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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Stock Photo of a series of animals performing tricks on a high wire and balancing in a circus act of talented pets.
Cats-dogs-and-even-a-goldfish-balance-and-perform-on-a-highwire-high-up-in-the-sky   ID#   782

Picture of a turtle carrying birthday gifts on its back including a cupcake with a lit candle on it...must be a belated birthday wish!
Funny-Turtle-Birthday-Greeting-Card-Image   ID#   779

Funny photo of Cute kittens and adorable puppies having a tug of war on a grassy field of flowers. Who is going to win this pet contest?
Animal-Antics-Kitten-VS-Puppy-Tug-o-war-   ID#   778

A Ridgeback dog intent on home improvement holds a cordless drill in his paw while wearing a tool belt and standing in his backyard. His toolbelt has screwdrives and pliers etc.
Tooldog-A-large-dog-holds-up-a-Cordless-drill-and-wears-a-tool-belt   ID#   777

A Whippet and weimeraner dance the tango together under a chandelier in this funny animal and dog picture and stock photo. Picture of dogs dancing together.
Tango-Dogs-A-Whippet-And-a-Wiemeraner-Dance-the-Tango-In-This-Funny-Dog-Picture   ID#   776

Humorous lol Stock pictures of Pugs, Beagles, and Airedales in a classroom going crazy, throwing paper airplanes and clowning around. Pictures of dogs in the classroom doing things people do.
A-pug-in-the-classroom-of-Crazy-Pets-Cats-and-Dogs-Out-Of-Control   ID#   774

A flock of geese participate in synchronized swimming and wear bathing suit tops in this funny spoof and bird picture.
Synchronized-Swimming-Swans-For-A-Funny-Greeting-Card   ID#   773

Funny animal stock photo of a Bloodhound swinging on a chandalier. Party animal with balloons, confetti and party hat. Stupid pet pictures.
Party-Dog-A-bloodhound-hangs-from-a-chandalier-amid-party-decorations   ID#   772

Hilarious lolcat photo of two tabby cats wearing two piece bathing suits and laying on lounge chairs in the sun getting a tan. One has a pink bathing suit and the orange tabby has a blue suit.
Sun-Tan-Cats-Two-LOL-Cats-sunbathe-wearing-bathing-suits   ID#   771

Funny animal stock picture of two cats gossiping in a tiled steam room and wearing towels. A funny Cat Picture. Great gift items for cat lovers. Cats in a blue tiled sauna with bright yellow towels on. Luxury spa pics.
Funny-Picture-of-two-cats-gossiping-and-wearing-towels-in-a-steamroom-at-a-luxury-spa   ID#   769

Funny animal photo of chickens wearing sneakers with springs attached to the soles of their shoes. These are Spring Chickens! White chickens wearing red tennis shoes against the blue partly cloudy sky.
Pictures-Of-Spring-Chickens-Jumping-High-Into-The-Sky-in-a-parody-of-the-euphanism-about-being-young-and-old   ID#   768

Funny Bassett hound stock photo of a dog exercising on a stationary bike using a cat hanging over his head as motivation as he pedals. Seriously funny pet dog and cat pics.
Funny-Basset-Hound-Picture-Of-A-Dog-Motivated-By-A-Cat-as-he-works-out-in-a-spin-class   ID#   767

Picture of a cat soaking in a goblet.  An adorable orange tabby is reclining in a large gold cup, taking a bubble bath?  He has a martini glass in his paw and looks totally content. Silly cat photos.
Soaking-It-Up-A-Cat-relaxes-in-a-Goblet-and-holding-a-Martini-in-his-hand   ID#   766

Picture of a dog and cat building a snowman. The snowman wears a top hat and has a carrot nose. The cat is placing a top hat on the snow man's head and the dog is putting on the last button. Pictures of animals doing human things.
Golden-Retriever-and-a-cat-Making-a-Snowman-at-Christmas-time-in-the-snow   ID#   765

A bulldog holds a TV remote and a dagwood sandwich, a huge poor boy, a submarine and sits in an overstuffed chair in a funny dog pix. Picture of dog eating human food.
Sandwich-Dog-A-Bulldog-TV-Remote-in-hand-Chows-down-on-a-Hero-Sandwich   ID#   764

Picture of a cat in a hair salon. The cat has her head under the hair dryer... she had a permanent?  A very funny cat picture.
Maude-Salon-Cat-A-cat-has-had-her-nails-painted-and-waits-under-a-hair-dryer   ID#   763

Stock photo of a dog riding a skate board and wearing a baseball cap on his head backwards; He is catching big air!  Pictures of dogs on skateboards.
Skate-Boarding-Dog-coming-down-a-set-of-stairs-and-wearing-a-baseball-cap-in-a-funny-dog-pics   ID#   762

Stock pictures of roses held by a cat as she lounges on a pink couch and wears a tiara. This is one kitty princess. Picture of a cat with a bouquet of pink roses and laying on a pink sofa.
Lounging-cat-with-a-boquet-of-roses-Laying-on-a-pink-couch   ID#   761

Funny pet stock photo of a group of dogs and cats screaming in delight as they ride a roller coaster with their ears flying in the wind.
Cats-and-Dogs-Riding-a-Roller-Coaster-and-Screaming-with-delight-and-excitement   ID#   760

