork, determination and togetherness. The storm clouds gather darkly behind them while his tie and her hair are whipped by the winds of change.
Couple-Facing-Into-A-Storm-Together   ID#   1353

A Woman is standing facing the wind with her hair blowing in it and a dark cloudy stormy sky. The woman is Hispanic or black and is wearing a gray business suit.Her hair and clothes are being whipped by the wind.
Woman-Facing-Storm   ID#   1352

Photo of a woman climbing a long rope with a look of extreme determination.  The woman is so far up the rope that the clouds are below her as though she is climbing up through a hole in the clouds.
Woman-Climbing-Rope   ID#   1314

Three German Shepard dogs barking, snapping, snarling and lunging at the viewer up in a tree. Freightening scary dogs attacking.
Three-Dog-Attack-Vicious-German-Shepherd-Dogs-Snarl-and-Snap   ID#   1311

Picture of a small boat in a storm at sea with a light house visible in the distance.This image speaks of many concepts ranging from adveristy and challenge, to teamwork and togetherness, to security and salvation.
Rough-Seas-a-small-sail-boat-braves-the-ocean-storm-and-heads-towards-a-distant-lighthouse   ID#   1306

A woeful goldfish surrounded by evil looking monster fish from the deep, fish are real, scene is not.
Deep-Water-Monster-Fish   ID#   1304

Long straight road heading right into a thunder storm.  Dark foreboding clouds are unleashing a torrent of rain off in the distance.
Summer-Rain-Road   ID#   1290

Stock photo of a long straight road at sunset with a yellow line, solid and dashed, against a cloudy stormy looking sky.
Evening-Light-Road-To-The-Horizon   ID#   1289

A man's legs walking on a tight rope against a lightly clouded blue sky and symbolizing challenge, bravery, skill and accomplishment.
Red-Walker-A-Tightrope-Walker-On-A-Tightrope-Against-A-Lightly-Clouded-Blue-Sky   ID#   1275

Trapeze artists catching each other in a display of skill, Timing, teamwork and trust.
A-Flying-Trapeze-Catch-Circus-Performers-Display-Their-Skills-In-A-Stock-Photo   ID#   1262

Funny stock photo of three injured people in a doctor's office waiting room. One has crutches, one an ice pack and one man has his arm in a sling.
The-Waiting-Room-III-Three-injured-and-Ill-patients-Bide-Their-Time-In-A-Doctor's-Waiting-Room   ID#   1259

Three people looked bored while waiting endlessly in a waiting room. Ehtnic Business Men and Women waiting for an apointment or interview.
The-Waiting-Room-II-Three-Bored-Business-People-In-A-Waiting-Room   ID#   1258

A rock climber's hand grasps a ledge in this stock photo about challenge, adversity, and determination.
Hand-Gripping-Rock   ID#   1253

A road with huge bolder blocking the way. A picture of adversity, obstacles, challenge and the way forward.
Road-Block   ID#   1202

Stock pix of a distant car coming through a storm its headlights just a speck in the distance and indicating a long journey.
Car-on-the-road-Before-A-Storm   ID#   1167

Stock photo of one rat stopping during a rat race and looking towards the camera as a great morass of rodents stream by.
One-Rat-Pausing-During-The-Rat-Race   ID#   1142

A nude man rises up breaking off his chains and shackles as he ascends, or transcends to freedom and possibilities.
Breaking-Free-A-man-rises-up-breaking-off-his-shackles-and-chains   ID#   1130

Picture of a sail boat sailing from a storm. The sun is quickly disappearing behind the clouds that roll in over the ocean.
Sailing-from-a-storm-A-lone-sail-boat-heads-out-and-away-from-brooding-storm-clouds-that-obscure-the-sun   ID#   1124

A dock or pier stretches out beneath the tropical sun across the blue green water of the sea and towards an approaching storm.
Approaching-Storm-A-long-pier-stretches-out-across-the-tropical-water-towards-a-rain-squall-rolling-in   ID#   1123

Picture of a man in an office wrapped in adding mading tape and holding the end up in front of his face to examine the numbers.
Man-in-office-wrapped-in-adding-machine-tape   ID#   1119

Picture of a businessman, a CFO, Accountant, or financial manager,  wrapped in adding machine tape in a humrous look at finance issues.
Accountant-wrapped-in-adding-machine-tape   ID#   1118

