john lund



Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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A businessman and a business woman sit on opposite sides of the world in a phone conversation. The man has a yellow background and the woman on the other side of the world has a green background.
Concept-Pictures-of-Global-Business-Commuications   ID#   1934

Portrait of an African American woman corporate executive. Successful lack businesswoman with confidence and attractive too.  She is wearing a gray business suit and she is smiling at the camera.
Executive-Portrait-of-an-African-American-Woman   ID#   1933

A businessman sitting patiently next to his phone and waits for it to ring.He sits at a wooden desk, hands clasped fingers interlaced.
Man-With-Patience-Watching-His-Phone   ID#   1931

Picture of a black businessman staring disconsolately at his office phone. The man is sitting at a large wooden conference table. His elbow in on the table top and his chin is on his hand.
An-African-American-Man-Staring-Anxiously-At-His-Phone   ID#   1930

Business men and women climbing up the ladder of success or perhaps the corporate ladder.  They have climbed so high they are above the clouds.
Business-People-Climbing-the-Ladder-of-Success   ID#   1929

Concept photo of an hispanic woman perched on a ladder using binoculars to scan the horizon in search of business opportunities.
Lifestyle-and-concept-picture-of-a-woman-on-a-ladder-looking-out-over-the-distance-using-binoculars   ID#   1927

Concept photo of a man wearing a crash helmet and using a computer as a racing flag indicates a winning finish
A-man-as-fast-as-a-computer-with-a-racing-flag-waving-and-wearing-a-crash-helmet-   ID#   1926

East Indian woman with a giant piggy bank in her arms in a picture about personal finance and savings. The pretty and attractive young Indian woman has long dark hair and is smiling as she holds the piggybank with both hands.
Ethnic-Woman-Holding-a-Huge-Pink-Piggy-Bank   ID#   1919

An attractive ethnic woman painting a target bulls eye in bright pink paint on a glass surface. She is defining her goals.
East-Indian-woman-painting-a-bulls-eye-target   ID#   1908

Photos of Rosie the Riveter as she rolls up her sleeve and flexes her bicept in preparation for working. She is wearing a red bandanna.
Rosie-the-Riveter-flexing-her-biceps   ID#   1907

A woman sits on her cubicle floor and does Yoga poses. The woman appears to be in the classic lotus position.  Office chairs and desks surround her.
Woman-Doing-Yoga-in-the-Office   ID#   1905

Photos of a couple driving a convertible car with a cell phone and an open laptop computer. The man is driving and the woman passenger is using her laptop.
Couple-speeding-down-a-road-in-a-convertible-while-using-computer-technology   ID#   1859

Photos of an Asian American businessman with cracks in his glasses. The broken spectacles illustrate a lack of vision and clarity.
Business-man-with-cracked-eye-glasses   ID#   1853

Man juggling a number of hats including a chef's hat, a cowboy hat, hard hat, police cap and more. A man of many hats.
Picture-of-a-man-juggling-many-hats   ID#   1851

Photos of an Asian American business man in trouble as he climbs a ladder but reaches the challenge of missing rungs. The ladder is so tall that the man is well above the clouds.
Picture-of-a-business-man-climbing-a-ladder-high-above-the-clouds-and-encountering-missing-rungs   ID#   1850

A business man holdinig his breath until he turns blue indicating childish behavior and petty display of emotions.
Man-holding-his-breath-until-he-turns-blue   ID#   1848

Photo of a man handing car keys towards the camera. The hand and key are in sharp focus while the man's body and face are out of focus.
Man-holding-out-the-key-to-a-new-car   ID#   1846

A businessman stands in an office holding a road sign that says DETOUR.  The man is a handsome black man with a business suit on. The man is standing in the corridor of an office with the orange and black detour sign in his hands.
Businessman-holding-a-detour-sign   ID#   1833

A road sign showing curves ahead is being held by an African American man in an office. the man is dressed in a coat and tie and has a serious expression on his face.
Man-holding-up-a-road-sign-showing-curves-ahead   ID#   1832