A group of puppies and a kitten form a pyramid on stage. The cute kitten is balancing on top in an acrobat feat of daring!
Puppy-Pyramid-A-kitten-balances-on-top-of-a-pyramid-of-puppies   ID#   759

Stock photo of a puppy in a paint can; The cutest little puppy ever hangs his paws over the side of the can and looks right at us with those big brown eyes.
Puppy-paint-can-A-puppy-hangs-out-in-a-can-of-paint   ID#   758

Pictures of puppies; Stock photo of a group of puppies with halos and one with devil's horns.
Puppy-Angelsand-one-little-devil!   ID#   757

Funny dog and stock photo of a yellow lab reading playdog magazine in a parody of playboy dog!
Playdog-A-yellow-Labrador-Sits-in-an-overstuffed-chair-and-reads-a-magazine   ID#   755

Funny animal stock picture of a cat making a face of disgust after either eating or tasting or seeing something he didn't like!
Funny-Cat-Face   ID#   753

Funny animal picture of an audience of dogs and cats wearing 3D glasses sitting in a theater, watching a movie, and eating popcorn. PIcture of cats watching movies.
Pet-Movie-An-audience-of-cats-and-dogs-in-a-movie-theater-wearing-3D-glasses   ID#   751

Picture of a businessman walking on eggshells in a concept stock photo dealing with issues of delicacy and judgement. A man gingerly walkig on thousands of broken egg shells litering the ground. Deep blue sky background.
Walking-on-eggshells-A-businessman-tip-toes-across-a-field-of-broken-eggshells   ID#   750

Funny picture of three cats wearing red hats and dancing the can can on stage in front of a purple curtain. Crazy cat photos.
Funny-photo-of-cats-doing-the-can-can-while-wearing-red-hads-and-a-purple-feather-boa   ID#   749

Picture of a woman's  hands releasing a white dove into the sky and in front of the sun in an act of peace and freedom. PIcture of  dove release.
Dove-release-a-woman's-hands-release-a-dove-into-the-sky-in-a-gesture-of-peace-and-freedom   ID#   748

Party animal pets go crazy in a living room jump roping, pogo sticking and more in this humorous greeting card and stock photo image.
Party-Animals!-Dogs-and-cats-are-out-of-control-in-this-funny-animal-picture   ID#   747

A pier stretches out over a landscape of dried earth in a photograph that speaks of drought and ecological and environmental disaster. Dry cracked land picture. Hot bright sun is visible.
Pier-over-Dry-Cracked-Lakebed-An-environmental-problem-of-drought-and-water-scarcity-under-a-hot-sun-burning-low-in-the-sky   ID#   745

Graduating cat happily wearing a bright red mortar board cap with a yellow tassle against a deep blue background. Cat graduation photos and pictures.
Cat-Graduate-A-orange-tabby-dressed-with-a-graduation-cap-and-ready-to-receive-his-diploma   ID#   744

A bulldog and an Irish setter ride a harley Davidson motorcyle in this funny dog picture of freedom and the open road! Pics of dogs on bikes... Biker dogs.
Funny-picture-of-an-Irish-Setter-and-a-bulldog-riding-a-motorcycle-on-a-tree-lined-road   ID#   743

Funny Picture of two chickens riding a Harley  Davidson Motorcycle down a country road with a leather biker's jacket and flying feathers. Pics of chicks on bikes.
Funny-Chickens-Riding-A-Motorcycle   ID#   742

Stock image of two dogs leaning on each other in a funny animal portrait using a weimeraner and another pet. Picture of two happy dogs.
Pals-Two-dogs-pose-together-for-their-portait   ID#   741

Two dogs gazing at the moon together as they sit romantically on the roof of a doghouse with one paw around the other. Dogs in love picture.
Romantic-Dogs-Watching-A-Moon-Rise   ID#   739

Stock photo of a business man in a cubicle with devil horns and a red glow symbolizing the darker side of business.
Business-man-devil-A-man-with-a-red-face-and-devil's-horns-poses-in-an-office-cubicle   ID#   738

Bassett hound on a mission impossible to steal a birthday cake. He hangs from a cable and holds silverware to snag a slice of cake. There are birthday gifts on the table next to the birthday cake. Funny birthday card pictures.
Happy-Birthday-Card-Picture-of-a-Basset-Hound-Dog-Stealing-Birthday-Cake   ID#   737

Concept stock photo of a deer (young fawn) in the headlights at dusk on a desolate country road illustrating fear and inaction in the face of change. Picture of deer in the headlights.
Deer-in-the-headlights-A-symbolic-image-of-inaction-and-being-frozen-in-the-case-of-oncoming-change-and-events   ID#   736

Massage Cats - Funny cat Picture of one kitty giving another a massage, on a massage table, in a spa or salon setting. This really funny animal photo makes a great gift or print for any pet owner.
Funny-Massage-Cats-Picture-One-cat-gives-another-on-a-massage-table-in-a-spa-setting-complete-with-palm-fronds-and-towels   ID#   735

Stock photo of wind blowing the seeds from a dandelion through a blue sky with a few puffy white clouds in the distance, illustrating wishes. Dandelion seeds picture.
Dandelion-Seeds-Blowing-Through-The-Summer-Sky-in-a-stock-photo-about-wishes-and-the-future   ID#   734