Stock photo of a business man in a pile of adding machine tape and holding his head in disbelief at the numbers he is seeing.
Accounting-Stress-An-Hispanic-Man-is-up-to-his-neck-in-adding-machine-Tape   ID#   1117

A light house casts a beam over a rough sea in a stock picture about risk, danger, guidance and salvation.
lighthouse-III-A-lighthouse-casts-its-beam-of-light-across-the-rough-seas   ID#   1111

Stock photo of a face emerging through a  printed circuit board, morphing into human features- Electronics, PCB, face
face-in-a-printed-circuit-board   ID#   1106

An orange life preserver, or life ring, flies out over a rough sea with stormy clouds in a symbol of rescue, help, assistance and salvation.
Picture-of-a-Life-preserver-At-Sea-In-A-Rough-Storm   ID#   1101

Stock photo of a blacksmith at work using a hammer to beat a horse shoe into shape on an anvil.
Blacksmith-A-blacksmith-hammers-a-horseshoe-with-a-hammer-and-an-anvil   ID#   1069

Stock photo of a pile of rusty nuts and bolts: A still life of old rusty parts.
Picture-of-rusty-nuts-and-bolts   ID#   1066

Stock photo of three pigs with outstretched wings flying through a stormy sky illustrating the impossible and the improbable.
When-Pigs-Fly-Picture-of-flying-pigs   ID#   1016

Stock photo of Tornado approaching a farmhouse with storm clouds in the background in this dramatic picture of weather.
menacing-weather-of-a-tornado-with-storm-clouds-in-the-background   ID#   1014

Stock photo or  image of a dollar bill as a jigsaw puzzle - great concept photo for financial uses. Puzzle is mostly complete with a few missing pieces which are close by.  Image is on black background.
Puzzle-Money-Dollar-Bill-Made-into-Jigsaw-Puzzle-Puzzling-investments-financial-decsions-and-spending-dilemmas   ID#   1000

In the darkness of a stormy night a lighthouse casts its beam over the wind whipped waves of an ocean storm guiding the way to safety.
Picture-Of-A-Lighthouse-In-A-Storm-at-night-and-casting-its-beam-of-light-out-over-the-rough-seas   ID#   999

Stock photo of three men with their heads in the sand like Ostriches Hiding In Fear From The Challenges Of Change.
Three-Businessmen-Hide-Their-Heads-In-The-Sand-Like-Ostriches-avoiding-the-oncoming-change   ID#   996

Overhead view of a forklift in movement carrying a pallet load of boxes and products across the concrete floor of a warehouse.
A-forklift-moves-through-a-warehouse-with-a-Pallet-of-products   ID#   993

Stock photo and funny animal picture of a Chihuahua with his mouth full of goodies for Dad on father's day: Slippers, remote, pipe and a newspaper.
Eager-To-Please-Father's-Day-Chihuahua-Father's-Day-Greeting-Card   ID#   966

Stock photo of an elephant standing on an overstuffed suitcase trying to get it closed in a humorous picture.
Stuffing-it-A-huge-elephant-stands-on-top-of-a-red-suitcase-with-clothes-hanging-out   ID#   911

A ballerina Leaps Through the Air in This Stock Photo and fine art picture about Freedom, Vitality, Skill and Dedication.
Picture-of-a-Ballerina-Leaping-Through-the-sky-Showing-Freedom-Skill-And-Vitality   ID#   904

Picture of a young female astronaut holding a helmet and wearing a space suit while standing in a space station or high tech environment. Space suit pics.
Space-Girl-A-young-girl-wears-a-space-suit-while-standing-in-a-high-tech-environment   ID#   899

Stock shot of a huge fish about to eat a school of sharks deep in the ocean; This fish is turning the tables on the predators. It is of course, a picture of a mythical fish.
Shark-Eater-A-Huge-Fish-About-to-Eat-A-School-of-Sharks   ID#   895

Stock shot of a lion trainer (or tamer) putting his head in a Lion's Mouth representing trust, danger, risk, challenge and, perhaps, foolishness. Lion tamer pics.
Lion-Trainer-With-His-Head-in-A-Lion's-Mouth-showing-risk-danger-trust-and-other-business-concepts   ID#   893