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Photographer John Lund flips his wig in this humorous self portrait and stock photo.
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Photos of a woman body builder's well-muscled leg photographed against a red wall with a ring flash.
Picture-of-a-strong-woman's-leg   ID#   1852

Photo of a woman body builder's torso and arms as she flexes her arms. This woman has big muscles.
Picture-of-a-woman-body-builder-flexing-her-muscles   ID#   1849

An African American man looking through binoculars, searching for something that we do not see. He is wearing a red long sleeved shirt and the sky behind him is blue and cloudless.
Picture-of-an-African-American-man-looking-through-binoculars-   ID#   1847

Stock photo: a combination of different people and ethnic make-ups creating the modern composite man, the man of the future.
Portrait-Collage-of-six-different-people-Creating-an-Ethnic-Sterotype   ID#   1843

A man holding a volleyball under his left arm with a serious look of concentration and determination on his face. The volleyball player is wearing a blue jersey an a net is visible behind him.
Pictures-of-a-man-contemplating-while-holding-a-volleyball   ID#   1836

A businessman stands in an office holding a road sign that says DETOUR.  The man is a handsome black man with a business suit on. The man is standing in the corridor of an office with the orange and black detour sign in his hands.
Businessman-holding-a-detour-sign   ID#   1833

A road sign showing curves ahead is being held by an African American man in an office. the man is dressed in a coat and tie and has a serious expression on his face.
Man-holding-up-a-road-sign-showing-curves-ahead   ID#   1832

Men playing volleyball, three men raise their hands up over the net as they jump to block a shot. Blocking a shot in a beach volleyball game. Teamwork in action.
Photo-of-men-playing-volleyball-and-working-together-to-block-a-shot   ID#   1822

Picture of a young black girl happily holding her piggy bank with a wonderful smile and lots of hair. She is wearing a bright blue dress and the blue sky is the background. The girl has big hair.
Cute-Young-Black-Girl-With-Piggy-Bank   ID#   1685

A man is in the audience in a theater during a performance and is rudely using his cell phone during the show.  Bad manners, inconsiderateness, and poor social skills or just unaware.
Rude-Man-Using-Cell-Phone-in-Theater   ID#   1548

Photo of a genie coming out of a lamp. Pictures of magic lanterns and genies. This fearsome looking male Genie has his arms crossed in front of him with a all knowing look on his face. Photo of Genie about to grant three wishes. Ad pics.
Genie-in-a-magic-lamp-appearing-to-grant-three-wishes   ID#   1440

Concept stock photo of a business man trapped in a small office cubicle with his green plant.
Trapped-in-a-cubicle   ID#   1396

Picture of a frustrated and stressed businessman trapped in a cubicle without walls, a prisoner of business and deadlines.
Man-Trapped-in-Office-Cubicle   ID#   1395

Business man at a desk tied up with rope in a comical fashion. Funny picture of an office employee tightly wrapped and tied in rope in an office cubicle.
A-Businessman-In-A-Cubicle-Sits-Wrapped-In-Rope-All-Tied-Up   ID#   1386

Woman holding back the hands of time, stopping time and staying in the present moment. A businesswoman is hanging on to the minute hand of a giant clock trying to stop time from advancing.
Photo-of-A-Woman-Holding-On-To-the-Minute-Hand-of-a-Huge-Clock   ID#   1385

A business man is holding back the hands of time on a giant clock face. The businessman, an African American, is wearing a dress shirt, red neck tie and slacks. The man has a two handed grip on the minute hand.
Businessman-Holding-Back-the-Hands-of-Time   ID#   1384

Photo of a business man tied in rope in front of a huge clock. The worker is wearing a dress shirt and tie, is black, and is tied up in time.
Office-Worker-Tied-Up-With-Big-Clock-Behind-Him   ID#   1383

Black man jumping for joy in front of his mail box. The man is high in the air with an envelope in one hand an a letter in the other. Man with good news.
Man-Jumping-for-Joy   ID#   1360

An African american businessman is sweating under his collar. The man has his fingers pulling on his shirt collar with a pained expression on his face.
Sweating-Businessman-Under-Pressure   ID#   1359

A man floating up into the sky holding a bundle of lit light bulbs in this photo  about possibilities, creativity and success.
Man-Floating-Up-Into-Sky-Holding-Lit-Light-Bulbs   ID#   1358