Photo of a business man holding up a dead-end road sign. The man is a black man and the sign is red and white, a traditional dead end sign for streets, roads, and highways.
Businessman-holding-a-road-sign-showing-a-dead-end   ID#   1831

Picture of senior business woman executive sitting at a desk; a benevolent looking woman, vital and wise from her years of experience. She is smiling at the camera, looking at it over the top of her reading glasses.
Photo-of-a-senior-business-woman-seated-at-a-desk-   ID#   1787

Senior business woman wearing glasses, hands folded in front of her, looking benevolent and pleased. Older woman peering over the top of her glasses.
Picture-of-an-elderly-business-woman-looking-at-the-camera   ID#   1786

Pictures of a mature woman's hand using a computer mouse in a high-tech office setting. Close up photo of a hand on a computer mouse.
Photo-of-a-senior-woman's-hand-on-a-computer-mouse   ID#   1785

Senior citizen signing papers that could be loan papers, mortgage applications, insurance forms, living wills or trusts. Cropped from shoulder to desktop with both hands showing.
Elderly-woman-signing-a-document   ID#   1784

Elephant in the room being ignored during a business meeting. A group of three people are sitting and standing around the board room conference table and they are ignoring the elephant in the room.
An-Elephant-Is-In-the-Room-With-People-In-a-Business-Meeting   ID#   1695

Businessman in contemplation super imposed upon a redwood forest. Picture of environmental responsibility.
Green-Thoughts-From-A-Business-Executive   ID#   1678

Picture of two hands about to seal a deal with a handshake. Pictures of hands in motion towards a handshake.
Sealing-the-deal-a-handshake-finalizes-the-negotiation-and-agreement   ID#   1676

Pictures of a woman hanging at the end of her rope with New York City in the background.
Woman-at-the-end-of-her-rope-   ID#   1649

Pictures of Businessman in a cubicle with too much coffee. The man is surrounded by empty and half empty coffee cups, coffee pots etc.
Business-man-wired-on-caffeine   ID#   1647

Pictures of a senior woman's hand using a computer mouse. The mouse is being held by an old wrinkled vein marked hand.
Senior-woman's-hand-on-a-computer-mouse   ID#   1644

Picture of a mature woman at her office desk exuding confidence and well-being. The older female executive has her hands clasped together in front of her chin. She is looking at the camera over the top of her glasses.
Senior-Businesswoman-Looking-At-The-Camera   ID#   1643

Pictures of a magic lantern with Euros coming out of it. A hand is holding the lamp against a sky with whispy clouds in the background.
Magic-Lantern-Spewing-Out-Money   ID#   1636

Pictures of a businessman holding up a magic lantern pouring out Euros. The happy businessman is smiling and looking towards the camera.  He has a smirk on his face.
A-magic-lantern-pouring-out-dollars-is-held-up-by-a-business-man   ID#   1635

Pictures of a business man holding up a magic lantern pouring out dollars
Business-man-with-magic-lantern-spewing-out-money   ID#   1634

Pictures of a business man holding a magic lantern with Euros coming out of the spout. The cross legged man sitting on his desk in a dress shirt and tie is smiling as the money pours out.
Magic-Lantern-With-Money-Spewing-Out-Euros   ID#   1633

Business man sitting on his desk with dollars streaming from a magic lantern as he holds in his hands. The businessman is sitting cross legged in his office cubicle holding the magic lantern.
Business-Man-with-Magic-Lantern-Spewing-Out-Money   ID#   1632

A businessman and business woman are working at a desk in the middle of a busy freeway. Cars are zipping by at high speed, causing the woman's hair to blow and papers to fly off of the desk.
Business-in-the-Fast-Lane   ID#   1627

Pictures of a business man bicycling on the freeway with cars speeding by. The man riding a bike on the freeway is wearing a business suit and a red necktie, and he is in the fast lane.
Cycling-on-the-Freeway   ID#   1624

Pictures of two businessmen out of focus talking in an impromtu meeting in a well lit office lobby highly blurred.
Men-In-An-Out-Of-Focus-Business-Meeting   ID#   1623

Photos of two men talking out-of-focus near the end of a hallway in an office building.
Business-meeting-shot-out-of-focus   ID#   1622