A woman with a powerful idea illustrated by a light bulb exploding above her head as she has an epiphany. The young adult woman, an african american woman, is wearing a blue blouse and holding up her index finger.
Woman-With-a-Light-Bulb-Exploding-Over-Her-Head   ID#   1357

Man with a big idea and creative epiphany symbolized by a light bulb over his head. The black man is seated at a desk with a computer in front of him and a lighted light bulb over his head.
African-American-Man-with-Light-Bulb-Glowing-Over-His-Head   ID#   1356

Blindfolded man shooting an arrow from a high tech compound bow. The man is wearing a dress shirt with a red necktie, a red blindfold, and slacks. Behind the man is a cloudy blue sky.
Blind-Archery-A-Man-Aims-A-Bow-And-Arrow-While-Wearing-A-Blindfold   ID#   1355

Blindfolded woman shooting an arrow blindly from a modern compound bow set against a blue but cloudy sky. Woman is wearing a blue blouse and black pants. The blindfold she is wearing is bright red.
Blindfolded-Woman-Shooting-An-Arrow-From-A-Bow   ID#   1354

A couple faces into a storm in this concept stock showing teamwork, determination and togetherness. The storm clouds gather darkly behind them while his tie and her hair are whipped by the winds of change.
Couple-Facing-Into-A-Storm-Together   ID#   1353

Businessman in front of complex math equation expressed on a large whiteboard. Picture of a man overwhelmed by an equation he is working on using a white board.
Man-Looking-At-A-Complex-Formula-On-A-White-Board   ID#   1351

Photo of a woman climbing a long rope with a look of extreme determination.  The woman is so far up the rope that the clouds are below her as though she is climbing up through a hole in the clouds.
Woman-Climbing-Rope   ID#   1314

Nude male torso study of an African American Body Builder's torso shot against a sky with light, fluffy clouds drifting across.
Strong-Torso-An-African-American-Body-Builder's-Torso-Against-a-background-of-light-fluffly-clouds   ID#   1086

Stock photo of a close up of a flexed body builder's bulging bicept. The man is an African American.
Bicept-Flex   ID#   1085

A Black American body Builder's ripped torso representing power, strength and a very healthy lifestyle.
Strong-Torso-A-Black-Body-Builder's-Ripped-Torso   ID#   1084

A body builder's well-muscled nude torso shot close up showing fitness, strength, power and strong core muscles.
Ab-Man-Close-Up-Detail-Shot-of-A-body-builder's-Torso   ID#   1081

Strong core mucles combined with streaking lights express power, strength, vitality and energy for an active lifestyle.
Abdominal-Lights-A-Nude-study-of-a-man's-strong-torso-over-layed-with-abstract-light-patterns   ID#   1080

A body builder's abdomen is seen with energy waves in the form of lights surrounding the muscles.
Ab-Lights-A-Body-Builder's-abdomen-with-energy-waves   ID#   1078

A body builders amazingly well muscled nude torso against a dramatic cloudscape showing strength, power and vitality.
Nude-Male-Torso-No-1   ID#   1077

Stock picture of an African American man pulling in gambling winnings (the pot) with his hands. The pot is full of cash, money, and jewelry.
Raking-It-In-High-Stakes-Money-Pot-a-man-happily-rakes-in-the-Jackpot-at-a-gambling-table   ID#   1054

A business man uses a dollar bill for a megaphone to shout out his message. Illustrates the concept money talks.  Money is power. Money gets the message out.
Money-Talks-A-man-yells-through-a-megaphone-fashioned-out-of-Money   ID#   1053

Stock shot of a blind folded man breaking a pinata full of money. Cash is flying all over the place when he breaks the pinata. Wild and crazy money pics.
Cash-Pinata-A-Blindfolded-man-breaks-a-Pinata-sending-a-boatload-of-cash-flying-through-the-airsuccess!   ID#   1052

Picture of an African American man skydiving using a dollar for a parachute. Businesman CEO using his golden parachute. Job benefits and security. Stock money photos.
CEO-Executive-Retires-Using-His-Golden-Parachute-as-he-floats-down-beneath-a-giant-dollar-bill   ID#   1051

An African American Man next to a framed picture of first dollar earned. Pride in his success the man is posing with his hands on his hips and a satisfied look.
My-First-Business-Dollar-A-Small-business-owner-stands-proudly-next-to-the-framed-first-dollar-he-ever-earned   ID#   1050